Anyone Due To O This Week Wanna Wait With Me

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buffy2297 - May 10

I suffered a missed M/C on 6th Jan 06 where i had a D&C. I was 9 weeks but the baby had died at 7 weeks. I then had a 2nd natural M/c on 30th March I was only 5 weeks. I'm due to ovulate tomorrow (11th May) according to my OPK and my AF is due 25th May. Anybody out there also still TTC that wants to share your experiences with me and wait out those BFP's?


MarcyM - May 10

Buffy I’ll wait with you…I’m 99% sure I O’d 2 days ago, now I’m waiting to test. It seems like we’re always waiting doesn’t it? Here’s our story: At the beginning of February I went into early labor and delivered our daughter 20 weeks early…as I’m sure you know 20 weeks is just too early, she lived for a little over an hour. We were anxious to conceive again as I’m 34 and concerned about “wasting” too much time. After my first AF mid-March we started ttc and got good news….very faint good news, but we were indeed pregnant. The blood test confirmed it, unfortunately the second blood test delivered the bad news….this was a Chemical Pregnancy and I would start miscarrying soon, April 21 I started bleeding. Do you chart your temps? Wishing a BFP for all of us! ~Marcy


Morrison1 - May 10

Hi Buffy and Marcy - I am sorry for your losses. I am glad to see both of you up and at'em again! I m/c on Feb 17 and waited one cycle and got pg again. I m/c a second time on April 27th and am now getting ready to o again (temps haven't risen, but there has been ewcm, so I am guessing in the next few days). Both m/c happened just under the 6 week mark. I haven't seen my doc or started any of the regular follow-up testing, but plan on doing the FSH and Prog tests as well as anything else she suggests. I am, however, going to try to get this done without doing clomid or other drugs. I am seeing an acupuncturist tomorrow and hope to use both the Western medical diagnosis AND the acupuncture together to help me hold on to a baby. I am 36, and gotta tell ya, I don't feel like waiting too long before ttc again. Luckily, so far, getting pg doesn't seem to be the problem, but staying that way does. Anyway...I hoping to be working on a BFP maybe next cycle...but would be happy to root you ladies on in the meantime! Baby dust!


buffy2297 - May 10

I agree in the always waiting! Waiting to O waiting to test, waiting for that BFP Arrrgh waiting. I'm 33 like you hoping time isn't running out. My Dh and I will Bd again tonight and then I will be waiting for AF or that BFP we are strive for. My 2nd M/c was a chemical pregnancy. I'm at the stage at the moment where I can't bare to be near pregnant women. Yesterday I was having my nails done when a pregnant lady came in. She was huge, only to discover that she was due I the same day I would of been due with my first. It took all my will power to keep it together. I'm waiting for a specialist appointment on 26th May as I think I have low progesterone, I'm hoping I'm Pg by then!! Thank you for joining me in the wait. I do post on another thread with a bunch of lovely ladies but most of them are PG now and they mainly talk about symptoms etc... It's hard for me to respond when I have nothing to compare it to. I will still post there as it's nice to keep up with them and see that they are all doing well. I just needed somewhere else to chat and not just about pregnancy but TTC. So heres to waiting and those BFP's.....:0)


tucker12 - May 11

I will wait with you guys! I ovulated on the 10th and am now in the 2ww. I had a m/c in Feb. and then a chemical last month....I also have an appointement with a specialist next week to go over HSG and s____n tests. I am 25 and have been TTC since August. Marcy, morrison and buffy I am very sorry for all of your losses. We all seem to have alot in common...we really need some sticky baby dust this month!!


chandellina - May 11

hi ladies, can i join you? i am in the 2 week wait too. I am on CD21 but i'm not sure when i o'd. my body is sending me strange signals - super fertile looking CM for the past 6 days amid light o spotting and bleeding CD14-19. this is my second cycle since miscarrying in March. i also miscarried in october, both times at 8 weeks. the 1st stopped developing around 6 weeks while the second died around 7w 4d just a week after we saw a heartbeat. i've recently had blood taken for testing so am hoping that might reveal something that can be easily treated, like a clotting disorder. lmorrison, i'm also 36 so am acutely aware of time pa__sing. my husband, who is 31, wasn't ready to start trying until last summer and now it kills me that we're a year on and no closer to a baby and that we could have started a lot sooner. (married in 2001) morrison - i'm curious about your accupuncture - how did it go?


buffy2297 - May 11

Thanks ladies for joining me in this waiting game. Well got my last BD in last night. Fertility friend says timing was good and chances are high so we will see. So now just the waiting. TUCKER we are only a day difference in our cycle. How long is your cycle? MARCY no I don't chart temps, I move around to much when I sleep. I just go with the OPK's which has been accurate so far. MORRISON I take it you're waiting this month? I didn't try last month because DH and didn't want a xmas baby and I'd had a chem PG and I wanted a month off. CHANDELLINA, I spot at the end of my cycle and have doen since I M/C the first time. I think mine is down to low progesterone but I'm waiting for my speacialist appointment to do some tests so I'll know more on 26th May.


