Anyone Have A Miscarriage After Two Healthy Babies

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Tara - June 17

I have two children and had two wonderful pregnancies. On April 1 2005 I took a hpt and was pregnant with our third. We really wanted this baby and were so excited. At 12 weeks found out baby had no heartbeat and I had a D&C a week later. I was shocked after having two easy pregnancies. I had a cesarean with my second and it took along time to heal from that was wondering if there was anyone else who had a miscarriage after having other pregnancies?I would like to try again after I get my first period.


jue - June 17

Hi tara, I have 2 sons aged 13 yrs and 16 yrs, i had a m/c last dec and a second m/c on 5th june. with my first m/c I never knew I was pg until I lost it, but this time I found out 19 days past ovulation, me and hubby were over the moon, then at 6.5 weeks I started to bleed heavy and lost it. but We are trying again. this m/c hit me very hard and i spent last week in tears and only managed to stop crying at the weekend. we are now waiting for next af to start ttc again. good luck, the pain does ease and having 2 healthy children already has helped me come to terms with our loss.


Amy - June 17

Tara i had 3 healty babies and lost #4 but we are pg agian with no af in between so i'm alittle a___l right now


Elyse - June 17

yes i did i had my first son at 16 then the other son at 21 two really good pregnancies no problems then found out in early feb 05 i was expecting again 10 yrs after the last my self and my husband were really looking forward it was like starting all over again. really felt rough from the beginning felt somthing was wrong. i went for scan i was 5wks by sacn date and 9/10 wks my dates they told me to come back 2wks later i never made it i started to bleed almost straight away only small amount for two weeks then i had the m/c and in my eyes it was worse than labour and the emotional after effects were the worst to deal with. good luck all.


Tara - June 17

I am so sorry for your losses. I was given a drug cytotec to help me progress my miscarriage so I could do it naturally. I had contractions just like labour and bled a lot. It was so painful ,I pa__sed the fetus at home.I bled so much I was pa__sing out.My husband rushed me to emergency and they said I had low blood pressure, anemic and going into shock. I had to have a D&C to stop the bleeding. Everyone thinks because I have two children that Ive already been blessed and I shouldent be so greedy with wanting three. My husband and I really want three and Im terrified of going through this again,but its a chance I have to take .I love being a mom! I pray we all get to enjoy our next pregnancy. I can't believe I am looking forward to af, so we can start trying again.


elyse - June 18

hi, tara sorry for your loss, i know just what you mean 1 week after my m/c i went to family party where ispoke to my cousin his wife had recently m/c too after1 healthy baby prior, he aproached me and i said how sorry i was for there loss he replied to me "your ok you already have two" i was so shocked at his reply from my own cousin who had been in my shoes a few weeks earlier. i bit back and said "does that take away the pain then" and what ive been through no i don't think so you never get over it the pain is the same as anyones who has m/c and it dose'nt mean its any easier already having two children. why shouldn't we have more if we want them i love my boys and would have loved my little one too.You tell anyone who thinks you have enough that is it your choice, your life you raise them you love them. sorry to vent but that kind if satement from other people really gets my goat. Good luck anyway, let us know.


jue - June 18

Hi elyse, I know what you mean about the comments from people, I have 2 sons (both teenagers now) and i have just had my second m/c, the pain is just as real if not more so for those who have children as we know what we have lost, those who have never had children have the loss of a baby but no idea of all the extras you get with a normal full term pg and labor and then holding that precious little bundle for the first time. I am mourning the loss of my unborn and the loss of the rest of my pg, labour and the end result. sorry to get on my soap box and I honestly don't mean to upset anyone. I m/c last week at 6.5 weeks and I knew I was pg for 2.5 weeks before I lost it, the pain is getting less and most of my pg symptoms have gone. i am now waiting for my next ovlution so we can start ttc again. brightest blessings to all.


jo - June 18

Hi Tara, Im so sorry to hear of your loss. I also have two other children, one 7 year old and one nearly 2. I lost my baby april 24th. Its doesnt matter how many children you already have the pain from losing a baby is the same for any women. I have been through hell with my pain, im not so bad now but i still get bad days. Time is a great healer. I to am hoping to fall pregnant soon. ive had my first period so i am waiting on news. I wish you luck take care x


jojo - June 18

hi tara i have 2 boys 8 and 11. I lost a baby at 16 weeks pregnant in nov/04. And god was it hard i just did'nt get it why. well if this helps i got prenannt 5 months later and now i am 12 weks and every thing seem good. just hang in there it very hard not a day goes by i dont think of my angel in heaven .


Tara - June 19

congrats jojo on your pregnancy, it gives me hope that maybe Ill be able to have anouther. This has been a never ending thing for me I produced b___stmilk 3 days after D&Cand now I am fighting a bladder and kidney infection. I told my husband I just wish I was still pregnant and we didn't have to go through this. I think its still hard even when you have other children. I thought after you see the heartbeat and you make it past the 3 months things are going to be good. We told our 4 year old and she was so excited and then it was so hard telling her that the baby was in heaven. She make comments that she loves the baby and maybe god will give us anouther one. She is so young if we become pregnant again I don't think we will tell her until Im sure that things will be ok. I bought some maternity clothes and decided not to return them, I think we will will start trying after I get my first period. I think there is nothing wrong with having a big family, if thats our dream then we have every right to go for it. I pray god will bless all of us .


cabbie - June 20

I have two beautiful children. I had two easy pregnancies that ended with very easy c sections. Then I miscarried twice, two months apart. I am now pregnant again. I did not worry like this with my first two pregnancies, but I am psycho with worry during this one.



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