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Casey - August 12

I had a miscarriage in the middle of May and then had my cycle 6weeks later. I am now 38 days since my last cycle and all test show neg. I am not under stress and have not changed anything. Could I be pregnant again and the test show neg? I would love to be! Any answers??


crisy - August 12

Hi Casey. I miscarried in April. My first af came 37 days after. Second af was after 60 days. There is a possibility that you might be pregnant but there is also the possibility that you did not ovulate after 14 days so you might be late. My advice would be to call your doctor and try to get an appointment to check your hCG levels. I think that you will be able to get a more clear answer then. When I was waiting for my af I did so many pregnancy tests every week. It was emotionnaly exhausting. I used to get my hopes up and then I was dissapointed when the test was neg. I hope that you are pregnant and I hope that you will get your answers soon. I'm sorry I can't help very much. Sending you baby dust and hoping for a bfp. Take care.


Val - August 12

Hi Casey... do you check your bbt (basal body temp) or use ovulation predictors? I have a very irregular cycle and found it was really helpful to figure out what was going on with my body. I'm about 10 days past d&c and have started charting my temps again. (By the way, the ovulation predictor worked for me - I got pregnant the first month I used it... I knew that I ovulated on day 27 of my cycle that month since I did both the charting and the predictors.) Good luck to you...


Liz - August 13

Casey, Before I got pregnant, I was on a 24 day cycle, after I had a my d&c in march and my first 3 periods were over 31 days each, then they started to come back and this month was the first month that I am back to 24 days. If you used to have very regular cycles before you got pregnant and they are irregular now, I would not try for a couple of months. If I had to do it over again that's what I would do. I started ttc right away and the devastation I felt every month was unbearable. I think that my body wasn't ready and having hopes and expectations so soon afterwards was more difficult because I had no idea when to expect my af. I know you probably didn't want to hear that, I wouldn't have wanted to hear that 3 months ago either.... I wish you the best of luck, just remember to take care of yourself, worrying about whether or not you are pregnant right now is the worst stress for your body. Baby dust all...


Tara - August 15

I have a stupid question. Is it possible to still have Hcg in your body even if you had a first period since D&C?I thought that once you get your first period your Hcg is down to 0. What causes some women not to ovulate after miscarriage and why some women ovulate right away? I have not ovulated since my D&C on June 3.


Tara - August 15

since my first af after miscarriageI have been charting using opks and bbt method and both kept saying I wasent ovulating. Husband and I still had s_x every second night even though the tests were negative (I went through two packs of opks) (I have had crazy cervical mucus that would come and go though). the last week I have had sore b___sts and feeling sick and tierd , so even though I thought it would be negative I tested with hpt and got a positive.Im so excited, but really confused as to when I ovulated. I wish you ladies the best of luck and future healthy babies.



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