Cerulean - May 11

Hey Buffy, I have a question. You mentioned that you use fertility friend, but don't chart your temps. I have just started using it (entered af so far) and hadn't planned on charting my temps, but it hasn't given me an expected ovulation date. If you don't mind me asking, what info do you enter into it? I am very new to all this and thought I would start charting now even though I am not TTC right away after the m/c. Thanks!


MarcyM - May 11

Buffy--The day spa most be the haven for pregnant women, I had a similar experience as you...except the nail tech was the one who was pregnant. I know she was just making conversation, but she asked questions about do you want another baby and when..I finally just came out and said I was due in June and delivered early. I know I should have just kept it to myself, but sometimes people have no idea how those questions can strike a nerve! I have to tell you I'm getting so anxious...I'm ready to POAS but it's too early. I need to something to keep me occupied. ANy one else getting anxious?


tucker12 - May 12

Will you guys please check out my chart. I got 2 positive OPK's this month...and the dip on 4 DPO makes me think that is the day that I ovulated...what do you think????


deltabwa - May 12

Hi tucker - sorry to jump on your thread girl but im sucha chart stalker Tucker - i think you o'd on the day FF said. You have a pattern of dips Post-O. So IMO, FF was right. The other reason i tink that is cuz your temp didn't spike after that dip on 4dpo. if it was O, it woulda gone up a bit more. I didn't realize you had a bfp last month... so sorry... not sure how I missed that. Good luck this month!


MarcyM - May 12

Tucker- I agree with looks like maybe an Implantaion dip on 4DPO (???). Please come back and keep us posted! What is your screen name on FF....I'll look for you there. How about you Delta?


deltabwa - May 12

Marcy im not on FF anymore, well i am but not charting anymore. got a bfp last month.


tucker12 - May 12

Hey delta and Marcy thanks for checking that out for me....I will definatley keep everyone posted on how this weird cycle turns out. Maybe tmi...but yesterday I noticed a huge amount of thick cm...whick i have only noticed on cycle where i have concieved...could be a good sign. I don't think I have a screen name on FF?? Marcy are you 3 DPO?? At least the weekend is the next 3 days will fly by...and we will be that much closer to the end of the 2ww.


Morrison1 - May 12

Hey all ~ Tucker...I have no clue what that second dip be honest, it seems a bit early for an implantation dip as it takes a few days for the egg to even get down to the uterus, but I would say that FF is right about the day you ovulated. Are you SURE that second opk was really a positive? Remember, the test like has to be as dark as or DARKER than the control line with those things as we have the LH hormone in our body all the time, but the surge only happens just before o. Buffy ~ sorry about the spa thing. I feel the same way about Target (maybe a dumb question, but do you have them there?). Anyway...every time I go, there are pg women everwhere. And, I understand wanting a new thread. I love my other thread too though...they are awesome. Anyway, to answer your question, yes...I am waiting this month. I am actually ready to o, or just o'd yesterday. My temp spiked today, but not HUGE, so if it stays high for the next day or two, I should be able to see a clear o yesterday. Since the last m/c, that would be CD18 for me, which is a little later than normal but not surprising with waiting for the hcg to drop. The appt. with the acupuncturist went great. Long and short of it is my diagnosis with my acup. supported my gut instinct that I have a luteal phase deficiency and bad cirulation, which are working together to keep me from holding onto the babies. Anyway...had treatment #2 yesterday, will be ttc next cycle, which should be around the end of this month. I will see my regular ob today, as well, and see what she says and decided whether I will have the basic blood tests as well. Good luck to you three (Buffy, Marcy, Tucker) heading into your be honest, I am kinda glad I am not in it but can sit back and cheer you on. Easy peasy.


buffy2297 - May 12

CERULEAN, about FF I remember I had to enter how many days my cycle was I can't rememer if it estimated ovulation date. If you are not going to temp you need to use OPK or enter that you have the day before you think you ovulate. otherwise it won't do an a___lysis or interpretation of your chart, BD timing etc. I'm sure it estimated my ovulation by the cycle days that I put in. Sorry if I don't make sense. If you go to settings and then charting options fill in what you know. Then go to the bottom to Default detector and enter what method you are using to detect ovulation. Hope this helps.


buffy2297 - May 12

TUCKER I looked at your chart it's abit early for implantation. It takes at least 6 to 10 days to get to the uterus before implanting. Heh but you never know. Lets hope. BABY DUST TO YOU



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