Anyone Ever Have A Tubal Pregnancy Please Share Your Story

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dionne - May 15

i went back to the dr. friday to confirm my blood levels were dropping... but they were rising. they did a sonogram and we saw a heartbeat... but in my left fallopian tube. they rushed me to surgery and took out my tube (and baby) because it was destroyed. anyone else ever have this and lose a tube? please share you story with me. dionne


Allie - May 15

Hi Dionne: I had emergy surgery after my pregnancy ruptured my tube almost 2 months ago - it was a horrifying experience. The pain was unbelievable, and losing my child isn't somthing I'm sure I will ever fully recover from. We are ttc again now, and I spend half of the time terrified we wont be able to, and the other half terrified we'll end up with another ectopic pregnancy.


dionne - May 16

allie, thank you so much for responding. it's only been 2 days since my sugery. i can barely move i'm so sore everywhere... i too am anxious to conceive again...but am scared i won't be able to with only 1 tube and that i might have another one and lose my other tube. what has your dr. told you about your chances of conceiving again and having a normal pg? do you have any other children? and if you don't mind my old are you? i am 31.


Allie - May 16

Hi Dionne. My dr. is very hopeful that we will be able to concieve again. She checked out the left tube (right is now gone) during surgery and said that it looked great, so she doubts a repeat ectopic will happen (although I will still get very close monitoring when I am pregnant again). From everything I have read, your chances of having another tubal are LESS if you have the tube removed than if they manage to save it (b/c it would be damaged and scar tissue could cause another tubal) - however, it will be harder to concieve unless you also lost your ovary (b/c you have to ovulate on the side of your existing tube for a pregnancy). We started trying as soon as the dr gave the all clear, and I had my first period 30 days after the surgery. I was unable to get out of bed on my own for days after the surgery, and stayed on close to bed rest for a week, then still took it pretty easy - don't try and go back to everything too early - I tried that and set myself back. I am 28 years old, and this was my first pregnancy. I do have two wonderful children from my husbands first marriage, and I couldn't love them more if they were my own...but I didn't know them as babies, so this truly was my first baby, even though I've been blessed with two stepchildren. We were trying to concieve, as I have always wanted a baby, and my husband was happy to add to our family. I am right now waiting to find out if our ttc has worked (14 DPO today) - I will say that I know longer am having any physical discomfort as a result of the surgery. I hope you have a lot of people surrounding you right now - that is what helped me most, having loving people around...


dionne - May 17

how long did you guys ttc before the tubal? we tried for 8 months. were so excited and then just crushed! we are going to wait 3 cycles before we try again. i'd love to keep in touch and see how things work out for you. we have very similar stories. this was my 1st pregnancy too. email me directly if you think it will be easier to keep in touch that way. [email protected]


Allie - May 17

I just e-mailed you, I would love to keep in touch! We werre very lucky the first time, conceived after 4 months (we started trying as soon as we married); Are you waiting to try again for physical or emotional reasons? Some of my family encouraged me to wait (for both), but I just keep thinking about all the waiting while ttc (not likely to happen 1st month); so I talked with my husband and he decided that it was up to me when we tried again, as long as I had the ok from the dr. One thing that we haven't mentioned is our husbands reactions - my husband had a really hard time, not b/c of the loss of our child, but b/c he saw me almost die (it was pretty close for a while); he still hasn't really mourned the baby - for him, it wasn't all that real, and in the end it almost took me he has a hard time understanding when I am still emotional - he feels we can try again for a baby, but there is only one me (which is wonderful, but hard to accept when in a really emotional moment). Are you feeling any better? I hope they've got you on some good drugs :) I couldn't have made it the first 2 weeks without the pain killers...and I slept about 70% of the time.


Cami - May 19

Wow, I am sorry to hear both of your stories, tubals are the worst to go thru, I have had 3 and just had the last treatment for the 3rd 2 weeks ago, My husband and I were so excited aswell as this would be our first child together. I too only have my left tube left and only left ovary aswell. My last tubal ruptured... You can still get pregnant with one tube and my doc told me that I dont have to wait any amount of time... Just make sure you pay close attention if you think you may be pg so you can have a HCG done right away..... chances on having another tubal after one are higher. it's unfortunate but there is always prayer. If you do happen to have another there is a methotrexate shot instead of surgery if you catch it in time... I will be praying for both of you. I have a very health 10 year old and there is nothing like expierncing child birth...


dionne - May 19

thanks for your post cami. i guess the last two tubals you had were caught early enough to get the shot? how did they catch is so early to avoid surgery? my dr. kind of told me that it's really hard to catch all that early... i don't know. i'm having a bad day today i guess!!!


Dionne - May 20

The last 2 were caught too late but this 3rd one was caught earliy enuff. As soon as u think u may be pregnant start getting HCG levels done. they can find out quickly. Fortunately with the last one my hcg never got over 284 so there was no chance of rupturing my last tube. It's very scary!!! Especially when you only have one left!


Cami - May 20

oops that last one was ment for you Dionne not from u sorry ;)


sara - May 21

Just wondering.....How high do your hcg levels have to get in order to rupture a tube?? Anyone have an idea??


Cami - May 21

Sara, My doctor says they don't worry till between 2000 and 2500 but, I have read articles where they have been much higher than that b4 they ruptured.I believe at 2000 they should be able to see the sac in the uterus!


Allie - May 21

At 6 weeks my levels were 1600; when I ruptured at 11 weeks my levels were already down to around 600...don't know how high they went before falling, as my dr. wasn't mornitoring me at all.


sara - May 22

Thank you both for your responses. My Dr. told me generally the same thing but I just wanted to know what other people had for info. Best of luck to you!


kris - May 23

Mine ruptured at 16,000. I didn't know I was pregnant though. I had been nursing my son. No idea how far along I was. I just had my second tubal, and Dr. said although rare, they have been known to rupture with HCG's as low as the 100's. That's what is so scary about them. They are so unpredictable. This time with low HCG's not doubling, I got a shot of Methotrexate when I was in the 500's. even though they could not find the pregnancy. I didn't want to take a chance that it would rupture this time. I almost died last time and lost my left tube.



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