Anyone Have A Premature Rupture Of Membranes

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sarah - March 9

we just moved here to florida and I was 18 weeks pregnant and my water broke! After no fluid level and 5 days on bed rest I was indused and delivered a boy! NOW i dont want this to happen again and was wondering if anyone has a simmilar story and what happened after? MY pathology report showed NOTHING wrong with the baby or the placenta so Im thinking my cervix dialated prematurally? I want to talk to someone else who knows anything about this!! THANKS:) SARAH


sharon - March 10

Hi sarah, I too had a baby at 18 and a half weeks, a little girl. I went into labour and my water broke an hour later, my daughter was born shortly after. For me it was caused by bleeding throughout the whole pregnancy which ultimatly lead to an infection which caused my water to break. If they didnt find an infection when they did a post mortem then maybe u have an incompitant cervix. I dont know a lot about it but i know that they give u a st_tch in yr cervix to keep it closed when pregnant next time. Im really sorry for yr loss i know how completely devestating it can be.


louise.u.k - March 16

i was in the same situation as you ruptured membranes at 18 weeks .stayed pregnant till 23weeks and 6 days but had a ma__ssive infection which caused labour.had a boy 1 pound 12 ounces .placenta was fine but on an early scan they detected an amniotic band which possibly could of weakened the membranes.once your waters have gone the risks of you getting an infection is much babys lungs were small as he was unable to breathe the fluids to allow his lungs to fully develop,this was seen on an earlier scan and if the lungs had not continued to grow properly then when he was born even if i was full term his lungs would not of been able to cope and he would of died regardless.


Sarah - March 31

Hi Sarah, I have just come home from hospital after having to deliver a baby boy born on Easter Monday. I was 22 weeks pregnant when my waters began to leak, after being hospitalised and a course of antibiotics, my little boy was born at 23 weeks and 3 days old, no sign of life on delivery. I know exactly how you must be feeling. My pregnancy and scans had been completely normal, showing no problems, a complete mystery. Perhaps my consultant will come up with some answers. I do have a little girl already, Katie, who is 3, so we will keep trying and hopefully this won't happen again. Take care Sarah. xx



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