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TL - May 18

Just wondering if anyone else out there has m/c around 4/17 - And if they have had AF yet. I know they say around 4-6 Weeks, but I don't like this not knowing when to expect it. I am usually within always knowing when to expect, and i don't like surprises. thanks all !!!


Jenn - May 18

I m/c on 4/21 and got my period on 5/13--so 23 days!!! I was told by my dr that it would take approx 4 weeks. I heard the first period after m/c was 4-6 weeks, heavier and longer than normal, but mine has been the same as periods before I m/c. According to other posts that I have read, mine was the soonest, so I think you are right in line with everyone else.


jo - May 18

I had a d and c on 4/14 and still no af. My Dr. also told me to expect to wait 4-6 weeks.


TL - May 18

Jenn- thanks, hopefully some others will post and keep me updated on dates, I know eveybody is different, however, it will give a general idea of when to expect something or nothing... Good Luck all.


TL - May 18

Jenn- did you start bleeding on the 21st or are you counting that as the last day? I started to spot on the 19th I believe and then stopped by the 25th.


jo - May 18

Hi all, i had d&c on 24 april and no period yet. only stopped bleeding from operation a few days ago so i guess i will be waiting a few more weeks till period finally comes


Nancy - May 18

I had a m/c naturally on April 15th and my cycle began on May 12th, two day later than it normally would have.


Sarah - May 18

I miscarried on April 16th. I still have not had a period. However, I went to my doctor yesterday, and she stated I should get it soon and within 2-3 weeks. I am the same way...not know when to expect it is driving me crazy. Keep me posted if you start soon.


TL - May 19

update for all, I started spotting this morning the 19th, so if anyone else keeps track or is wondering when to expect our beloved friend..*** Good Luck to All !


Sarah - May 19

TL-Yeah for you! Are going to try again soon? Knowing you started to spot will keep me hoping I will soon as well, considering we m/c a day apart. I also realize our bodies are different and so I may have to wait a little longer. Thanks for the update though. Keep us updated once again..


Jennifer F. - May 19

Hello. I had a m/c 4/14 and have not started my af yet, was wondering if I might be pregnant again, but am not sure, wondering if anyone else is going through this?


amy - May 20

I found out at my 17wk appt yhay yhe baby was only measuring at 13wks that was on april 8th so I had a dc&e on the 12th today is may 20 I finally started my period 2 days ago! Never thought I would be happy about that but I hope this means since I am ovulating again I can ttc again!?!


CJ - May 20

I had a natural m/c on April 16th. I was 10 wks. along and my hormone levels didn't get back down to zero for at least two weeks or more. I haven't gotten AF yet and the not knowing is driving me crazy also!!! I want to start trying again so badly!


R - May 20

I had a natural m/c on April 17 at 12 weeks. I just started spotting a little bit on sunday may 16, started bleeding on monday, stopped started again on tuesday, stopped and then wednesday a little and yesterday i started again but bad this time, lots of clots and cramps, and I am still bleeding.


TL - May 23

Another update for all, hey R how are u doing?****** anyhow, I started to spot on the 19th of May, got heavier throughout the day, and stopped already on the 21st of May, It is now the 23rd, and have only had some spotting when going to the bathroom and it has now turned brownish, instead of being light pink or red. Keep me posted on how everyone is doing.


TL - May 23

R- OH NO, I looked at the ovulation chart on line, and put in the date that I started AF, and used my 28 day cycle, and it is telling me that fertile days are 30,31st and 1st, then due for AF on 6/16 - 6/19 - Right around my Birthday and Anniversary.... don't that just suck, well I guess that it won't suck if I don't get it... LOL : ) Hopefully if all is right we will ttc, and I won't get it. Good Luck all! Health baby dust!


Sarah - May 24

I m/c on 4/16. I have been waiting for my period. However, on Sunday evening 4/22, I had some pink bleeding when I went to the bathroom, then the next day it waas just brown spotting only when I went to the bathroom. Tuesday early morning I had the pink/reddish bleeding again, then today during the day the brown when I go to the bathroom and wipe. Could this be the start of my long awaited period? Has anyone else had a similar situation? I just don't know what to expect. Is this considered a light period or the start etc. Thanks.



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