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Susie - December 8

I miscarried in October. Had a D&C and got my af on Nov 3rd. I usually have 33 day cycles. It is day 36 and no AF. I took a hpt test today and saw a bfn. My husband and I did do the bd a few times last month. Has anyone else had a weird cycle after a D&C? Thanks.


Kim - December 8

Hi Susie: I didn't have a D&C but I have had two I'm familiar with weird cycles. My cycles were a little long for a while after my m/c, and each month they got a day or two shorter until they were back to normal again. But I hope you're not getting your period because you are pregnant again! Boy that would be great. Good luck and let me know how things go...


Susie - December 9

Thanks Kim. I appreciate your help! I will have to see what happens. Good luck to you! Oh, I did have 2 miscarriages this year too. Did you have any testing done after the second one?


jas - December 9

I have had several m/c with D&C's and it took several months before my af was 'normal'. For a while I would skip a month regularly. I was never one of those ladies who went right back to the normal cycle. Mine was a 34 dayer when it did finally become regular.


Kim - December 12

Hi Susie: I am sorry you've been through this more than once, it is just so terrible. Yes I did have a couple of tests done, the easy ones that have "quick fixes" should anything be wrong. They tested my thyroid and also for lupus anticoagulant and both results came back normal and healthy. Which is good news, but also frustrating. There's just nothing to explain why this happened to me again. Did you have any tests after yours? Did your af come this weekend?


Susie - December 12

Hi Kim, That is good news for you but I understand how frustrating it can be. They tested the baby and found out that she had Turners Syndrome. The good news that it is very random and not a__sociated with my or my husband's genetics. My af arrived on Friday. So now I know that I ovulated later than thought. Thanks!



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