Anyone Pregnant Within 1 Month After D Amp C

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Erin - November 7

Nine years ago, I got pregnant with my darling daughter just 2 1/2 weeks after a D&C for a blighted ovum. I started trying for a second baby this year (quite a few years later...) and I have had 3 miscarriages since March. After the first mc, I got pregnant right away, only to have it be ectopic. Did not lose my tubes, no scarrring, thank God. Got pregnant two months after that and mc'd at 10 weeks. I am waiting for my blood test results (and my husband's), but it could just be my age (37).


Jennifer P - November 7

I had a m/c the end of Aug. My d/c was 9/2. My first period was 10/9. I used the ovulation tests and never saw any surge. My periods were always incredibly regular before pregnany so I just made sure that my husband and I kept it to every other day the week I calculated that I would ovulate. Now my period was due yesterday and I haven't gotten it. I tested yesterday and today and they both came out negative. I go to the LR about every hour to check for it. Could I be pregnant or is it the stress? Should I buy more tests, maybe a different brand? Any input might help calm my nerves.


julia - November 7

Jennifer P-can i suggest stop checking! I know it's hard especially when you want so much to be pregnant...but i tell you stress does play a factor. this time around i haven't even thought of getting pregnant...husband and i are ttc but i'm not running to the bathroom everyday doing hpt like i was the first time. I want it to be a surprise for us both, the less you expect the less you get hurt i say. Just wait another week...then try to test, another brand won't really solve the issue. I'm crossing my fingers that you are pregnant, do the same for me.


Sharon - November 9

Julia - I'm with you on that suggestion. Last month I drove myself out of my mind with HPTs and the first thought in my head would be pregnancy and it would stay with me all day long. I literally felt crazy. I had to work more on concentrating at daily tasks. I find that if I keep myself busy during the day doing arts and crafts or organizing pictures just about anything that distracts me from thinking of baby baby baby my life is a lot less stressful. So AF is done and luckily the Holidays are coming so I keep busy with that although I do remind myself of the days to come to do the baby dancing. I have those days marked on the calender, lol. Julia my fingers are crossed for you and everyone else. It's funny but I think of you when I think of myself and concieving and hope just as much for you as I do myself that things will work out next month for us. My thoughts and hopes are with us both. Happy BB dancin!


Jennifer P - November 9

Thanks Julia and Sharon, I know your right. My husband said the same thing. It's been 4 days, not period and the hpts keep coming up negative. I don't know how much I can stop myself from thinking about it but I do have to stop myself from taking the tests. Thanks for the input. Best of luck to you both.


Julia - November 10

Sharon, keeping your mind off baby,baby, baby can be hard but i have learned to do it. today i was out with my mum and she wanted to pop into this baby shop(buying a present for her friends daughter)i didn't even feel clucky or anything. I was actually dying to get out of the shop, maybe because i wasn't the one pregnant. Tonight we will ttc again..i haven't really been concentrating on it this month but know i have to if i want to get pregnant, my husband's really eager to try again. My fingers are crossed for us both. Today it has been exactly 3 weeks from my D&C so maybe soon Af will also visit me. How many weeks after yours did you get AF? Best of luck and i'll also be thinking of you while doing the BB dance..haa


Sharon - November 10

Julia - I had D&C on 10/5 and AF arrived on 11/2. Which is 28 days or 29 days which puts me right on schedule. I've always been a 28/29 day cycle. So 4 weeks. Where do you live? I live in US - Connecticut and 32 years old.


Jennifer P - November 10

Good morning ladies. I still haven't see a/f but did not test yesterday or today. Sharon, I am 31 and live in Southern CT, where in CT are you from?


Julia - November 10

Well then i have another week to wait for AF or NOT..hopefully! I live in Melbourne, Australia and am turning 30 next saturday. Any advice on how to cope with the big 3 0? I'll be fine. We should email eachother let me know if you're interested and i will give you my email.


Julia - November 10

Jennifer P..well done for not testing! It just drives you mad and you get dissapointed if it's not what you want, they can wrong this early of luck. Both you ladies from the same state, weird hey? We are all about the same age also. Have any of you got children already, maybe you Sharon?


