Anyone Pregnant Within 1 Month After D Amp C

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Lesha - September 16

i just had a D&C after being 8 weeks (miscarriage) and i had unprotected s_x twice about 4 weeks later and it looks to see that i am pregnant again.


Neets - September 21

Hi there. I'm new. I m/c on 23 Aug at 6 +5 and had a D&C on 16 Sept and had light bleeding which turned into spotting from 16-19. Do you think it's OK to have s_x now, or should I wait the full 10 days? It's the waiting for the AF or to start TTC which is the hardest part. Our babies are all wanted so much. Good luck to us all....


Laura - September 23

I had a m/c on on 9/6 I went in for a follow up on 9/21. My Doctor told me I could start trying right away. If I do not receive a period after 7 weeks I should take a home test. If I was to conceive they would just due an ultrasound to determine my due date. Good luck.


nila - September 26

Hai,how u all are doing? Still i didn't get my periods. I had D&C on 5th august.But Hpt came neg. I met my doctor.She asked me to wait for 3 more weeks... I just have vomitting sensation. Hoping for the best.All the best gals.


lisa - September 26

I had a d&c on 9/6, I had a miscarriage when I was 13 weeks because I had a bacterial infection that spread to the baby that made my water break, I went the hospital with a lot bleeding the baby was already expelled, They could see the baby with pelvic examination they then tried to remove the baby before they done the d&c, before I went home they told my husband, they were giving me antibiotic to prevent infection, he never said I had one. I didn't like the doctor anyway, so I decided to change doctors, they said I could pick up my records. Thats when I saw what went wrong. I haven't went to the other doctor I go on 10/12 what do they do on that appt? I want to get pregnant again but afraid I maybe still have the infection. any answers


Mel - September 26

i had a D&C on 8-20-05 do u think it is ok to try getting pregnant.


lisa - September 26

Mel I'm sorry for your loss, I don't know when it ok to try again. I have the same questions? I haven't been back to the doctor yet what do they do on that appt.?


mel - September 26

lisa i had the D&C on8-20-05 had a doc app two weeks after they just made shure everything was ok


nila - September 27

lisa and mel, i had d&c on 5thAug. I went to doctor back on 14thAug.She just checked whether their is any pain. Till today i didn't get my i went back to doctor on 22 Sep.She checked the preganancy test but it came neg. I want to get pregnant,b'cos i have pcod..she asked me wait for 3 more weeks. If u are ready to try again,then take vitamins and u can start after discussing with the doc. All the best!


lisa - September 27

Has anybody ever had miscarriage because of a bacterial infection called chorioamnionitis. I was 13 weeks when the infection ruptured my membranes. I want make sure the infection is gone before I get pregnant again.


Jo - October 13

I had a D&C last 8/22 and I don't get my period since.I feel I'm pregnant again so I did a preg.test last tues.and turn out positive.But their is a chance that it could be a false positive because of my missed abortion 7 wks ago.I call my Doc. today and he give me an appt.tomorrow for hgc test and pelvic u/s to make it sure if I'm pregnant again and to see what it is. He said not to worry because he will take care of me.


Joann - October 15

Hi Lisa. I recently had a miscarriage at 17 weeks due to chorioamnionitis. I was in the hospital for 3 days on a lot of antibiotics that I recevied thru an IV. After I left the hospital I had to also take antibiotics for 1 week. When I left the hospital, my doctor did blood work to make sure that my white blood cell count was down and that the antibiotics were working. My doctor has advised me to wait until January to try to get pregnant again. My doctor has recommended that l have some pre-conception tests done to see if I have any infections. You may want to discuss this with your doctor. I wish you well.


Jo - October 19

As I was posted that I had a D&C last Aug.22.Yesterday,I had my U/S and it was positive that I'm pregnant.It is 7wks and 1 day.I'm glad their is a heart beat.I hope I can and God Bless me to carry this baby in full term.


Erin - October 19

I had my first mc 9 years ago (I've had three more since, all this year). It was a blighted ovum, diagnosed at about 6 1/2 weeks. I had a D&C and conceived again 2 weeks afterwars. That was the ONLY successful pregnancy I have ever had... A beautiful little girl who is now eight. As I said, I've been pregnant three times this year, all ending in mc. I followed Dr.'s orders the first two times and abstained from trying again until after my next period. I got pregnant immediately, only to MC again. My last mc was in Sept. at 10 weeks. We had seen the heartbeat at 8 weeks, so it was harder to take than all the other. Doctor said wait until we run blood tests, test fetal tissue, have another period, etc... to try again. I thought about it and said, why should I? It's all just a big c___p shoot. So we started trying again 2 weeks after the D&C when the ovulation monitor said it was time again... My period's due at the end of the week, but I'm not even going to test. I don't want to know yet. I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow. I'm sure he'll have lots to say. He may do bloodwork, in which case he'll tell my if there's HCG... If I'm not pregnant now, I'll go along with all the testing and wait. It's just a was so fertile after the D&C when I got pregnant with my daughter, I figured it was worth a shot...


julia - October 21

Just wondering when you are most fertile after having a d&c? I had one yesterday and have no pain or bleeding, not wearing a pad and staring to get a clear normal discharge. The first time i got pregnant was the first month we tried, so i am fertile by the looks of things. Should i wait for a period or go for it, i feel up to it. Will i ovulate before my period or should i wait, any help is great, cheers.


Akin - October 21

I had a miscarriage on Sept. 23 but no d&c. I am now pregnant again



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