Anesthesia For D Amp C

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Julie - March 9

Has anyone had a D&C with an anesthetic that isn't really general. My doctor said you think you're awake but its actually a twilight anesthetic, so truly you're asleep. Anyone have any experiences with anything like that? He said there's no epidural or anything, all of the medicine is given through an IV.


chelle - March 9

I have never heard of having a d&c with being awake. I had one and they put me out for it. It was performed in the hospital because it is considered a surgery. I woke up in a recovery room just like a normal surgery. In all honesty though the procedure only takes about 15 min yet is considered a surgery because of the anesthetic. Good luck to you. If it makes you feel any better there is no pain involved.


Julie - March 9

Thanks Chelle. Maybe its something new, my Dr. told me that it is weird, I will probably think I was awake the whole time, but won't remember it at all.


Lauren - March 9

Hi Julie, don't worry - if you've ever had your wisdom teeth out, thats "twilight" - and from what I've been told thats the norm for a D&C, but you really are totally asleep so some people may think they have had general. If it makes you feel better I'm scheduled for my D&C tomorrow and it will be with the same type of anesthesia that your doc told you about. Good luck!


Julie - March 9

Thanks Lauren, good luck to you too. Sorry if your d/c is due to m/c as well...


Kara - March 9

I believe that's the kind that I had. I have always had a hard time with general anesthesia (groggy for a couple of days, nausea), but this was much better. You start waking up as soon as they stop giving you the drug. In fact, I woke up as they were wrapping me in warm blankets after the surgery was over, but before I was transported to the recovery room. I was in recovery for about 30 minutes and the regular room for 30 minutes, then released. I hope you feel better soon.


Jess - March 9

I had a D&C 2 days ago and they do put you out but they don't put you under very deep because it only takes like 15 minutes or so. I am so glad I had it done because I was miscarrying naturally and it was very painful until the put me out and finally did the D&C. I haven't had any pain since and hardly even bleeding. The more you are off your feet the less you bleed I think. Good luck to all of you. Just think in a couple months hopefully we will all be posting on the 1st trimester board!


neha - March 16

i had a D&C last week. they gave me local anesthesia. the procedure took 10-15 min but i had a pain in my abdomen & lower back while they sc___ped out the products. they gave me a pain killer & valium before the procedure & i wasn't asleep. the pain cont for 1/2 hour after the procedure & then bleeding contd for 4 days & i m still spotting. i m not scaring u but do ask ur doctor to put u on general anesthesia.


Julie - March 17

Neha, I would agree. The "twilight" anesthesia I had was great. I went into the Operating room at 2:20 and was waking up in recovery at 2:50. Don't remember a thing and some cramps but very little........Anyone out there who has the choice........I would choose a type of general anesthetic too...


neha - March 18

hey Julie, how r u feeling now? when did u have the D&C? i hope u r feeling OK. keep posting...


Hope - March 29

I had the twilight version too... I couldn't tell the difference. They pull a oxygen tube up my nose and told me to take deep breaths.. I was out like a light.


meg - April 10

I had a D&C on Wednesday, with only local anesthetic to the cervix. It was excruciating. Be grateful for the twilight sleep. You will feel upon completion as if you were "out" the whole time. We were worried about a repeat ectopic, so he had to do the D&C right away to biopsy the tissue to be sure it was a failed pregnancy to rule out the ectopic. But I would never do it that way again. It really added to the trauma--the only thing they gave me was a shot of tordal (strong ibuprofen).


KC - April 12

I had a D&C on 4/5/05. I chose to have the heavy sedation (as the anesthesiologist called it), which was the "twilight anesthetic" you asked about. It also included some kind of amnesia medicine. It was all given through an IV. When I was in the OR, I remember the nurse holding my arm, and my OB dr holding my hand as I fell asleep. I don't remember anything after that, but I was awake within 1/2 hour and going home a hour later.


Annie - April 12

I just had this done yesterday, and on the anesthesiologists' information sheet there were about 12 options! I had a 'cervical block' with various drugs via the iv that the anesthesiologist said would make me feel happy. There was also a drug to give me amnesia. This is what your dr. is talking about, I believe. I am curious as to what happened, but I had no side effects or pain AT ALL. I din't even need an acetominophen. General anesthesia is when they put you completely out and intubate you with the breathing tube. It hardly seems necessary to me! My surgery was scheduled for 4, and I was out of there at 5:45 (I just had to prove I could drink something and go to the bathroom). I didn't have an epidural, and I'm not aware of how or if the cervical block was administered. I was nervous (and grieving), but everyone was so comforting, giving me warmed blankets and treating me well.



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