Anybody Have A Normal Pregnancy After 2 Miscarriages

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Sam How - February 2

Hi, I have had 2 miscarriage's in the last year, and was wondering if anybody else have had mutiple miscarriages and gone on to have a normal pregnancy, Im wondering if there is something wrong with me or is this normal, my doctor doesnt seem bothered by my miscarriages, I dont think I could take another miscarriage any success stories would be great.


stefkay - February 2

Did your doctor do ANY testing at all? blood tests, fetal tissue testing? This is something my dr. gave to me. She said it comes from a website called Up to Date and I think it is part of the american something obstetrics and gynecology...anyways,this is part of what it says in the beginning (it talks about testing for problems in recurren m/c): "RPL (recurrent pregnancy loss) is cla__sically defined as the occurence of three or more consecutive losses of clinically recognized pregnancies prior to the 20th week of gestation (ectopic and molar pregnancies are not included). Evealuation of healthy women is not recommended after a single first trimester or early second trimester spontaneous miscariage as these are relatively common, sporadic events. The risk of another pregnancy loss after two consecutive miscarriages is 24 to 29 percent; this risk is only slightly lower than that of women with three or more miscarriages (31 to 33 percent) Therefore, evaluation and treatment of RPL can reasonable be started after two consecutive miscarriages. It is important to remember that most women with RPL have a good prognosis for eventually having a successful pregnancy, whether or not a definitive diagnosis is made and treatment initiated. In one study , the overall live birth rates afternormal and abnormal diagnostic evaluations for RPL were 77 and 71 percent, respectively. In another study, eight of 17 women with six or more consecutive unexplained miscarriages were subsequently successful." Hope that helps some...I may post on a thread for others.


JuJu - February 2

Sam; I had 2 m/c's early last year, and am now 32 weeks pregnant again and so far so good! After my second miscarriage, my OB carried out a number of tests on me, and it did emerge that I was positive to anticardiolipin antibodies (ACA's), and autoimmune disorder. So during my current pregnancy I have been taking low-dose aspirin to counter the effects of the ACA's (which have been pretty low throughout this pregnancy anyway. My SIL had 3 miscarriages before she had her last 2 daughters, and I personally know of several other women who have had 2 or more miscarriages and have gone on to have healthy babies. So yes; it's definitely very possible! If I were you I would probably have some preliminary tests done. In my case, I was fortunate that my OB was happy to carry out the tests after only 2 m/c's rather than wait until I had 3 m/c's. Anyway, best of luck and hope that everything turns out well for you :)


SaraH - February 3

Hey Sam I had 2 m/c in a yr. The first one was Dec 05 and the second was March 06. I was really devastated and really really worried that it was going to happen again. I got pregnant again in July and am now 31 w w/ no problems. It was very difficult making it through those first few weeks but I did and everything is good now. Since I got pregnant again I've been surprised at how many other women have said "oh you had 2 m/c's before? I had 2 m/c before I had my daughter/son/etc." So hang in there it does happen and chances are the next time you will have a healthy little one. ---By the way there are some others on here that I chat w/ who may end up replying to this too, but some of them have had 2 m/c and are currently pregnant again w/ healthy babies. Good luck and I'm sorry for your losses. I know how difficult it is, but remember the odds are still much better that you will have a healthy baby next time then that you wont. Hang in there, it will happen. Good luck.


SaraH - February 3

Sam I just thought I'd mention that I did not have any testing done. It is up to you and your OB if you want to have some done or not. My ob was not all that concerned and as we were moving cross country and graduating I didn't push it. At this pt it doesn't seem like I needed any testing as everything seems fine w/ this baby. However not having testing done did make my 1st trimester harder to deal w/ as I felt like if something were to happen again that could have been prevented had I had the testing, I would have felt like I was to blame for not having done it. Anyways it will happen, just hold on there. Hugs and prayers


Sam How - February 4

Thanks to all of you for replying, Im starting to think more positive now, Im still going to ask my doc if I can some test done just to be on the safe side. stop me from worrying. Good luck with the pregnancys julu & sara h.x


