Any Chance Of Getting Pregnant

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connie - August 23

DH & I ttc on Friday afternoon..later that day I start having white mucus discharge..then some little brown discharge+white Sat/Sun..and white+yellow discharge on Monday..Today is Tuesday and my BBT temp short up to 37C (it was 36.6C on Monday)..I think I just ovulated on Monday then?? This is 1st cycle after AF (m.c at 14wks)..Any chance I can get pregnant when sperm release on Fri and ovulate on Mon? Thanks!


Alison - August 24

Connie as far as I am aware sperm can live in you for up to 4 or 5 days so it is possible. Not sure about the brown discharge at the weekend as conception wouldn't take place until you ovulated on the Monday-but you could certainly be pregnant. A test in 10-12 days should reveal all! I am so sorry for your miscarriage-I pray your next pregnancy, whether it be now or next month or whenever, is healthy and happy in every way. Take care xxx P.s let us know what happens!


Kim - August 24

Hi Connie: My doctor told me that brown discharge can be stirred up by intercourse - it is just a little old blood. White is always good (but is easy to confuse with s____n). If your temperature spiked and you think you ovulated, then there is a good chance of conception, especially if some of that white stuff you had been seeing was cervical fluid. What Alison says is true - in good conditions, sperm can live up to 5 days. Best of luck to you!


connie - August 24

Thanks Alison & Kim. Will wait 12-16 days and see. :) Question..when ppl here mention they at 12 weeks or so that base from the date of last menstration or actual baby gestation period (minus 2 weeks) ? I m.c at 14 weeks (baby 12 weeks)..No H.B even we hear h.b 1 week before..Dr did an exam after 2 months since mine m.c..She say the lab examine the baby but found nothing wrong (from external examination)..She say the baby could die from blood cord disorder or incompatible with life. Anyone have similar situation where no cause where found???.Dr. offer no advices nor ask any questions beside prescribing Follic Acid and say we can try again..Do I continue to take Materna or continue with Follic acid? Good luck to everyone!


Kim - August 24

Hi Connie: Most people count gestation from the first day of their last menstrual period (lmp). So if you lost your baby at 12 weeks, you were 14 weeks pregnant. It's kind of strange, but I guess that's how they determine the most accurate date, since many women don't know exactly when they ovulated. Gosh I am so sorry about your baby. That is heartbreaking. Especially after you had seen the heartbeat the first time and all was well. I am so very sorry. I lost mine at 8 wks and they said it was most likely a chromosome abnormality. Those are responsible for lots of early m/c. I don't know anything about Materna, but I am still taking Follic Acid (included in my prenatal vitamins) every day. They say it is very good for you to have whether you are currently pregnant or even just in your childbearing years. I think it is supposed to help prevent against spinal problems in the baby.



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