Anyone Have Success After 3 Or More M C S

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Kristine - May 15

I am looking for hope after 3 consecutive m/c's. I've had bloodwork and it's been normal so far. I went on baby aspirin and progesterone for my 3rd but still miscarried. I'm waiting for my cycle so I can have a sono of my uterus and bloodwork on my ovaries. I am 34 and time is ticking :-( ............Has anyone had a successful pregnancy before or after having 3 or more m/c's?


iakram - May 16

Hi Kristine - I'm so very soory for your losses. I thought 1 MC was bad - nothing compared to your 3. I did want to share some hope with you. My cousin has 3 live children but has also had 5 MC's. They were pretty much after her 1st to and before her 3rd. The Dr's really couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. But she did end up having a beautful little girl. I wish you all the best hon my thoughts are with you.


Kristine - May 16

That is encouarging,,,,,,,,,,, what I needed to hear. Thank you :-)


pink_roses - May 16

kristine, DH's colleague's wife is currently pregnant with her 1st baby. she is 19 weeks and is in her late 30s. she had 3 m/c prior to this and just kept trying. you can do this. my thought are with you.


Kristine - May 16

Hi Rachel!!! Did they ever find out her problem?


pink_roses - May 16

i'm not sure. her DH knew i m/c and was talking to my DH one day. he has since asked us to have dinner sometime when i am ready. i am sure i will find out when we do since she is a physician and he was very encouraging when he talked to my DH. he was telling him about how lots of people in the department (they are academics so they tend to be older when ttc) have had miscarriages and now have kids. i will let you know if/when i find out.


katycali - May 16

Kristine, my situation sounds similar to yours. I am 33 and just found out yesterday that I have a blighted ovium. This will be my 4th m/c. I'm hoping to hear some positive stories as I'm thinking I may have to throw in the towel...I'm not sure if I can emoitionally handle another m/c.


Kristine - May 17

Katy, What a pretty name. My grandfather used to call my mother that. ....................Have they told you the causes of your previous m/c's? Have you had testing? I am devestated at 3, nevermind 4. It is so emotionally tragic, it is just not fair to endure this heartache.


CKSAN - May 17

Kristine, I have lost three and am now successfully pregnant with a healty boy (21 weeks). This will be my second child. I have a little boy who will be 3 in August. I lost the pregnancy when my son was 9 months old. The second 9 months after that, and the last one 6 months after that. All very heartbreaking and frustrating. 2 months after my last (and hopefully final) miscarriage I was pregnant again. I am 30. What tests have they done? Have they run the genetic tests yet? I pray that they find something. My sister in law has had 3 miscarriages and they can't find anything. It is all so frustrating. I know.


mani30 - May 17

hi.. I have had 5 m/c so far and ttc again this month. I have had extensive testing done but nothing came up. i though know 2 people who have had couple of m/c b4 they were successful. One of them has 3 kids and one 2.. so lets keep praying for a miracle.Hope is all we have right


Kristine - May 17

I've tested negative for most of the blood tests they do, can't remember them all but I have not had an ANA test for autoimmune disease which I'll be requesting. I'm also going in for a sonohysterogram soon. To date, they have found nothing wrong. Your story brings me hope though :-)


Cabbie - May 17

Hi, I have two daughters that were conceived via help of clomid after year each of trying. The pregnancies were non eventful. I was not supposed to be able to get pregnant without clomid or other help. Then in Aug of 04 found out I was pregnant with no help. I miscarried two weeks later. I then miscarried again withe a surprise pregnancy in Oct 04. Figuring they were flukes we continued on when we found out we were pregnant again in June 05. That one was diagnosed as a blighted ovum at 10 weeks. I had a d&c. We had planned on going on birth control again after my body returned to its normal cycle after the d&c. I found out I was pregnant in Oct 05. I am currently in my 37th week with a non eventful pregnancy. I too came out normal in all the blood test. My progesterone was 18 at 4 weeks so we did do the suppositories but many feel 18 is okay that early. I wish you the best and hope my story might be encouraging.


Kristine - May 17

Hi Cabbie! I recognize your name as I've been on these boards for 9 months. It's amazing how much has happened to me since last August. The hard part is accepting there might be no reason for the m/c's and having the courage to try again. I don't know if I could take another loss. BUT, thanks for sharing. More smiles on my face today :-)



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