Anyone Ovulating This Week

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Breanna - March 29

After d/e done on feb. 10 I started af on the 17 march. Today I have the cm and we have been at it for two days now. I think we'll do it again tonight just to make sure... Anyone else ovulating this week???


stacey - March 29

I have no idea- am so confused this month! I m/c on the 28th of Jan. Had af 40 days later, and am now on day 20 of my next cycle. For some reason can't tell and am trying it all cm, cervix, opk's, temp...too confused, but ttc every other night just in case!


Petra - March 29

I am ovulating this week.... Áctually more like today.. We had s_x friday and sunday night... just to make sure. I went to the bathroom today and lots of cm... I will try again tonight! Keep you posted....


stacey - March 29

Not to be gross, but I have been confusing cm ad sperm alot. If we bd at night, the next night I still have something and am not sure what it is although I do all the stretch tests, and even tried the water one. As I said, am getting very frustrated and bd every time I see something just in case. If we are not pregnant after this month- I'm not sure hubby will be as into bding next month :) Certainly have more this month then ever :)


mulgajill - March 29

Yes Stacey... add sperm to the cm mixture and what do you get? Confusion! Hope you are in luck this month... And ttc'ing certainly lets the guys find out what it is like to have 's_x on tap'.... last month my fella mumbled something about 's_x being over-rated'.... mmmmm... i think i will put him on starvation rations and make him beg for it if i get pregnant this time round... :-)


stacey - March 29

:) Someone wrote in another post (might have been you) that they were bd every night and hubby was grumbling about it-- something like that, well my hubby said on one night that wasn't on the every other schedule (but I wanted to try anyway)- "Hey, I thought I was off tonight"- IMAGINE!!! Here guys think they want it all the time until they have to have it all the time :) Or is it they just want it all the time until they get married- hee hee!


Jo - April 2

see, thats why i married someone 10 years younger! anyway, i think i ovulated this week, i had the flu so i didnt feel the normal symptoms i get. all i noticed was that i had a migraine and increased cm. we made love the night before so im hoping some spermies were still in there! we arent actively trying but i do hope it happens!!!


Stephanie - April 2

Ok I know this is a stupid question but I am confused How do you know if you are ovulating and what is cm?


stacey - April 2

Jo- you are funny-- we made love how cute and it's funny about the 10 years younger :) I miss your emails- write me! I think I just ovulated 3 days ago. We did 3 days before and day after, missed that day- so hopefully it'll be a good one! STEPHANIE_ cmis cevical mucus- the stuff that comes out of your v____a that looks like egg whites. It's usually there when you ovulate. You can tell if you're ovulating if you have that, have a high soft cervix, use ovulation predictors (opk's), or take your temp. Buy the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility- explains everything!!


Stephanie - April 2

Thanks Stacey I am new to all this!!! I will have to go and buy that book.


stacey - April 2

No problem, and you should, it's great- I still take it out to look at almost every night. Also check out the site goes along with the book :)


Jo - April 4

Stephanie,,,i usually know i am ovulating by a sharp pain in either one of my ovaries and for the next 2 days my uterus gets really irritated and inflamed. my former OB told me that the fluid that comes out of the ovary with the egg is what irritates my uterus. but because i had the flu and was experiencing ma__sive pain in my head, i couldnt feel anything else. so i am hoping that a miracle happens this month.


stacey - April 4

ok girls, I need good thoghts sent my way...I had a temp dip today (5dpo) and have some symptoms...I needn't say how hard I am praying!!! Anyone else think it might have happened this time?


stephanie - April 4

Best of Luck to everyone!!!!


Petra - April 5

Stacey, I know how you feel.. I started with the cm on monday last week, and friday it was gone... I guess that means I ovulated wednesday or thursday. I have been looking for signs but it simply is still too early. Today I thought I felt some tenderness in my b___bs getting out of bed. And now I feel a flight sense of nausea... could it be...? I will just have to wait. It is tuesday already... But I am hopefull...!


stacey - April 5

petra when is af due for you? I'm not sure when she's due for me b/c last cycle was completely out of whack. I think my luteal phase is 10 days which would be Sat. Still having constant cramp today and lower back ache, temp went up :) Hope hope hope :)


Petra - April 5

stacey, af is due april 14th. That is according to calender. My periode was alwyas 32 days... but I guess the 14th sounds good to me. If your temps go up this could mean preg...?



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