Anyone Resort To Therapy After M C

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Grace - June 13

I had a D&C on april 26th at 7 1/2 weeks (baby stopped developing between 5 and 6 weeks). sometimes i feel like i'm okay and things are going good. but then something little will happen and it will lead to a complete meltdown. My poor husband.... I guess I've been holding all of the anger in and I have been finding little things to fight with him about just to release it all. He was very supportive throughout the m/c..but now that it's over he kinda just wants to move on so I don't feel like I can really get him to understand how I feel...sometimes I don't even know how I feel!!! I Part of me thinks that if I can get pregnant again before my december due date, I will avoid sinking into a deep depression...but I know it's not healthy to try to mask the pain with another pregnancy. I was just wondering if any of ya'll have thought maybe therapy would help get you through this tough time? Any input would help. Thanks a lot.


Kathy - June 13

I just had an D&C on Friday found out at my 12 week check that the baby had died at 9 weeks. I am only 2 days past it and some days are better than others. In a couple weeks if I continue to have these feeling I might look at talking with some one. There are alot of support groups out there mabey your doctor could point you in the direction of one of those. I think it is normal to be angry I am going to give myself a few more days then start going for runs or something like that to help myself feel better


grace - June 13

thank you's nice to know I'm not alone, but I'm sorry you had to go through this. I thought since it's been almost two months i'd be okay by now but i guess I just haven't dealt with it yet.


Q - June 13

First of all, "resorting" to therapy is a horrible term. If you're having emotional issues, then YES, get someone to help you through it. But you'll only get what you give, so if you think therapy is something only for crazy people, it will do you absolutely no good.


grace - June 13

i didn't mean that therapy is for crazy people. i have seen a therapist before and it helped me a lot. i was just wondering if anyone thought it would help get me through this. i have heard from many people that it helps to plant a tree or to do something else to let your baby's spirit to live on. My sister has had 5 miscarriages and she has seen a therapist and it did not help her. She said the best people to help you cope are people who have gone through this also. So in her opinion going to a therapist is a waste of money. I just wanted to get other people's opinion and maybe someone on this site could help me more than a therapist. And if anyone gets offended by what I write, I'm sorry..I didn't mean it that way.


Sarah - June 14

Geeze Q whatever! of course she didnt meen therapy was for crazy people!!! Hey grace, Therapy sounds great to me of course go!! I was thinking about it too! My husband wants to move on too cus hes got other things to worry about than constantly baby stuff it doesnt meen that hes not still hurt about it.. and it does hurt sometimes but remember women like to constantly a___lyze things.. Sometimes its hard to see guys emotions he may be trying to move on for you! Try again when your doctor thinks its ok -- dont worry, Thats normaly what happens after a mc you just pick up your head and try again!! Good luck! My due date is in july 31 and I would love to find Im pregnant before then!


Salie - June 14

Hey Grace, im sooooooo sorry for your lost!! it will be okay!!! (((Hugs))) i know what your going through is hard. if you ever want to contact email me at [email protected] You will be okay (((Hugs))) God Bless


CC - June 14

I went for one session with a therapsit after my m/c. It really helped. I was 1o and half weeks but baby stopped developing at 6 weeks 4 days. I found the session useful. He asked to described everything I went through, but not exactly what happened but how I felt every moment it was happening. People only care about the now. You will always hear "how are you doing". Not how did you do during it? Having to talk to someone that is not so close with the experince helped as well. I thought going to see a therapist was for crazy people too, but my husband encouraged me to go, and I'm glad I did. He gave me so coping skills which I still use today (even though it has been two months since my m/c).


grace - June 14

thank you all for your responses. I think if I have another breakdown within a month then I will go see a therapist. It's just so strange because even though just two days ago I was going insane over it, I feel fine today. That's the hardest part...not knowing when it will hit me. But it's been two months and hopefully time will heal the pain. I really want to try again, but I don't know if it's right...I think I would worry too much. But I do definitely hope to be pregnant again before december. Thank you all again for your caring words and I hope we all get to have healthy babies soon!!!


Q - June 16

Oh c___p. I reread what I wrote and I am very sorry for how rude it sounded. Sometimes I type faster than I think. I have many friends who have seen therapists and all felt like they were crazy, so I am a bit sensitive. I'm going through therapy after my m/c as well, so I was defensive too. I didn't mean to be such a downer :( That's not what this forum is for.


grace - June 16

it's okay Q. I totally understand how it is to be defensive when you're going through this. I am just confused I guess because some days I think I need to see someone but then other days (the majority of them) i feel like I have come to terms with it and am ready to move on. But then that one bad day will show up again and I feel like the world is falling apart. I think I will probably call around and see if there are any m/c support groups in my area...maybe that would help...but don't worry about sounding rude...i do it all the time! lol


Q - June 17

thanks grace :)



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