Anyone Dealing W AF Right Now But TTC Join Me In The Wait

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Lynne - June 20

Hi ladies: Well I was almost a week late and AF decided to show her face today !! Darn Witch. Anyway just wondering if there are any others who hope to ttc and are waiting for af to leave so they can start again fresh? If so join me here!! I should (by O around the 7th of July. So here we go!! BTW I live in Tennessee, I am 30 been married a couple of years. We lost our baby boy last year on 08/31/05. I have an incompetent cervix and went into premature labor on 07/19/05 and delivered via emergent vertical cesarean section. Luke lived for a month, developed an infection in the NICU called NEC and passed on 08/31/05. I am coming up on my one year since his birth and I am anxious about it. I wish I had my baby, but unfortunately I don't. But I do look forward to being a mom soon I hope!!


Lavender - June 20

Hi Lynne-- I am so sorry to hear about your boy. <<HUGS!!!>> I just finished up af and will hopefully o somewhere between July 3-July 10th. I am kind of irregular so we will see. Looks like we will be able to wait together! I have some ovulation strips I get to use for the first time at the end of this month. This will be the first time dh and I ttc after our miscarriage--I had a dnc in April. The first time I got pg it was a surprise, but unfortunately we lost our little bean at around 5 weeks. What measures are your docs going to take for your cervix the next time around?


Lynne - June 20

Hi Lavender: I am sorry for your miscarriage, but happy you are ready to try again. I wish you lots of luck and fun :-) As for my c___ppy cervix, I will be having a cerclage placed between 12-14 weeks. I am going to talk to my peri about having two kinds. There is the Shirodkar and the McDondals cerclage. The Shirdokar is very high up and is more embedded in the cervix and the McDonald is kind of like a pursestring st_tch. I want one of each! We will see if I actually get it my way though. My hubby told me to stop tracking my ovulation, he feels too much pressure. So I am not going to tell him when I am ovulating and just get him to "do it". Ha!


jessie - June 20

Hi Lynne, so sorry for the loss of your boy I want to give you (((hugs))) too. I was actually taking a look at your thread although I finished up AF last week, just wanted to read and wasn't planning on posting untill I saw your comment about DH lol... I am Oing tomorrow and my DH is like yours, too much pressure? LOL... Men are too funny. So I say nothing says I'm Oing like a brazilian wax - think the movie Break Up with Jennifer Anniston lol... So tomorrow I have an appointment at the spa. Then all I have to do is let the towel drop lol and I am sure it will be mission accomplished!! Sorry if silly and TMI. Good luck Lavender and Lynne with ttc, I hope this month is your month! xx xx


Lynne - June 20

Hi Jessie: I like your plan!! I hope you are successful in sealing the deal!! ha. Never TMI here, we are women and we share, its our nature!! I wonder why we are always having to tip toe around dh's ego, and how can it be too much pressure? Oh well, we don't want them to get the "stage frights" so we just won't tell. And if they ask, "we don't remember when we are ovulating!!" --Good Luck. Keep us posted--L


Lynne - June 22

Hey Lavender: How are you?? My AF showed up a week late and she is VERY heavy and I am having cramping. Yuck. I don't want to lose touch with you!!


chandellina - June 22

Hi Lynne, Lavender and Jesse, sorry to hear about your losses but let's hope we all get lucky in July! i am on day 4 of af, my 3rd cycle since miscarrying in March at 8 weeks. I miscarried in Oct. too, also around 8 weeks. tests have all been normal so far so i'm hoping third time will be lucky. i live in London, England but I am American (grew up in Connecticut and Ma__sachusetts and lived in new york city before moving here 5 years ago). I have been married 4 1/2 years and am 36 (gulp).


Lynne - June 22

Welcome chandellina : I hope this is your month as well!! I am sorry that you miscarried in the past but glad all of your tests are normal. You live in London? How wonderful. Today is my 2nd or 3d day of AF. Ugh. Do you track your cycle by temp charting, etc? So far I have just been tracking my fertile cervical mucus, but if we don't get preggo in the next couple of months, then I will probably get the fertility monitor, etc. I tried taking my temp every morning, etc. but that became frustrating. I would wake up forget to temp, have to pee. Yadda, Yadda- Anyway-I look forward to getting to know all of you!! -L


