Anyone Have Recurrent Pregnancy Loss 3 Or More Times

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Kristi7-27-09 - December 31

I've had 5 miscarriages in the past 5 years and one successful pregnancy (my son is now 2). The doctor's say it's because I'm 43 years old and the quality of my eggs have declined. I've had about every test done possible and I am in good health, so this is their conclusion. I would like to talk to someone who is having similiar problems.


deniseb - December 31

Hi Kristi, your situation sounds very sililar to mine. I have had 5 mc's. I have a 6 yr old son. Just like you, I had all testing done and they could find nothing wrong except for the conclusion of aging eggs. I am 40 in June. All of my losses had abnormalities (trisomies) which is typically a indication of aging or "bad eggs". Every month is like Russian Roulette as you don't know when a good egg will come forth. But I did get lucky this past summer and I am currently 30 weeks pregnant. I can hardly believe it, I had all but given up. Doc's kept telling me to keep trying and I would eventually get lucky, well that's easier said than done and that's half the battle. I hope you get lucky this coming year, best of luck to you.


LindaS - January 3

I am not in your age group, and I've given birth to seven children so I am a bit different. However, I will be 33 in a month and I've just suffered my 5th m/c in the last 19 months. My new DH(we celebrated our 1st anniversary on Oct 31, 2008) and I had tried for 19 months before we got a more positive pregnancy. We lost our baby at 9 weeks along on the 30th of December 2008. I have no idea why we are having problems getting pregnant nor why we can't seem to keep a viable pregnancy. This child is the only one who made it past about 4 weeks along in all of our pregnancies. This pregnancy was helped along by our 2nd round of clomid. Apparently, it didn't matter if we took drugs or not. We are in misery. I'm not sure if we will have our biological child together...ever :( I hope you have better luck soon!!! Baby dust to you! I'm sorry for your losses. HUGS!


Kristin72 - January 4

Hi Kristi,Denise, and Linda, I too feel your pain. I am 41 have had 3 losses in the last year and 5 in total. I also have a 2 year old. I am pregnant for the 3rd time tin 4-5 months. I am very early on only 14 dpo's so who knows how things will progress. I have yet to do my first beta on Monday. My last pregnancy in Nov ended early on (4w3d)so they termed it a chemical pregnancy. The one before that I had a D&C from a missed mc on Oct 8th and I was 8w5d. The heart just never started beating. In Sept '07 I had an ectopic. This was very scary and I had to take misprostol to terminate the pregnancy. I gave birth in Nov 26 '06. Dec '05 I had a missed miscarriage at 13w6d. FEll preg with my daughter 1 cycle post the D&C after that. The heart just stopped beating and the baby stopped growing at 11w5d. Like you I have had several tests done. Everything seems great on the tests. My fsh was 6 and the time b4 was 4. Everything else seems fine. Because of my recurrent loss my doc prescribed Progesterone suppositories this cycle to be taken 2dpo's. So I am now pregnant again. (I can hardly beleive it) Nervous as all heck, but hoping this is my lucky egg. Like Denise mentioned if you have the stamina..a good egg will eventually come your way. That said it does not take away the heart ache of all these losses. For me my dh does not feel my pain. He is 6 1/2 years younger and thinks I am a preggo machine. I just can't seem to keep them. I wish you all the best. I am hopeful things may be ok this time..but I guess I will have to wait and see. All the best to all of you...and again I am sorry for your recurrent losses. :)


deniseb - January 22

Kristin, how are you doing?


eaglelady2009 - January 23

Hi Kristi.. I have had 3 mis...two were abormalities.. they say my fsh is too high- 13. Am trying acupuncture and Chines herbs as well as other things.... we'll see. it is tough. The third one was due tomorrow... I need support too. Eaglelady. My family doesn't have a clue.


sdempsey - January 23

Hi I've had 4 miscarriages in last 2 yrs. I have no children i am 34 yrs old and have had investigations done bloods tests, every test came back clear no problems... I fell pregnant last november but at 6 weeks i had complete m/c. We are now waiting for referrel to a specialest to see if anything else can be wrong... It's such a depressing time i feel like i losing hope that it will never happen for us...My boyfriend is so positive i wish i could be like him he believes it will happen eventually....



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