Alison - February 11

I suffered 3 miscarriages before having my DD (first child) My DH & I were referred for tests after the 3rd loss and got no answers as to why it kept happening. We were told to try baby aspirin just incase as wouldn't hurt and may help - so I took small dose aspirin in my 4th pregnancy, and the recurrent miscarriage clinic gave me extra scans in the first trimester to keep a close eye on me, and praise the Lord everything was ok and our miracle baby is now here. I don't know if the aspirin helped or if this time would have worked anyway, there is no way of telling, but I do know that even after having 3 miscarriages there is hope. I had started to give up hope after the 3rd loss, but dreams do come true they really do. I am so very sorry for your losses, it is soooo hard words can't say. Here in the UK they only test you for things after 3 losses (not that we got any answers anyway) but you could always pester your Dr for some tests now - blood clotting etc. We were told only 1% of women will suffer 3 miscarriages in a row, so the odds are in your favour for your next pregnancy and I wish you the healthiest happiest pregnancy and a lovely baby in your arms. Bless you xxx


Sam How - February 17

Hi alison, I'm from the uk as well. I live in South Wales. Thanks for replying, There was a article in the News of the world last sunday, about recurring miscarriages, Ive ripped it out and taking it to my doctor at my next appointment. Its only a blood test, So im hoping I can have it done. Glad to hear everything turned out fine for you. what was your experience of the nhs like when miscarrying, Mine was awfulXX


Alison - February 18

Hi Sam I hope you get on ok at your app with the doctor and you can get the blood test done. I know what it's like to be desperate for some answers. My experience of the NHS during my misacrriages wasn't too bad I felt they cared for me fairly well - I think alot of it depends how good your local maternity hospital is though. In ours there is a ward specifically for women going through losses it's called the Rubislaw ward. I stayed there overnight for all my miscarriages and the nurses cared for me and my DH well and were very sympathetic. It is at the other end of the hospital from the maternity wards thankfully though I did find it hard having to go for scans to check my uterus was empty after my losses as you have to wait in the same waiting room as all the pregnant women which was so hard knowing you had just lost your baby. I suppose I can think of things I wished could have been done differently in terms of my treatment but on the whole I was cared for well and I admired the staff on the Rubislaw ward for the empathy they showed despite the fact that they see women miscarrying several times a day (the ward is always full) The recurrent miscarriage clinic is within the maternity hospital too and they were good, but because their knowledge of what causes recurrent miscarriage and how to treat the causes is SOOO limited there was only so much they could do for us by giving us a few tests. There is so much still unknown about it. They did give me extra scans with my 4th pregnancy though in the early weeks which I was grateful for. I guess you didn't get very good care at your hospital? I am so sad to hear that it is so much to go through as it is I am so sorry. I am praying you have a lovely healthy pregnancy soon - take care and don't give up hope, be firm with your doctor and get the test done and I hope he looks after you xxx


Sam How - February 20

Hi Alison, I wish I lived near you, my local hospital was awful, every time i was in i was put on the maternity ward with the other pregnant mums. They decided after 6 weeks of heavy bleeding that they would do D&E, I was left in the corridor twice.I think all maternity units should have small wards for women who are miscarrying . Thank you for your kind words, Im soo glad i found this site, all the girls on here are so lovely and understand what your going through.


Kylie - February 20

Hi Sam. Yes there is hope! I had 2 miscarriages and now have a 4mth old son. After lots of blodd tests and other testing the dr couldn't find any reason why I miscarried the first 2 times. The 3 rd time I fell pg they gave me extra attention and scans to ensure all was well. My pg with my DS was trouble free although I was very nervous. I hope you heal from your losses and are blessed soon with a healthy pregnancy. xxxx


Alison - February 24

Sam I am so sorry for your losses. Here in the UK they only do tests after 3 miscarriages, I'm not sure where you are but I would ask about getting them done it's so hard having to wait for them when there is a chance they could provide some answers. Saying that though alot of the time they don't too so that will be a possibility, but I would ask about getting them done so you know. We had lots of tests after my 3rd miscarriage (no children at that point) and nothing showed up though the Dr did recommend trying baby aspirin as said was worth a try - whether it had a part to play no one can know, but thank the Lord my 4th pregnancy was successful and we now have a beautiful baby girl of 5 months - our answer to prayer. After the 3rd loss I was so afraid I would never love my dream of having a child of my own and was close to giving up hope - but it happened for us and can happen for you too. Get the Dr to do some tests, but even if nothing shows up remember it CAN happen, even after 3 is can happen so don't give up, and God bless you xxx



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