Another Miscarriage

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ella431 - February 28

Well i posted on here before because I was bleeding off and on. I had hoped it would turn out ok, but it didnt. I started heavy bleeding/clotting and severe cramping. Its been a few days after the largest clots have passed, but I still have cramping and bleeding :( I cant even begin to think of trying for another, for the sake of losing it again. I had a miscarriage in December 2006, then got pregnant in January and miscarried Febuary 2007. Maybe I should of taken a break before getting pregnant so soon? But I heard of ladies who got pregnant right after and everything was fine. Oh well I guess everything happens for a reason right? Guess I will get through this and hope the next time will turn out better :( Good luck to all of you.


tiffany79 - February 28

ella, im so sorry to hear.. thats horrible. Has your doctor told you to wait any amount of time? Do you plan on having any test done? Progesterone? bloodwork?? I had my first m/c this Feb also.. it was my first pregnancy :-( I am waiting for one cycle, then plan to try agian.. next month! I have heard a lot of good things about baby aspirin, i plan on taking that soon, and have upped my dose of Vitimin B6, to 50mg. Good Luck to you and everyone!!!!


DownbutnotOUT - March 1

Im so very sorry for your loss. I had a missed m/c in may and than had a chemical pregnancy in June, I didnt have a period for 2 months and in September I got pregnant with a sticky bean. I definatly know how that feeling to have another baby takes over and I hope all the best for you Im sure if you take a couple months off and get to ttc you will have a sticky bean in no time :) Once again I am so sorry for your loss.


Michell - March 1

Ella, I am so sorry to hear that you are going through another m/c. I just had one in February. I will be waiting 2 cycles i think to ttc again. What i have heard is that it is important to make sure all the hcg is out of your system completely before ttc again because you body might reject the next pregnancy right away. My horomone levels are dropping very slowly so i am being forced to wait it out. I think it is important to wait at least one cycle so that your body is back to normal, but other than that most Dr. including my own said 1 cycle is fine and then you can start again. Did you wait one cycle or did you try again without waiting? I can totally understand wanting to ttc again without waiting, i was that way in the beginning, but my body is telling me otherwise. Now I feel like one more month isn't too long to wait if it will help. GIve your body a chance to regulate and wait maybe 2 cycles this time. It might help you mentally as well. I am so afraid that my next pregnancy will end up the same way, but it won't stop me from trying. how are you coping? Hopefully you have a good support system around you to get you through this. You always have us here ont he forum. Kepp me posted! Good luck and baby dust to you all!!


ella431 - March 1

Hey everyone, thanks for the support :) tiffany 79- this time i had my HCG monitored every week and it was going up as normal so I thought everything was fine. Next time I definitely will get them to check my progesterone and just hope everything works out! Downbutnotout- That must have been hard having a missed miscarriage and then a chemical! Yes im going to take awhile off before trying again. Congrats on your bean:) Michell- I did not wait a cycle before trying again, we just started right away and hoped for the best. I definitely plan to wait this time, my body needs a break! Im coping pretty well I have a good support system so that helps alot. Its still hard having friends who are pregnant, I am jealous of them! Good luck with TTC to you, fingers crossed! :)


ella431 - March 1

I forgot to mention, I still have my first OB/GYN appointment booked for April.. Should I call and cancell saying I had a miscarriage? Or should I still go and just tell then? Thanks


tiffany79 - March 1

ella.. with this last m/c, have you seen a doctor at all? have you gotten your bloodwork done to make sure its 0? Its important to follow it thru all the way to 0 (or <2). I know at my OB/GYN, they do the bloodwork there so they know whats going on. I would definently call them, and cancel your appnt. I suggest you make an appnt to talk w/ your doc.. she/he should be aware of what just happened (now!!!..not in April!). Maybe she can suggest a couple test to check for any problems. I hope the best for you!


Shiner081 - March 1

Hi Ella sorry 4 your loss.I have had 2 miscarriages ,one in October/06 and one in February/07.After my first miscarriage we got pregnant after my second period after having a D&C and unfortunately I miscarried again.I had 2 see a different doctor with my first miscarriage and he suggested 2 wait 1 cycle before we tried again but it took 2.Now with my second miscarriage I saw my regular doctor and he said no need 2 wait and when we were ready to try again.It has been 16 days since my D&C and I stil having abit of discharge but we plan 2 try again ASP.


cjay - March 6

I too had a miscarriage in Dec and Feb...My doctor told me that the main reason i had 2 miscarriages in a row was because i didn't wait long enough in between trying. He said there was only a 30% chance to have a successful pregnancy if i waited 1 cycle, a 60% waiting 2 cycles and about 90% if i waited 3.... All i know is that i don't want to take any more chances,so you might want to see what your doctor says about that. If you find anything out good, i would appreciate knowing! Thx and Good Luck!



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