Another Mc I Can T Believe This

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Fall - March 11

I am so scared after getting out of the shower this evening I noticed I had some very light pink discharge. I just had a mc at the end of Nov. I was 8 1/2 …I’m in my 6th week right now… so scary!


sososleepy - March 11

Fall, light pink is much better than beat red!!! I have my fingers crossed for you.


SaraH - March 12

Fall I hope everything is okay. Call your doc right away this morning and get in to get checked out. I know how scared you are as I had 2 m/c as well and my 2nd one started out w/ spotting too. Just try to stay calm. Sometimes (about 1/4 of the time my doc said) women have bleeding in the 1st trimester and everything is fine, so it's quite possible that your baby is okay. Just get into your doc and they should be able to do an exam and and u/s. The u/s by the 6th week should be able to tell you if the baby is growing and if there is a heart beat. I hope everything is okay for you and your baby Hugs and prayer for you both. ~Sarah


micorazon - March 12

Hi Fall...Light pink may be ok. From what I understand light pink or brown without any major cramping is ok...just as long as it isnt red or with any significant pain. I agree with Sarah if you feel that something is wrong you should go see your doctor and they will do an ultrasound if they feel there is reason for concern. I have my fingers crossed for you.


stefkay - March 12

Fall, good luck and please keep us are in my prayers (HUGS)


HeavenisMine - March 12

Light pink is definitely better than red! You're still early on, keep us posted. I am praying for you and your baby!


Fall - March 12

Omg, thank you for all the support… you all are wonderful! So I went to the Dr. today and it doesn’t look that great. He did a full examination. He did not find any blood and my cervix was closed but the ultrasound only showed the sac :( I will know more when my blood work comes in. I’m so disappointed!!!! I can’t believe this is going to happen again!!!


micorazon - March 12

Im so sorry to hear that the ultrasound didnt go as expected Fall, but it isnt over yet. Are they going to do some hcg tests over the next few days?


Shiner081 - March 12

Hi FAll,well with both my miscarriages I had light pink b and brown discharge and for me it was not a good thing.OCt 06 and Feb07.I had my miscarriages 4 months apart.This was the only sign that I was miscarrying and I had no cramping.Get it checked out anyway.


Fall - March 13

I'm just waiting for all the test results to come in..... I hate all this waiting!!!! But I know it's not looking!!!


KDF - March 13

Fall, I hope that everything goes your way. I am pregnant for the first time and I am experiencing brown discharge. Yesterday I had red blood for about 8 hours and no cramping. I am really concerned that I am having a m/c. I hear that some people spot through their whole pregancy, is this true?


HeavenisMine - March 14

You're still only six weeks sweety, it may just be too early to see the fetal pole (embryo) You just hang in there, if your levels are still rising take that as a great sign! Relax and wait, lots of women can't see the embryo until at least seven or eight weeks. I hope it all goes your way, miscarriage sucks, and to have anymore than one is torture...


HeavenisMine - March 14

KDF: It is true, some women do spot all throughout pregnancy and go on to have healthy children. My mom's friend is one of those. Though red blood can be a bad sign, it can also be normal, just get in contact with your doctor and put your mind to rest. I hope your little bean is snug in there, hanging on, and both of you will be just fine!


HeavenisMine - March 14

Oh and Fall, your cervix is still closed, there's another good sign ;)


Fall - March 15

KDF, I'm sure you will be just fine... and I have heard that women can bleed (spot) throughout pregnancy. I'm so sorry you have to worry... I know how that feels. So I still don't know anything, I went yesterday and they did another ultrasound and it still showed nothing. It's not looking good, I'm still waiting on my second numbers to come back and then we will know more of what’s going on.


KDF - March 15

Fall, when do you get your test results back? I go for a second bood test on the 21st and then for the results on the 29th. I don't think I can wait that long. I took another pregnancy test and it still shows positive but the line wasn't very bright. Does that mean anything? (HUGS)


micorazon - March 16

Fall - you are in my thoughts and prayers....hoping everything is ok. Kdf, why are they having you wait so long to give you the results? They ususally dont wait so long inbetween tests...its usually a test every 48 -72 hours...



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