Any 1 Had A Simliar Experience Would Like To Hear 4rm U

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worriedmum2b - November 15

hi im new to this site, i had a miscarriage in sept just gne. i was 6wks. im preg again just coming up to 6 wks, had some bleeding yst, not alot and it has stopped, but mydoc thinks its a threatened miscarriage, so im so stressed lookin on net all day 4 info, has any 1 had a threatened miscarriage and carried to full term? any stories r advise b much appreciated. thanks


thejr2913 - November 15

My 3 child was born full term. I bleed and spotted with her for the first 10 - 12 weeks. My mom died two weeks into this pregnancy and my stress levels were overwhelming. My dr told me I needed to calm down because I would bleed more when I was stressed. The bottom line is unfortunately we can't control what is going to happen. I hope everything goes great for you. I know it is easier said then done, but relaxing will help. Please try to stay positive.


stefkay - November 15

Hi worriedmum, I know the feeling (worry!) for sure...has your doctor ordered beta hcg blood tests? That would be a good idea or to have an ultrasound. At 6 weeks you should be able to see something by a transv____al ultrasound. An hcg test would show what your numbers are and then you have another one done 2 days later and if the number is going down then you are most likely miscarrying. Bleeding is fairly common for many women in pregnancy though, but since you have had a miscarriage at that 6 wk point your doctor should be checking you out a bit more. I have had several m/c's and am currently 6.5 weeks and had spotting early on but had a good ultrasound yesterday, so it can happen!


mptate24 - November 15

Hi worriedmum2b, I just had a D&C on Nov. 2nd. That was our second child. But to answer your question with our first child I had spotting/bleeding on and off for about a week. If I hadn't of taken a HPT a couple of days before It started I probably would of though it was my AF. But after that week I didn't spot any more and now have a healthy soon to be 4 year old son! So I really hope all is well with your little one! P.S. I was around 6/2 to 7 weeks when the spotting occured.


worriedmum2b - December 8

thanks 4 ur posts, few wks on now everythig ok, had a scan, they want me bac on mon, think im having twins, so a dif type of scared. was 1 def baby and someting else in placenta they couldn identife, hope yous r all well



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