Anti Nuclear Antibodies ANA

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nanette - January 18

Has anyone ever heard of or have the condition where you have ANAS and is having problems keeping their pregnancies? I have a t_tre level of 350 which is in the high low range and i have had 3 chemical pregnancies in a row. I have to have further tests, butd i'm so scared that it will mean that i will never be able to have another


Kara - January 19

It is very treatable. Usually with blood thinners. The sucess rate is very high with treatment. I'm so happy for you that you are getting to the bottom of your problem. Good luck with the next pregnancy!


Erin - January 19

Kara is right - it's good you know what the problem is and that treatment is very successful. I have known several women who after several mc's have been diagnosed with this and have carried to term with treatment. Good luck!


nan - January 19

Thank-you so much girls, you have made me feel more optimistic. I have been crying for the last 3 days and i believe today i'm going to have a GOOD day. There is a chance that i may have a autoimmune disease such as lupus or rhumatoid arthritis or some other nasty disease, so i have to just wait (2 weeks)and see what the latest blood results show. I have no symptoms and the rest of my blood work was perfect so that is a good thing!


Kara - January 19

There are alot of women who test positive for ANA but never develop and autoimmune problem. In fact the majority of them don't. But the positive to this is that you will be more aware of you body now. So even if you are one of those few that do develop a problem later, you will know what to look for and be ready so it won't become a big problem for you. Good luck!


nan - January 25

Kara, Erin, just thought I'd let you know that I do not have an autoimmune disease. What a relief. I will try and see a specialist and hopefully, i will be able to have another baby. Thaks for your support girls.



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