Any Successes After 2 Miscarriages

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Alison - March 4

I'm waiting to see if I'm pregnant (will know by next week!) after starting to try again after a second miscarriage. Please please can anyone tell me a success story of conceiving a healthy baby after 2 losses? It would really help me just now. (both losses were early-1st baby no heartbeat at 9 week scan, 2nd baby blighted ovum discovered at 8 weeks) Thanks, just needing ecouragement!


chelle - March 4

Just remember Alison that every pregnancy is different. You won't know, if you don't try Right!!!:)


mulgajill - March 4

Well, i am waiting for af next week too... had recent m/c in december.... as to having healthy baby after m/c, i had 2 m/c in a row before i had my son (now 5) . The pregnancy went perfect, though i didn't see the doctor until i was five months gone (sort of scared after the two m/c's)...... the birth was not so great.... a 9lb7oz baby is bloody hard to push out!!! :-)... so keep a positive att_tude and there is lots of encouragement to be had on this forum... I am trying baby aspirin this go around, apparently it can help lower the rate of miscarriages


stacey - March 4

Mulgajill- where did you hear that? Do yoou take it with your prenantal? hey, I'll try anything!


KS - March 4

My aunt had 3 miscarriages and then 2 very successful pregnancies with beautiful perfect children. Good luck!


mulgajill - March 4

Stacey i read it in this forum, it is something to do with clotting and recurring m/c's.... we dont have baby aspirin in Australia so i asked one of the ladies on "signs of pregnancy" and she tells me baby aspirin is 81mg.... so i will cut my grown up aspirins into quarters... you could do a google search and find out more... good luck!!!


jamie - March 4

Hi Alison, I'm new to this site and I just found out that I am have another miscarriage at only @ 6 weeks. I wanted to tell you though that I had 3 miscarriages and 1 ectopic pregnancy before I had a beautiful daughter who will be 3 in April. It can work out and even though I am going through this again, I know that it happened before and it can happen again so don't give up!


mulgajill - March 5

RE: baby aspirin and other useful facts on miscarriage/conception.... check this out


mulgajill - March 5

ps... i think you have to leave out the dashes (-) on the link, someone else here was having trouble with dashes too with a link... :-)


stacey - March 5

mulgajill, thanks- way interesting! I might have to try that next time :) Can't hurt- I'll just take it right with my vitamin :)


Alison - March 5

Thanks everyone for sharing positive thoughts/stories it's good to hear! Period should have come yesterday or today probably so am becomming more sure I might be pregnant...will wait a while before daring to test! Just trying to stay calm and think positive :o) Thanks again


nicola - March 5

i also had 2 mc before having my son.1st was at 8 weeks 2nd was at 12 weeks.i went on to have a very healthy son weighing 9lb.i have just had another mc at 12 weeks again.dont give up hope.


Alison - March 8

Well I know now that I'm not pregnant this time- AF started today ( a little late which didn't help with getting my hopes up! especially when hubby was convinced I was pg too and said so a few times!) So am gutted but hopeful for next month...thanks again for advice though will keep it in mind when it does happen again-best wishes to you all.


Priscilla - March 8

Alison I am sorry about your losses but there is hope I had four miscarriages in a row and then on our fifth attempt I conceived twin boys with no fertility drugs at all, I succesfully carried both of course after my doctor figured out I don't maintain enough progesterone myself so he gave me a prescription to help out and now they will be three soon, hang in there I know it is very heartbreaking and stressful but I just think about if I wasn't so determined to be a mother I would have given up and lost out on my two wonderful little boys.


rona - March 18

Alison, I am so sorry to hear of your losses. I am wondering the same thing. I have had 3 miscarriages and have begun to loss hope. Is it possible that there is nothing wrong and this was just bad luck? I am going to a RE on April 11th. I wish that I had started charting earlier. Alison- if I were you I would chart so that you have info. incase you need to see a specialist- though chances are your next pregnancy will yield a healthy beautiful child. Best of luck. Rona


Alison - March 21

Thanks Rona, I'm not quite sure how charting works though! As far as I can tell I ovualte about 2 weeks before AF. Cycles do vary a little but only by 1-2 days each month. I'm now waiting to see if I get a BFP this month - should be due approx 4th April. Best wishes to you too x


debbie - March 25

hi i have had 3 missed misscarriages in the last 2 years i am now pregnant for the 4th time i have been put on clexane injections daily i am now 17 weeks which is very good for me all others lost befor 13 so there is hope good luck



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