LB - June 22

Hi ladies, i am currently on cd7 of my cycle and i am also on clomid due to pcos. I lost my son almost 10 months ago and have been trying to concieve ever since. I was 6 months along when i went into preterm labour and he was too small to survive. I have not gotten an answer as to why i went into labour so early so there is no clear cut path for me in my next pregnancy but i am willing to take the chance and hope for the best, they will just watch me closely and keep and eye for cervical length incase i do have an incompetant cervix as well they won't know til i get pregnant again. So fustrating, this is my third round of clomid and i am loosing hope on this drug as well. I didn't ovulate on 50mg so i was bumped up to 100mg and i did ovulate last month but didn't concieve so here we go again!


jessie - June 22

HI Lynne and Chandellina, nice to meet you ladies :) Lynne, my "plan" worked out fine lol... now it is the waiting and waiting. I am from Montreal Canada, been with DH 11 years (high school sweethearts awwwwww...). I will keep my fingers crossed for all of us this month! Lynne, I just check CM as well, and after a few months of ttc and not getting preggo I tried to use OPK's, and it rea__sured me because it matched up perfectly with the CM, so I was Oing when I thought I was. So I stopped using them, although it did make me feel productive a little to pee on a stick lol... I am a total test-a-holic :) Have a nice night ladies xx xx


jessie - June 22

LB we posted at the same time! I'm so sorry for your loss (((***hugs***))). Nice to meet you and I will keep my fingers crossed that this is your month too.


madison - June 22

hi everyone! i would like to join you all! i just got af today unfortunately. she was 3 days late and last month she was a week late! so i should be O'ing around july 8th sometime. i am 29, married 3 years, no children yet, live in texas. i m/c at 8 weeks in february and have had 3 cycles since- one was 29 days and the others were 37 and 31 days which is very unusual for me since i was very regular before my m/c. so i have been dealing with weird cycles and it's very frustrating as all of you know. this may be a stupid question, but do any of you know the answer to this: do you always ovulate 2 weeks before af? i'm asking because i got a positive opk on day 14 but then didnt get af until day 31, so that would mean i was supposed to ovulate around day 15 or 16 right? i am very sorry to hear about all of your struggles and losses. i am hopeful for us all! i would like to stay in touch and help eachother out, too. it's been a very emotional time for all of us!


LB - June 22

Hi Jessie! Madison! Jessie I am from Halifax NS, fellow cunuck! well I am starting to have some slight twinges in my ovaries so hopefully soon i will O... Madison sounds about right for your cycle, if you got a positive opk on cd14 than you would have probably ovulated 12-24 hours later and your lp is about right usually 14-16 days. On clomid my lp went from 14 days to 17 days , so long, and my period was so heavy with so much lining built up. We have all travelled a long journey and we will all have our happy endings! talk to you all later


Lynne - June 26

Well AF has finally tapered off. Just a little spotting so here we go. Thinking of going with the sperm meets egg plan, but my gosh that sounds like a lot of work. Don't get me wrong, s_x is great, but good Lord thats a lot of loving!!! Good Luck gals, glad to see you all!!! Jessie: how are you feeling? I am sending you sticky vibes!!!


chandellina - June 27

hi ladies, we are all getting closer to O - yay! i have some pee sticks i will start using in a day or 2. i used them for the first time last month and got a surge on CD12, so in line with my expected O on CD14. i have never temp'd because i wake up from 4 a.m. onwards and have trouble sleeping so it just wouldn't really work. i also check CM, though it seems that i have been having extra ewcm at odd times (like, during my period), ever since the last miscarriage. i started taking evening primrose oil last week and that also seems to be helping it. last time i got pregnant i took cough syrup but maybe won't bother this month since cm is apparent. i have been dreaming about babies all the time recently and i really hope this will be the month.


Lynne - June 27

LB: I was just reading your post about your early labor. I have been diagnosed with an incompetent cervix as well. I went into labor at 25 weeks. (Actually 24 but I had an emergent cerclage placed which only lasted 3 days as an infection set it and my water broke) My son was born at 25 weeks via emergent vertical csection. He thrived in the nicu but pa__sed on 08/31/05. (He was born on 07/19/05). I was having contractions on Friday and they were painless but I was dilating painlessly. I woke up bleeding and went to the ER. So my labor was premature labor but it was brought on by the dilating of my cervix. When I got to the er I was dilated to 4 or 5 cm. Does this sound similar at all to your experience? As I understand it, the key to incompetent cervix is the painless dilation. I am so sorry you too had to experience the loss of your precious little one.


LB - June 27

Hi that does sound like my situation, painless dialation. I was almost 10cm when i went into the hospital, and i had no bleeding though. I am so sorry for your loss as well. It is all so horrible everything we ladies have been through. I am on cd12 today and my opk has a faint positive on it, so i am hoping to ovulate in a few days, fingers crossed. I just hope we all get our bfp's soon!



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