Anyone Pregnant 1 Month After Getting A D&C

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Amanda0411 - April 2

Hi everyone, i have a question to ask & im sure this question has been asked plenty of times but, i would also like to know so please help. How was your experience..? Well i was recently pregnant my last menstrual cycle was Nov. 25, 2014 but unfortunately my baby didn't have a heartbeat at 11 weeks so on Feb.12, 2015 i had a D&C Done i bleed for a whole week after i stopped bleeding my husband & I started having sex right after at least every other day & on March 10, 2015 i started bleeding again thinking it was gonna be my normal period but i only bleed 4days & what i thought was my period im not sure if it was or not because those 4 days i was bleeding super light pink it was not heavy enough to stain my underwear...So can i be pregnant again so soon or could it be to early to get pregnant..? I'm just scared because i dont want to go through the pain again...i just want my 2yr old son to have a little brother/sister so he can someone to play with & be close to.


kast78 - April 8

I just went through a loss in February too. I was 10 weeks and my baby didn't grow beyond 6 weeks. I had a D&C Feb 20th and it was awful. I didn't get my period until 39 days after the procedure and I am still spotting brown stuff. We used the pull out method when we started having sex again because the dr. advised to wait at least 1 full menstrual cycle so that you have a fresh clean uterine lining. Sometimes when they do a D&C they can s e the lining too thin and if you get pregnant right away it can create more risks. So I am being cautious and just waiting it out until after this period before trying again. But to answer your question, I have read numerous times that people conceived right away as well. I am not sure the 2nd outcome of their pregnancies but I do know it's possible. You can ovulate at any time. I currently still have HCG in my system even after 7 weeks! I had my beta done yesterday and it's finally down to 16, so hopefully I can start again soon enough! But my advise - as much as you want to try, I'd wait at least a month to try again....because for me personally - I am using this time to heal. This past miscarriage was my 2nd in a row and I just don't know if I can handle a 3rd so close to the 2nd. Let your body readjust and heal...then hopefully you will get a sticky one! But either way...I wish you the best of luck for a happy and healthy pregnancy!!!



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