Anybody Had 2 Miscs N Ttc Again

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fara - May 12

pls reply ..i 've just had a 2nd miscarriage at 5 weeks..i'm wondering if anyone is ttc again?


menalyn - May 12

hello fara! i've had 1 m/c at 12 weeks, and 1 medical termination due to really bad medial problems with the baby at 20 weeks. we're still hopefully on ttc again and going to ft. we have 1 little boy who is nearly 3, and the m/c's have happened since. how far were you with your fist m/c?


fara - May 12

14 weeks..the water bag burst..01.12.05.. sigh..the 2nd was just recently 28.04.06..i had bleeding.. thanks 4 ur reply menalyn!


menalyn - May 12

I know it's a horrible thing to go through! But don't let it stop you from trying!!! We're still trying, but i'm also starting to see a therapist about it this next week. I'm ready to try again, and so is dh, doc has me on a high dose of folic acid now, because the last baby had sever spina bifida and severe brain damage. This was only 8 months ago. The first m/c was in oct of 04. They both still hurt, but i'm a firm believer of not giving up. Anyway, i'm here if you like to chat. Take it easy! **baby dust** to ya!!!


SaraH - May 12

Hey fara, I've also had 2 m/c (Dec '05 at 4+ weeks and March '06 at begining of 8th week) and while we're pretty sure were going to wait at lest 1 more month to ttc (we're moving across country and thought it might be smart to wait untill after we're through with the move) we will be going for it soon.


JuJu - May 14

Hi Fara, Menalyn & SaraH; I have also had 2 m/c's; both this year. I had my first m/c when I was about 8 weeks; and it started on New Year's eve when we were throwing a party at our place! Was a bittersweet night for us - had a D&C on the 3rd January. I fell pregnant again immediately (no Af in between) but unfortunately again m/c'd again at around 7 weeks in March. They have carried out some tests and everything (including the babies) is/was fine except that I have a slightly raised ANA t_ter ...... meaning I have a mraginal auto-immune disorder. It seems to be something that I have devleoped in the last year, as I had a healthy pregnancy with my DD (18 months). I have had one AF since my lasy m/c.....and we had unprotected b'd-ing this month....although we weren't timing it to fall pregnant. Next month we will officially start ttc, although I guess there's always a chance that I could be pg already! To be honest with you, I am more terrified than excited about the though of being pregnant again - but I'm sure we're all in the same boat there! My DH and I are very keen to have another baby, so we just have to be positive. The though of a third m/c this year just guts me though.....although I am proud of how I have 'weathered' a stormy 2006 so far, I am not sure if I could handle another tragedy. But then, it's surprising how we find the strength to deal with things. My Dh and I have to make some decisions about how we will progress with treatment during our next pregnancy - I will probably require some sort of blood thinning treatment. Anyway, it's going to be a long road, but I would love to join you girls - we can plod along together!


nic - May 15

I don't have any kids, but I've had 6 miscarriages, 4 of which were in the last 18 months. I just don't think I'm ever gonna be a mother... it's such a terrible thing...


menalyn - May 15

Hello Nic! Don't give up hope!!! I know it's hard and it does put a strain on you emotionally, but my mother has a friend who had 9 m/c's, then fell pregnant with her twins and then fell pregnant again straight away with a single boy, all 3 children are happy and healthy! I've lost 2 and those were hard, I can't imagine losing 6. Keep your chin up, we're all here to offer support to each other! You need to chat, we've got the ear to listen! Take care!!! **baby dust** to you and everyone!!! P.S. Hello Juju! Glad you've joined!!! What cd are you all on? I'm on cd 9, not quite ready for the big "O" just yet for this month. Have any of you emailed cheri? She does the free readings. Or you can actually pay her 6 Canadian dollars and she'll do your reading in 24-48 hours, or if you want it done for free, it takes just over a month i think because of how many request she gets. But anyway, I paid her the money 2 days ago, and just received my reading today!!! She says that i'm either gonna conceive in june/july or i'll find out then. And it's gonna be a girl!!! So, fingers crossed she's right!!! I'll keep ya posted!


HeatherP - May 16

Hi Fara! I am 34 and recently had 2 miscarriages. The first one was last October and the last one was just last March. I was 5-6 weeks for both. I am TTC again this month and my RE put me on 50 mg of Clomid, HCG injection on the 12th, along with an Estrogen patch to wear to build up my uterine lining, and then I had an IUI on the 14th. I am praying for a BFP come the first of June!! I am so surprised that other women don't talk about miscarrying. I didn't find out until I miscarried that SO MANY other women had prior miscarriages and went on to have a healthy baby. I wish more people talked about how common it is to miscarry! Good luck and baby dust to everyone!!



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