Anyone Else Had A Miscarriage Nov 6 Please Reply

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Landi - January 15

I'm jus lookin for someone whos went thro the same thing i did. This was my 2nd lost in a year. My 1st miscarriage was Dec.6 2005 my 2nd was Nov.6 2006. This one was really hard tho. My dr was a quack. I told him about the 1st misarriage and that i was worried he jus blowed it off and said it was anc. history. And i lost this baby. i didn't have to have a d&c. I've got my af back i got it back Dec .18. So today i'm expecting my af. We want to get pregnant again were just so scared. Please someone reply


Ella82 - January 16

Hi Landi i am so sorry about your losses. My first pregnancy ended in a natural m/c on Nov 6. 06 i will never forget that date. It was a missed m/c i was 10 weeks 5 days and my baby was 6 weeks 1 day. The m/c was kind of expected i had a scan at 8wks 1 day and baby measured 6 weeks 1day, they said to come back in two weeks i had a scan the baby hadn't grown, i went to see my doctor the next day he said i should m/c over the weekend and advised against a d&c well the weekend pa__sed and i hadn't m/c'd I called him on the monday he scheduled another scan to see what was happening. All of monday i had terrible cramps, that afternoon i was at the radiologist waiting for my scan the pain was unbearable i went to the bathroom and pa__sed most of the tissue thank God dh was with me. I got my first af 5wks 1day after the m/c (dec 12) and we decided to try again i tested a couple of days ago and now i am 5 weeks pregnant. I am seeing my doctor next monday to get a blood test and will ask him to take another one 2days after to make sure the hcg is doubling i will then ask for a scan around 9weeks.I am thrilled that i am pregnant again and feel lucky that it happened soon. Im terrified but i have told myself to stay positive and take it one day at a time. Its so hard cos you really have no control over what happens i pray every day to the Lord thanking him that he has blessed me with another baby and pray that i will have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby to hold in my arms. It makes me feel so much better. I wish you all the best with ttc again and i hope you will soon be pregnant and have a beautiful healthy baby x


nicole-7 - January 20

Hi Landi so sorry to hear about your loss, i also lost on nov 21st this was my 3rd loss in a row.We were going for our first ultra sound and we were really excited because we had made it to 12wks but there was no heart beat, my baby had died at 9wks.Ive just been for a follow up after blood tests and one of the levels of antibodies were elevated so ive been told to try asprin.Im happy that they have found a slight problem but i am also really frightened about trying again.It is so hard and takes such a long time to get over a loss.But give yourself time,im sure we will both get there in the end take care and i wish you all the best.



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