Anyone Bled During Pregnancy And Been Ok

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Katie - October 11

I have another question. Is there anyone out there that has bled during pregnancy and gone on to be ok and have their baby. I am waiting to find out if i have miscarried but wondered if there are people who have got through this and been ok? I started bleeding today bit watery but enough to warrant a tampon. Will find out Thurs am at scan if i have lost the baby. Will be my second mc!


Kim - October 11

Hi Katie: Sadly, my bleeding was the beginning of my m/c in June. BUT! I have heard of many women who bleed at different times throughout their pregnancy and they are just fine. In fact, the american pregnancy a__sociation says that 20-40% of women experience some bleeding in the first half of their pregnancies, and of those women, half go on to have perfectly healthy babies. Don't worry yet! Everything could be fine. I will think good thoughts for you and be anxious to hear that all is well. Keep me posted...


bec - October 12

Hi Katie, I had old blood (brown) with my first baby from 7 to 15 weeks, still blood but just not fresh and she is now 15 months old. I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant with my second and bled deep red blood at 5 weeks and heavily at 10 weeks. The docs could not find where the bleeding was coming from and fortunately it didn't end the pregnancy. If it is just blood and no clots then that is good as almost 1 in 3 women bleed in early pregnancy and go on to have healthy babies. However if you are pa__sing clots or pieces of pink or grey material that is probably a miscarriage occuring.


Amy - October 12

Katie -- I am on my third pregnancy. My second pregnancy ended in a m/c after bleeding at week 6 1/2 and 10 1/2. I lost the baby at 12 weeks (h/b stopped at 11 weeks and 5 days). However, I am now 21 weeks pregnant and I bled at 6 1/2 weeks - bright red blood and was sure I was losing the baby. However, everything is fine tha cause was unknown... I know it is scary but I also know a lot of woman that have bled during their pregnancies and had a healthy baby in the end. I wish you the best. Please keep us posted. xoxoxo


Amy - October 12

Katie - just so you know, I have a 5 other friends pregnant right now and all of us had bleeding in our first trimesters. One did have an infection that was causing the bleeding.. the rest of us had no "cause.". Hope you are getting through the day...xoxo


Julie - October 12

I have had both situations. I bled my entire pregnancy the first time. I went on to have a beautiful daughter at term. My second pregnancy, I bled a little heavier and it turned out I had a blighted ovum.



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