Jennifer P - November 10

I think I may test tomorrow, although, maybe not. I'll see how I feel when I wake up. I don't have any children. My husband and I have been married for 2 1/2 years.TTC since early 05.


Julia - November 11

Do not test!! I know it's so tempting and that you get so excited when it's morning time...just to test. My husband and i just married in Jan 05 and we decided to start ttc in Sept. It happened the first time we tried but just didn't make it past the 3 month stage. Maybe next time...we have started ttc again..i haven't waited for my next period. Next week i will see all our hard work has paid off. Fingers crossed for us both...or three of us i should say, sharon too.


Sharon - November 11

Julia and Jennifer P - I live in Manchester, CT near Hartford. I'm originally from California. That is weird that we are in the same state considering how big the world is. I do have two kids a 6 yr old boy and a 5 yr old girl. I was devastated when I had the ultrasound and didn't see the heart beat. I noticed it before the Dr. told me. I was like uh doc I don't see a heartbeat and she just looked me at me and said, yeh there isn't and by now there really should be. It's been 5 1/2 years since my daughter was born and since I had two healthy children before I was not exspecting a mc. Lets just say it was a humbling exsperience. You know Julia my friend TTC the first time with her hubby and got prego and then miscarried at 8 weeks. After one AF she got prego again with no problem. I was reading about ovulation and they say having s_x every two days should be efficient from the time you end your AF to ten days before you exspect AF to visit. My email address is [email protected] if ya'll want to email me. Wow Australia, that's so amazing. Big 30 huh, well I actually loved being 30 years old. I don't know I'm silly, I felt like I got rid of the stigma that goes with the 20's. Ok it's official Jennifer you are now on my Calender. I have Julia marked already. I'm tracking your bodies, LOL. I know it sounds funny but i'm serious, lol. My friend who is 14 weeks pregnant laughs at me. We actually found out the same day that we were pregnant. Our due dates were 5 days apart. I was due on Mothers Day of next year. Okay happy BB dancin and Jennifer I understand the need to test. It becomes draining and costly though and not to mention dissappointing when they keep coming up negative. Please be kind to yourself if your AF arrives and at least you'll be able to give your racing thoughts a break if AF arrives.


Jennifer P CT/USA - November 11

Thanks for the pep talk ladies. I didn't test today. I am going to wait until Sunday. That will be the 8th day it's late. I have been wanting to get pregnant for so long. Every year for my birthday I think, this time next year I'll hopefully have a baby. I put it off b/c I wanted time for just me and my husband, plus I have a 10 year old step-daughter and I didn't want to put to much on her at once, she lives about 2 hrs away but we see her every other weekend. Now I am regreting taking so long. I want more than one child and my husband is already 38. I know they say it doesn't matter with men as much but my husband has some health issues. Anyway, if I'm not pg I will find a way to deal w/it. I'll just be very disappointed. Sharon, your about 1 1/2 hrs. from me, born and raised in good old Fairfield County. My due date was April 9, my favorite time of year. I loved that date, think I will try to plan a vacation to be away this year, pg or not. Good luck everyone, thanks for the support and baby dust w/ healthy full term pregnancies to all!


Jennifer P CT/USA - November 11

What did your OB/GYN or Midwife tell you ladies about prenatal vitamins after a m/c. I have always taken folic acid, and a multi-vitamin. I added calcium when we started TTC. When I had my m/c my midwife told me to stay on the prenatals (natafort) but when I went for an annual my GYN told me to stop the prenatal and go back to the vitamins. When I called my m/w the other day she said to definately go back on the prenatals b/c they contain more folic acid. Ahyayaya, what to do?


Sharon - November 12

My Dr said if I was going to TTC again that they recommend to continue the prenatal vitamins. Jennifer, how long have you been trying to concieve? How young are you? I lived in Bridgeport, BlackRock, Westport, and Stamford. I use to hang out in Fairfield. My friend Star lived down there for a while and use to be a Bartender at that Saloon/Bar years ago. Don't give up hope on prego. They say you are very fertile for about 3 months after a mc and after birth. So if you test and you still have a BFN you can try again and have a better knowledge of your cycle and when good BB dancin days would be. BB dust to you!



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