Any Nausea Before M C

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Christine - October 6

Hi, 5 years ago I was preg with my son. During this pregnancy I was pretty nauseated and had food aversions. With my second pregnancy, I did not have any nausea and food aversions, and I miscarried in the 13th week. When I got pregnant again a few months ago, again I didn't have any nausea and I miscarried again (11th week). You always hear that nausea is a sign for a healthy pregnancy. I would like to know from other women who miscarried, if they had nausea and/or food aversions during their pregnancy. Thanks!


Val - October 7

Hi Christine... I did have nausea and aversions with my pregnancy that ended in miscarriage in August. I even had nausea after the baby had died and before my d&c. I have heard that nausea is a sign of a healthy pregnancy, but I don't think that's really true - it seems like everyone is different. I know other women who didn't have nausea and had healthy pregancies. Good luck to you.


i - October 7

I miscarried at 6 weeks. I didn't have any nausea or food aversions either but I was definitely praying for them!


Brianne's Mama - October 7

Hi Christine, I never heard of the nausea is a sign for a healthy pregnancy. However, I did had plenty of nausea and still miscarried. I carried gingerale everywhere I went I was so nauseated, but until the next time.


Mindy - October 7

Christine- I also had nausea and miscarried in August at 11 1/2 wks. My other three pregnancies, I had no nausea, no symptoms and had three healthy babies. I have also read that nausea is also caused by low progesterone and high estrogen.


Christine - October 7

Val, i, Brianne's Mama and Mindy, thanks for taking the time to answer my question. Good luck to all of you ;-)


Me Too - October 7

I had nausea with one of my two successful pregnancies and two of my three miscarriages. With all three miscarriages, I had diarrhea from the start of the pregnancies before I miscarried but not with my two successful pregnancies. Go figure!


Alison - October 8

I have had 3 miscarriages (still TTC for 1st child) and each time had morning sickness right up to miscarrying. My most recent pregnancy I also went right off sweet things (and I am usually a MAJOR sweet tooth!) and was very limited to what I ate for lunch as was usually queesy and couldn't face anything "filling" I was having soup or raw carrots for lunch-and I loved salt & vinegar crisps couldn't get enough of them. I was so pleased every time when I felt sick but unfortunately it was not a sign for me that all was well. However I know when I conceive again I will still feel better if I have the sickness-just feels better to "feel" pregnant I suppose? A friend of mine had a healthy baby with no morning sickness whatsoever. I am so sorry for your losses. I wish you a healthy pregnancy soon and many blessings. take care xxx


Erin - October 8

Hi Christine - I'm sorry to share with you that I had crippling nausea with my last pregnancy,which turned out to be a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks. I had seen the baby and the heartbeat at about 8 weeks. I was incredibly nauseous, with my other miscarriages I had to sickness, so I felt very confident. Everyone tells you that nausea is a great sign. The ultrasound at 10 weeks showed the baby had died at least a week earlier, but that the placenta and gestational sac (which make hcg and progesterone) were right for the dates, meaning they didn't recognize the pregnancy had fizzles, and were still growing and churning out hormones, thus making me sick. I was sick for a few days afterwards as well. This was just a few weeks ago. I think overall nausea is still generally a good sign,as these sorts of miscarriages are rare. Unfortunately, they do happen though. This is my 4th mc. They others all ended by week 7, and I never saw a baby, just an empty sac. Also, no nausea. My doc thinks this was a genetic abnormality - just bad luck. Hang in there.


Christine - October 8

Me too - I also had diarreha with my two miscarriages (which is interesting because apparently one of the early preg symptoms is constipation)... Alison - I, too, wish you a healthy pregnancy soon. I have three friends who all had 5 miscarriages and ended up with a healthy baby in the end :-) Erin - I am so sorry for your losses and wish you all the best for your next pregnancy. To all of you: did any of you have any testing done at one point (because that's what they usually do after 3 or more miscarriages). I only had 2 m/c so far but I will insist on certain tests now before I try to conceive again because I am already 41 years old. Do you guys mind telling me how old you are?


Kennedy - October 9

Christine---did you have a blighted ovum? I had a blighted ovum and had absolutely no morning sickness. I too thought maybe this pregnancy wasn't viable from the get-go since I didn't show many symptoms. However, my b___sts were extremely tender. Good luck to us all. It sounds like we're all trying to find answers to why we m/c and "bad luck" just isn't good enough sometimes. A friend of mine told me that after all the sadness, one thing to be happy about is the fact that at least the plumbing good thing that came out of the m/c.


Alison - October 9

Christine yes we were referred for tests at the Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic after our 3rd loss in June. We had tests for blood clotting disorders, thyroid, rhubella, and genetic testing.I am rhesus + so that was ruled out also. No reason/explanation found at all so we just have to try again and pray that next time will be different. Some days I feel hopefull, others it's very hard to. Thank you for sharing about your friends stories of hope-bless you. I think you should push for tests, even if they can't find anything at least it can rule out some things? Again I am so sorry for your losses-thank you so much for your kind wishes for me. I wish you too a healthy pregnancy next time and many blessings. I am 27 years old by way. Take care xxx


Erin - October 9

Rhesus incompatability has not been found to cause miscarriage, and never affects a first pregnancy. What happens is that if a rhesus negative mother's blood is sensatised by rhesus positive blood crossing into her bloodstream (at birth or sometimes through abnormal bleeding during pregnancy), then the NEXT baby (if it is rhesus pos as well) will show problems in the third trimester, and will require a complete blood transfusion prior to birth.



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