Any Ideas On Things I Can Do To Remember My Baby

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Nessa - October 23

I had a m/c at 25wks back in Sept 13th. I am taking each day as it comes. I find myself crying just about every day. I am soo glad I found this site. I know now I am not alone. Any Ideas in what I can do to remember my baby? I have a memory box. I have stored his lock of hair, feet prints, hat from the hospital, his ankle bracelet, sea sh__ls (i was at the beach when I lost him), sympathy cards from family and friends I received in the mail after his lost, baby book I had started, some dryed flowers from his funeral and pictures of him. I want to hear some ideas, I want to do more...


Dear Nessa - October 24

I am so sorry that you lost your baby. I can not begin to relate to the pain you feel, but my heart knows that it must be almost unbearable. My heart is with you. It sounds like you have already collected and done so much to preserve is memory. How about taking those precious items and on a big piece of cardboard or flat thin thimber sheet (such as a piece of thin ply wood painted white) arrange all of the pieces along with some additional materials such as pieces of lace and fabric strips, dried flowers or cut out love hearts etc - Things and items that are beautiful to you. Then carefully attach them to the board. With the really precious items such as the foot prints photocopy them and keep the irreplaceable originals locked up safe some where. If you did want to use the originals use little triangles of cut out paper/card board and stick them down so that you can place the corners of the prints into the triangles and they will hold the print there without gluing it down or doing anything to it which may damage it. After you have made your "Sc___p book" memory board take it to a framing place and they should be able to frame it with a gla__s case so all the images and items will be preserved. Then when you get it back hang it up some where special and everyone can see it and you can sit and reflect on it with out having to get out his memory box. I hope this helps. I hope that when you are ready - your pain will be eased. Heaven must have needed a perfect little angel. Again my heart it with you. Love from Niki.


Cabbie - October 24

I have had three miscarriages, but none as far along as you. I am so sorry. My sweet sister in law and brother in law sent us a beautiful mum with my first miscarriage last year. We planted it in our front garden and everytime I look at it, I remember and am so grateful for them sending it to me.


Julianne - October 24

Nessa, I am so sorry for your loss. After one of my miscarriages, I received a plant to remember my baby. It was a lovely thought, but the plant died not long afterwards. Since then I have created a garden bed with plants i can nurture and watch flourish. I plant on good days, take cuttings on bad days. My little garden bed is like having a diary I don't need to write in, and a way to keep the memory of my baby alive. It's lovely that you have a memory box with such significant items for you to remember your little boy.My thoughts are with you.


Donna - October 24

Sorry to hear about your loss, when I lost my first baby, I planted a tree. Actually it was a crepe myrtle plant, this allowed me to keep this baby close in my heart and not keep all the pain inside. Good luck


Angelina - October 24

Nessa, i can honestly tell you i know how you feel. On October 4th i gave birth to my son who died the day before. I was further along though. I was 37 weeks along. I also got a memory box from the hospital. Everyone took so many pictures in the hospital and at the funeral. I was the only one who was allowed to see him in his casket before the funeral though so i had the heart ripping job of taking those pictures. We made a memory sc___pbook, hung pictures up of him in our house and i play the funeral songs atleast once a day. I guess it helps me to play them. We are thinking of getting shirts made. I also write a letter to him once a day that is kind of a journal also and we are planning on decorating his grave for every holiday and for his birthday. I think im losing my mind.


sara - October 24

Nessa-While looking for memorable items for myself I found a website that is .They have a lot of very precious things that can help us remember our lost lil angels!They also have a forum there too.Best wishes for you and your family.


lilu - October 24

I lost my daughter in august and I was 34 1/2 weeks. We are going to plant a tree in her memory and we're going to get a garden bench with a saying along with her name. I too have all the stuff that you have as well but I wanted something that will grow over the years as she would've.


Nessa - October 24

Ladies, I am soo sorry for your loss. I keep coming back to this site and I continue to feel better. To know that many of you are going and have gone thru' what I am going thru' and some of you go on to get pregnant and have beautiful babies makes me realize that with time, I will heal and I can do that too..Thank you soo much for your ideas. I have gotten a white climing rose bush in his memory. I have also made two frames, one for my mom and the other for my mother in law. They are sc___pbook pages with a copy of his feet prints and a picture of Joseph. Now, both of the frames are hanging on their hallways along with family pictures. I want to make sure he is not forgotten and he is seen as a baby that lived and is part of our family. I am just having a hard time viewing this as a m/c. Joseph was alive and healthy for the stage he was in when he was born. I held him in my arms but he was too premature to survive... :o( I find myself feeling better when I start on a project in the memory of him. Another thing we have been doing, my husband and I go to his grave every day. Its been 5 weeks today, since his funeral...still seems soo unreal to me..


angel - October 27

i am soooooo sorry :( i lost my baby girl last oct. the best way is to just remeber her know that s/he is ur baby even if not with u s/he is watching u from heaven and loves you and will always be ur baby :) u can keep a memory book to keep track of how old they would be or what they would be doing. make something special to remind you.. and talk to people... i think thats the best way.... it will help your broken heart heal. and things will get better..... god bless you and i am so incredibly sorry for ur loss :(


Christine - October 28

I planted a tree in my back yard in memory of the baby I miscarried. I also put a plaque in front of the tree with "In loving memory of Baby Julia" and the day I miscarried. I go out to the tree all the time and think about her.


My answer - October 30

When we lost our first son, I got a small Black Hills gold ring with his birthstone in it (the stone from the month he would have been born). I still wear that ring today.


Melissa - October 31

I just recently had a miscarriage. I was only just about 9 weeks. It i sso painful, but I cannot fathom how you must feel since you were so far along. That is absolutely heartwrenching. One of the things I did was write a letter to the baby in my journal telling him/her that I hope he/she is in a safe, comfortable, happy place and that when my time comes, I will be looking for him or her. Don't worry, when your time comes, you will finally meet your baby and be together.



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