Anyone M C In April And Trying To Conceive June

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ksorbin - June 9

Hello...I thought I would start a new thread. I had a miscarriage in April. I was 18wks pregnant, baby only 17wks. I was induced and had a va___al delivery. It was horrible. I still am completely heartbroken...but I am better. I have had one cycle and we are now ttc. I am CD14 and have not ovulated yet (although I did ovulate last month according to my progesterone level). Currently my OPKs are negative, but my saliva microscope is ferning. Who dh and I have been bding so much that it is getting kinda boring. LOL. anyway...I thought this thread would be good for people in my shoes. We can chat, vent, and get pregnant together!! BABY DUST!!! -Kortnee


kiza - June 9

Hey Kortnee, good to see you are doing the saliva test, that is what I have started using. I haven't had any ferning yet just dots, but i did read that some fertility meds react to it and give false readings. I'm going to do mine after this af which will be soon I hope, then I'm going to check saliva for a month before I start back on my clomid. Take it easy Kiza xxxx


kiza - June 9

Hey Kortnee, just thought I would let you know I did my saliva test this morning and I'm ferning too. So must of been pains not af like I thought. I was planning on waiting but the temptation is killing me lol. Have a good day


Erin15 - June 9

Can you guys explain the saliva microscope and ferning? I've never heard of this and am curious what you use it for and what it shows. I'm also ttc, but don't test anything right now.


kiza - June 10

Hi Erin, I use the Maybe Baby kit. It is a tiny microscope the size and shape of a lipstick. You place a small bit of saliva on the end ( nothing to eat or drink for 3 hour before ) and let it dry for 10 -15 minutes. Pop it in the tube and look thru and you will be able to see whether it is a fertile time for you or not. If not fertile you get dots everywhere, but if you are fertile you get a fern shaped pattern. You can also get a mix of both, this is the transitional days before and after ovulation. Apparently oestrogen is quite prevaliant in saliva when you are fertile and that is how it works. It is totally reusable for as long as you like. Hope this helps. I have only just started using it,and have only been doing it every couple of days just to see what was happening. So i was completely gobsmacked when I got ferning this morning. I thought af was due any day, but must be getting o'ing pains instead. Yippee!!!I'm still going to wait until next month before ttc but great to know i'm getting back to normal.



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