Anyone Conceived After MC Before AF Returned

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jadew2265 - May 9

I had a MMC last month and think I may be pregnant again as ive started to show symptoms. Took HPT but BFN. Went to see nurse this morning who informed that I could very well be pregnant but it is too early to test. If this is so then I can't see how I would have the sypmtoms yet but she said that becuase it was only a few weeks ago that I was pregnant and the hormones have not long left my body that they could rise more quickly this time if I were pregnant again. she has told me to wait until next week to test again!! Is there anyone else out there who has conceived after MC before their AF returned, and did you get symptoms very early on? If i'm not pregnant then I think i'm going mad!!


Chas - May 9

There are a few that have posted on here, that have in fact gotten preg. before af returned. I hope to be one of them soon! I am 3 weeks post d&c and ovulated last week. Hope to get my positive soon! Good luck to you and I hope you are pg again if that is what you want !!! ~


Chas - May 9

p.s. read the post - BFP??


Susan W - May 9

I got pregnant again 3 weeks to the day of my loss unexpectedly. I didn't have any pregnancy symptoms, but the things that clued me in was that a) I knew I had ovulated for the first time about the time DH and I fooled around and had a condom accident! b) I was due for that first AF 10-16 days after ovulation and it never showed up and c) I started to see the cervical mucus I produce while pregnant. I had taken an hpt at 14 dpo and it was negative, but a few days later, I got a postive. My midwife had given me an HCG quant order to use if I thought I needed it, and I used that one and called her for a second so I could have it measured again 48 hours later. But I didn't have any pregnancy symptoms until I was 9 weeks, those went away by 12 weeks, and I still don't feel or look pregnant at 15 + weeks but I definitely am. I have a complication, not related to the m/c, that means I have to visit a specialist every few weeks for an ultrasound in addition to seeing my midwife every month. Good luck!



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