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Newbie - April 30

Just recently I have developed some anxiety/panic attack issues due to this pregnancy. I fear having another m/c. Dr. prescribed a low low dose of Ativan (Lorazapam) for use in an emergency ONLY. He said the benefits of me knowing that I have something in my purse to help with not losing control may reduce anxiety all together--which may help with a more healthy pregnancy. Has anyone ever taken just ONE Ativan/Lorazapam pill and had their baby be okay at delivery? I think these meds are a "Class X" med--but if not taken regularly (only for an emergency situation) things might be okay? PLEASE advise! Thanks.


stefkay - May 1

I'm not sure about the drug itself, but what I can't understand is WHY in the world would a doctor prescribe ANY drug that is cla__s X to a pregnant woman??? Even if taking one, there is a reason they are in that cla__s. Ativan is pretty addictive too so I'd maybe look into seeing a therapist or trying some relaxation/meditation techniques as I know those work very well. Just throwing some ideas out there :) I understand very well the anxiety and stress issues as I've dealt with them this pregnancy after having several losses. I refuse to take any meds so I forced myself to deal with it in other ways. Talking to friends or other people in similar situations helped a LOT!


Newbie - May 1

Hi Stef! Great hearing from you. I think this is what the Dr.'s rationalization is about the meds: It is better to take ONE Ativan pill (in a long while) during an attack rather than suffer from it and having to go to the ER. The trauma and stress of that can hurt the baby more in the end. I have heard of people taking Benedryl instead because it makes people drowsy--but I don't know...I hope to find some heatlhy alternatives to the Ativan if at all possible! :) I'm so happy things are going well for you. You are an inspiration to many!


momjoy0691 - May 4

Newbie: I had panic attacks like that/ or I was stressed out and got dizzy or vertigo attacks, they gave me Antivert which is an antihistamine and is safe in pregnancy-------- the Ativan worries me good luck


halfmyheartisinheaven - May 27

I to was in the same position and I am afraid that is why I lost my baby. I felt so guilty everytime I took the pills. I was on 3 cla__s C anti depressants and anxiety. I was and am on Xanax generic for alprazolam, Lexapro & Kolonopin. Now I am on a sleeping pill ambien my depression is wors as well as anxiety due to themiscarriage. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I tried to wean off them but was unsucessful... I have PTSDD from childhood, severe and constant anxiety & depression & panic attacks but they outweighed the risks of being on them or not My Doc said in order to have ahealthy baby you have to be a healthy mom... How far along are you I miscarried at 3 months & 10 days and up untill the day my water broke and I miscarried everything looked fine. I just have to accet the fact that I miscarried for a reason something was wrong with the baby. Doc's said I must of had infection in my gestational sac and a hemmorage being the uterus??? Sorry as far as you which this is what it is all about now... I wish you the Best of luck. Please Let us know what happens and how you are doing & Have a blessed day!



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