Anybody Know Of Any Tests

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Marie - June 9

im 33 with 1daughter whos 13, she is my 3rd time lucky angel, and i have had 5 misscarriages after her all together i have been pregnant 8 times . the pain still hurts so much the drs have never found out why this keeps happening to my husband and i . I want to keep trying but with my luck i know my chances are soooo slim of having a baby. My husband has been so great with support he doesnt want me to fall pregant again as i hurt . Does any body have any ideas why this keeps happening to me, i do not drink, take drugs or any thing i shouldnt all i want is a baby. Im so blessed with my daughter as there are many women who can't have any children . I ask my self every day why me? Why me ! Can any one reccomend any tests i can ask my dr, any information at all. Thanks....


Kara - June 10

Marie - What tests have you done so far? Have they done genetic testing on you for blood clotting disorders or the lupus gene? How about a biopsy of your uterine lining to check for hormone problems? There is a really great book that just came out called "A Few Good Eggs". Two women wrote the book. One of them couldn't get pregnant. The other one had one child then kept having miscarriages when trying for the second child. They list all the test you should expect from a specialist as well as some really heartwarming stories of their experiences. It at least would help you to figure out what your options are. Good luck.


marie - June 11

hi Kara, thank you for your reply it is very interesting, the tests i have had are the usual routine tests. My friend told me to see her dr and hes the 1st dr in 10 years to suggest the following tests for me( growth hormone- prolactin- tsh- acth- fsh- lh ) i have know idea what they are he did explain it to me but drs language is hard to understand, so im booked in on the 16th for those tests also hes given me a referal to see a gyni. The book "a few good eggs" i have found and am going to buy. Thank you so much im going to ask the dr for the tests you mentioned also. Again thank you


suzzie - June 17

dear marie, its time to let go . dont try to conceive anymore as you keep losing your bubs.


? - June 18

demand tests , ask questions.


katie to suzzie - June 22



suzzie - June 23

to katie from suzzie the poor girl obvisiouly keeps miscarring and she must be very depressed and hurt its easier to let go than keep getting more heartache


Kara - June 23

Suzzie -Hi. I haven't seen any postings from you other than here. What is your story? Please share. It might help others understand where you are coming from.


suzzie - June 23

to kara i have had 12 miscarriages and no children every loss hurts my husband left me and now has a family of his own its time to stop trying to have a family and get on with life i just started reading these posts and she reminded me of the hurt and pain you go through after every miscarriage i feel for her but its going to hurt more if she keeps trying without luck. im sorry if i offended people with my comments and to Marie it is your choice but heartache never heals


marie - June 29

hi im seeing the gyno tomorrow depending what he says or suggests my hubby and i have decided we will try once more for a baby. fingers crossed.


staci - June 29

I am so sorry for everyone's is so painful. I have suffered 2 m/c's in 4months this year, no babies yet for myself. I had some blood work done last week, checking my thyroid and ANA tests, autoimmune disorders and they came back normal so I am waiting for my doc to follow up and see what other tests she may recommend. Marie, are you seeing a specialist? please keep me posted, I too, am searching for the tests that I can make sure are done to check everything that may be causing these losses, thinking of you!


marie - July 2

hi , i saw the gyno on Thursday he's given me a Lupus blood test i go back in 3 weeks to receive the results and then see what i do from there.


staci - July 2

marie-what other tests have you had done? did you request the lupus test and how come it takes 3 weeks to get the results, that feels like eternity. take care


marie - July 4

hi staci_ the gyno requested the Lupus test i was going to ask him anyway also i had a Karyotype blood test to that test takes 2 weeks to come back thats why i have an appointment in 3 weeks, yes its a life time away i just want to know the results now so my hubby and i can see if the outcome is good, the gyno told me if i do fall pregnant from now till then to let him know asap so he can send me to an IVF clinic where they check your hormones daily to see whats going on in the blood stream. i will let you know of the results. Kara who responded up top had given me lots of questions to ask she was helpful as i never ask the doctors questions and now i am. I to wish you lots of luck and please keep me posted.


marie - July 13

Hi i saw the gyno today all my tests were normal , the Lupus test was normal every single test the gyno said we have tested for every thing the only thing we can do is wait till im pregnant again then he will refer me to the Reproduction clinic for hormonal support there they test your hormones daily maybe two or three times a day. so now i need to fall pregnant again so we are going to try and then i hope it goes well for us maybe 9th time lucky!! hope every one is well and Staci how did you go with your results? take care all



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