Anyone M C In Jan Is Your Cycle Still Out Of Whack

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AmyF - April 13

I spoke with the doctor's office yesterday to ask them why I haven't started this month (m/c 1/26- first af on 3/1 for 7 days but light and brown in color). And I haven't started again yet!!!! The chickie said that my cycle may still be 'out of whack'. Anyone else experiencing this????? Took some hpt and got a BFN. Will test again this weekend..... thanks girls- for your help.


Elle - April 13

I'm sorry about your m/c. Was it natural or did you have a D&C? I just had my third m/c on 3/17 (natural - no D&C) and I'm still waiting for AF to arrive. Had some spotting last week, and am starting to spot now, but nothing. In the other two instances, I had a D&C and my cycles arrived again promptly on time (28 days or so) and were relatively normal. This time, my doctor told me to expect AF within 4-6 weeks, but if not, he could prescribe something to get them regulated again. Sorry if this didn't answer your question, but I know after the D&Cs they were normal and on time. "Out of whack" doesn't do anything to help you now - did they offer any other solutions or suggestions? Best of luck to you and keep us posted.


stacey - April 13

I posted a similar question today- forgot what I called it. I honestly don't think I am pregnant, but can't understand why af is not here yet! I am the same as you, but haven't spotted yet either! IT SUCKS!


enail - April 13

I am sorry to hear about your m/c too. I had one in December, though I thought I had a normal period in January, the following months were very short and light (just 2 days rather than my regular 5)--doctor can't really give an explanation. Has been frustrating since I have been ttc since January. This past week, I had my period (much to my disappointment) but it was finally regular--back to 4-5 days and heavy--can't believe I was excited about THAT! I had a "natural" m/c, no d&c, and thought I would be back to normal soon after. I finally feel like I am after several months. Best of luck to you!


stacey - April 14

well, I got my period today- light so far. Day 36, 14dpo. LONG!


AmyF - April 14

Elle- my m/c was a natural one. When I had my 'checkup' with the dr, my hcg's were at zero. No solutions. No suggestions. I think I got the receptionist though. Wow Stacey! That's a long time to wait for af. I am exp some af symptoms (sore/tender b___sts). Could it be pg symptoms? Maybe, but I don't think so. (don't want to get my hopes up too much right?) No spotting. Just....... waiting for something to show (two lines on an hpt would be the obvious choice).....


stacey - April 14

AmyF- thanks for the laugh :) I'm even trying to trick myself now w/ af saying well, it stopped for a bit..maybe it's not reallly it. IT IS! I need to stop the madness. Bought the Clear blue OPK Monitor today, can't wait to start using it for next cycle :) Keep me posted..shouldn't be too much longer for you either way right? I read (if this helps) L phases are usually less than 16 days..I was on 14 so go figure...they also said most cycles run less than 36 days- that was mine exactly. sigh- but I guess 36 is better than 40 (last one) I am thankful for that.


AmyF - April 15

WOW, Stacey. That's a long time... we'll I'll be praying for you next month! I never thought in a million years how hard it is to get pregnant and have a full term pregnancy. This site is such a blessing!!! Thank G-d I am not alone in this. It really helps since our friends are all having nice pregnancies. I'm debating on testing today, but I'll try to hold out until tomorrow. How many days late am I? I lost count.....


enail - April 15

AmyF--please keep us posted--wondering how you are.


AmyF - April 16

Still no af as of today. Having cm again.


stacey - April 16

(I keep writing this) af was weird this cycle. Thursday started, light. Yesterday normal, today spotting in am then nothing. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.


AmyF - April 18

That's odd, Stacey? I was going to ask how your af was (if it was 'normal' yet). I showed a small bit of spotting last night, so I was excited af was returning, but this am- nothing. Some very light brown remnants when I wiped this am. So- maybe af will return in a few days? You spotted a few days ago and then af came, so maybe I'm doing the same thing.


stacey - April 18

Hey amyF :) Af was very weird, even weirder is the fact that last night I had all of these veins that I never had before...I didn't really spot before af- it just started light the first day- oh wait had 1 tiny spot the day before. Maybe yours is implantation :)


Kelly G - April 18

Hi, I micarried about the same time you did! And I still haven't gotten my af yet. I was going to call my doc's office, but around the time they told me to call if I still hadn't gotten it, I ended up having an emergency appendectomy! (now wondering if that had a role in my miscarriage). Well, still now period as of today, but my nipples are soooo sore! Which was a first sign I had last time, so I think I am going to take a test and if neg, call the doc. They said they could give me something to help start my period, Good luck! and LOTS of baby dust to all!


stacey - April 18

good luck kelly!


AmyF - April 20

KellyG are you okay?!? That sounds sooo horrible!!! My af FINALLY started yesterday. With a great relief I can start charting again. DH and I will be doing the bd in 10 days for every other day.


stacey - April 21

AmyF- sperm meets egg plan??? every otehr day, when pos OPK- every day for 3 days, skip 1 and then 1 final day. That's what I tried last cycle.



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