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armywife4life - March 9

My babys due date was Feb 21, I lost the baby in Sept... The day was so hard for me to get through, but i made it. Well my husbands, brothers wife tried committing suicide last week (this isnt the first time she has done this), while in the hospital she found out she was 2 months pregnant...she has MANY MANY mental issues. I got so angry and so upset when I found out. It hurts so bad and I know I shouldnt feel this way, but It just keeps going through my mind how unfair it is, she doesnt even cherish her own life how can she cherish a precious baby...i may be wrong for feeling this way, but at the moment I cant help it. My husband is currently in Iraq and we will try having another baby when he returns (we are both 33 and have a healthy 15 year old son which we are so thankful for having) . My question is does anyone else still have feelings like this after losing a baby...Im sorry for rambling on.


Rhiannon - March 10

It is so normal to feel anger when you lose a child. When I lost my first pregnacy I found out that a friend of mine's 16 year old daughter was pregnant (and she was drinking the last time I saw her and she knew she was pregnant). I am still angry to this day and it has been well over a year. I now have beautiful 7 month old twin girls and I am so thankful for them, but I am still angry whenever I see an unfit mother. I am so sorry for your loss and I wish you the best of luck in the future.


angelgabby84 - March 10

Im am so sorry to hear about your loss. and it is completely normal to still feel angry. I lost my daughter 3 years ago at 24 weeks pregnant and still to this day things like her birthday her due date and other children in my family who were born around the same time as her make me feel upset, jealous and even angry. I am still ttc baby number 2 and have been for the past two years and there are 11 people in my family who are pregnant or have just had a baby and that just pees me off. The constant pain of losing your baby will ease, but it is perfectly normal to fell angry at times. Good luck to you in the future x x kristen x x


Shannie - March 10

Armywife, I was waiting for a post like this. I have a threatened/possible miscarriage happening to me right now, this will be my second m/c if it happens, which the doctors think that it will happen. My friend just had a baby and she's perfect in every way. She had no problems during her pregnancy either. This woman has cheated on numerous boyfriends, slept around, has had numerous abortions, has done really harsh drugs and drinks heavily but yet, I'm the one who miscarries and I've done none of these things. In fact, All i ever wanted was a family. I'm married (she isn't) my husband and i are happy together (her fiance and her fight ALOT and its sometimes violent). Also, Another girl that I know just found out that she is pregnant. She has no job, she does cocaine and is a chain smoker and she is 6 months pregnant and she's also had numerous abortions. She was going to abort this baby but she found out so late that they can't abort it now so she has to keep it. Another girl that I know would not stop smoking throughout her entire pregnancy. She wouldn't cut back or at least change to ultra lights and her baby had NO problems when born. She wasn't even underweight. Please don't think that you are alone in feeling this way. I know it feels wrong to feel this way but theres no helping it. I'm not going to put myself down for feeling this way or any other woman who feels the same because it is a part of the grieving process. You just have to come to terms with what has happened. I have realized that everything happens for a reason and maybe it just isn't time for you or I yet. I'll be praying for you and everyone else in this forum. <3


armywife4life - March 10

Thank you all for answering..I am still so full of hurt, my friend is mad at me because she cant understand what Im going through, we both found out the same day we were pregnant, she went on to have a healthy baby boy and now she tells all of our mutual friends that im being selfish and want everyone to throw a pity party for me because I cant see her baby...and then the story with my husbby's brothers wife, just set me back again. I never had a true grieving period with my husband, a week after we lost our baby he was sent to Iraq for a year long deployment, so that probably has alot to do wit the reason Im being this way. I really appreciate everyone that chats on here...I know this is one place that someone will understand what Im truly going through. I dont want to discuss it with my husband because I dont want him to worry and feel bad about it, he has enough worries trying to stay safe in Iraq but he comes home the first week of April for 14 days so we can grieve then and TTC during that time... please wish us luck...and good luck to all of you!!! Thanks for the support!!!


katelyn - March 14

i just found out that i lost what was going to be my very first baby this week. i immediately thought of my younger brother and his girlfriend. they both drink, smoke, and are drug users, yet managed to produce a perfectly healthy baby boy in november. i was so angry! i've never smoked, drank, or tried using drugs, and here i am having a miscarriage when i've done everything right! it feels so unfair and is almost maddening. this far, i've been feeling anger more than anything... but it's only been a few days, so maybe i don't know exactly how you feel, i just wanted to let you know you're not alone in the feelings of anger.



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