Anyone Diagnosed With Low Progesterone

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Julie - May 9

I am curious about this. I m/c in March. Dr didn't really give me any thoughts about why, just happens (also I am 38 years old). But how is someone diagnosed with low progesterone. Since progesterone supports a pregnancy in the beginning, couldn't this be a big cause of miscarriages? Anyone had this or know anything about it? How did you get dianosed? What were the symptoms?


JoJo - May 9

Hi, My doc tested for progesterone levels when she took my blood to confirm pregnancy. My levels were a bit low, so she gave me a supliment. I still had a m/c .... that's all the info I know.


stacey - May 9

great question!


Julie - May 9

I have a call into my Dr. He seems to be pretty reasonable about stuff. I'll let you know on this post what happens...


dionne - May 9

i have abnormal uterine bleeding and my dr says it's because i have low levels of progesterone... so when i became pregnant 5 weeks ago he put me on prometrium to supplement my low levels... unfortunately today i miscarried. my dr. says when we are ready to try again to start back on the prometrium. i'd be curious to see what others have to say too....


Julie - May 9

Hi Stacey, JoJo and Dionne. I just talked to my Dr. who said that progesterone will help a very small group of people but won't hurt anybody, so it can't hurt. But my Doc doesn't really believe it helps except in certain cases (which he didn't get into because he said I didn't have them). Here's one thing he did tell me though...... He said that taking 1 baby aspirin a day can help support early pregnancy and prevent miscarriage. I asked him why that seems to help, he said "we have no idea, there's just been some studies that support that it does". Interesting huh? Certainly is a harmless theory.......Ianyone else heard of this?


stacey - May 9

I have actually heard people on this site discuss that before. Dionne, sorry for your loss!


staci - May 10

I have heard that the baby aspirin may help with pg's. a friend of mine took it ever since her 2nd m/c it is supposed to help with the unterine lining...I am not on it but my doctor did say that it wouldn't hurt to take it while ttc after our m/c but I became pg right after m/c so I didnt have the time to take it, now I am on prometrium 400 mg at night - doctor said it doesnt hurt the baby so why not try it...I am still awaiting my first u/s next week to tell me how far along I am, they think only like 3 or 4 nervous that I willm/c again. scared!


playbunniez - December 2

i just diagnosed with low progesterone and my hubby and i want to have a kid, and my doctor said that haveing low progesterone dosn't effect fertiliy, it just causes misscarriages, and still won't perscribe anything to help me out. I have tried to look online for information, but it has only keft me overwhelmed and stressed. I have been having unprotected s_x for 7 years and have NEVER gotten pregnant, which was the reason i went for the test that resulted in the low progesterone diagnosis. does anyone have some advise or tips for me?? thanks


Alicia1984 - March 8

After 7 miscarriage and tons of tests that yeilded me & my DH "healthy" I self diagnosed myself with low progesterone and conviced my Dr. that I had been seeing for years of the same. After seeing 3 differendt Doctor's No one could find anything wrong and kept trying to push IVF on me... so i decided to take my fertility into my own hands and started reading which led me charting my tempature and taking opk tests and I found out I ovulated way to close to my next cycle. I have always had long and/or irregular cycles...sometimes I wouldn't get my cycle for 2 months, then my Dr. would have to prescribe something to bring it down. I had to remind him of this and finally got him to agree to take a progesterone test which came back crazy low! He prescribed me Clomid and I am now pregnant after the first round (I ovulated really early) now I'm praying that my little bean sticks. I had my first betas done and my progesterone was 25! thats the hightest it has ever been during any of my pregnancies..I also told him that I prefer to be on Progesterone even though my numbers look good. I go back tonight for follow-up blood work to see if my HCG is doubling...if everything goes well I will be asking for a Progesterone prescription on Monday. BTW..I already have a daughter (she is 18 yrs old) I'm 36, and I am also taking baby asparin.



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