Antiobiotics After D Amp C

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annie - April 14

I wasn't given an antibiotic prescription after my surgery--is this typical? I'm worried about the consquences of an infection (infertility)


Kathy Z. - April 14

I wasn't given one either...I don't think they give you one unless you show signs of infection after a few days (fever, etc.) My doc told me not to bd for 2 wks after my d&c to prevent infection. Hang in there!


Sandra - April 14

My doc didn't prescribe me anything either, said they'll give it to you if you develop infection. I did develop kidney infection and went to 2 courses of antibiotics after that, but I'm all fine now. I didn't realise I had kidney infection (urinary tract infection went untreated and developed into kidney infection) until I started feeling lightheaded and went to see the doc. Thought all the symptoms I was feeling was as a result of D&C. Think infection needs to be very advanced before it will cause infertility, not something that is unlikely to happen. In fact I know, as I fell pregnant straight away without having a period!


Sandra - April 14

Sorry, meant likely to happen, not unlikely!


Tracy - June 22

I have had to have 2 d & c's i received antibiotics with both. I felt better knowing evderything was taken care of. I went over everything before the procedure with my Dr.


Kara - June 23

I didn't know this at the time, but I was given an injection of an antibiotic in my IV line while at the hospital for the d/c. I only found out when I recieved my itemized bill from the hospital. I had a friend of mine who is an o/b nurse look at my bill to tell me what all the drugs where and said that it was a stong antibiotic that is used to treat and prevent a variety of internal infections.


Tara - July 4

I asked for antibiotics after my D&C from my family doctor not the doctor that did the D&C. I too got a kidney infection and had to go on more antibioics. I asked doctors if it could be my uterus that was infected and they said most likely not because I wasen't bleeding. I did test positive for a kidney infection.I have been on antibiotics for 2 weeks and I still have pain in my abdominals, hips and back. I see the doctor that gave me the D&C and Im going to ask him about it


cabbie - July 5

I was given an antibiotic to take immediately after my d&c and for six days after. I just had my d&c last Wed.



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