Anyone See A Specialist After Multiple M C

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lola w - April 10

I'm headed to a specialist after 3 m/c in 2 years. This past one has been especially devastating since we saw and heard the heartbeat twice...I'd never gotten that far before. I was on heparin for blood clotting disorder found during some genetic testing. I just can't understand why this keeps happening. Also, there seems to be so much info out there from specialists performing IFV, etc but not so much on curing my problem....can anyone help?


Roya - April 11

Lola, How far along were in with this last m/c? I understand your frustration, b/c I have also had 3 m/c's in the past year. I am 35 and am very worried. I have been seen by high risk specialist and fertility dr's who are unable to find anything wrong with my husband or I. It is very frustrating. I have tested negative for all clotting disorders, but my dr's said that as soon as I test positive for pregnancy that I will have to give myself daily heparin injections as a precaution. Can you tell me your experience with giving yourself heparin injections?


Kristine - April 11

I am quite sad to join this post. I am 33, just came from the dr's after a scan showing no heartbeat. I was to be 10 weeks tomorrow. This is my 3rd consecutive m/c since my first one last August. They ran tests on my dh and I after the 2nd m/c. All was normal with the exception that I have inherited one bad gene and one good gene from my parents. Two doctors said that was not enough evidence to suggest it was the cause of my first 2 m/c's. When I got pregnant this 3rd time, I was put on progesterone suppositories and a daily baby aspirin, though my clotting tests came back normal. With all three pregnancies, we saw an initial heartbeat though they were low, (104, 80 and 109). We have now been referred to a reproductive endocrinologist for next month. I truly feel for you ladies and would like to hear from others in the same boat.


MelissaK - April 11

I saw a specialist after my first (I am 37). They just let me right in! He found fibroids and suggested we give it another go before trying surgery. Well we did, and we mc'd again. So I had the fibroid removal surgery 3 weeks ago and will resume TTc in July. Seeing a specialist is worth it to try to resolve any underlying problems.


lola w - April 11

Thanks to the three of you for your responses. I should mention that I've just turned 34 (even though 1st m/c was at 32). After we saw the heartbeat at 6.5 weeks with this last pg, my husband had to give me the heparin (Lovenox 40mg) injections every morning in the stomach. My dr had me quit taking the baby aspirin when I started the injections. The injections weren't pleasant and I couldn't imagine giving them to myself because the "stick" didn't hurt but the pushing of the liquid was very uncomfortable and I bruised everytime. I would have done it 10x a day if it had meant a sucessful pg. I quit the injections the day we no longer saw the heartbeat. I am having to wait a week for the d&c so the lovenox is out of my system and can clot ironic. Have any of you been told that your body might be rejecting the fetus as a foreign matter where you'd need to be on steriod or something? Seems like the info out there is so limited with repeated m/s treatment. Oh...also I had the fetal material tested at the 2nd d&c and there were no chromosomal issues and all my other tests for genetic issues (other than clotting) have all come back fine. I am hoping the specialist I see can find reason....I don't know if I could deal with finding that there are no problems with us. Would love to hear more about any other diagnosis or successes of any of you. Thanks again for responding here....I was feeling so desparate.


brandyjp - April 11

This is my first time visiting one of these forums, but I am feeling pretty desperate. I miscarried for the 6th time today at 6 weeks. I never seem to make it past this point. I have had all the tests and they can find nothing major wrong. I have been doing the progesterone injections and the Heparin injections twice a day. I am just not understanding, and cant really find much information about recurrent m/c. I have been seeing a reproductive endrocrinologist for 3 years now and I am just feeling hopeless.


jami - April 12

Unfortunatley I feel I have found a thread where I belong. I have been reading through alot of threads where some applies to me and some does not, but this seems like the place for me. I had my fourth mc last week. I have been referred to a reproductive endocrinologist by my OB. After the third m/c my OB ran alot of tests on my dh and myself and the only thing that came up was a clotting disorder. I went on baby asprin starting the first day of AF and evreyting was going well, we saw a heartbeat at 7 wks, and 8 wks, then went in for a heartbeat check at 10 wks and it was gone. This has been the worst yet. We had not made it this far with the previous two loses. I feel completly defeated. I am also 35 and feel like time is running out. Those of you who have seen a rep endo, what was your experience, what types of tests do they run? I am at the end of my rope, on top of trying to deal with all of this , no one around me seems to understand! From reading other threads this seems to be a great place to get some support. Thanks for listening. Sorry to ramble sooo long.


Kristine - April 12

Hi ladies, For those who saw a heartbeat, did your dr. consider it strong? I posted all 3 of mine above and they all seemed low from the start at 6 weeks. I am going to ask the RE about low embryo hb's and what causes them when I see her next month.


lola w - April 12

It's so good to hear your experiences eventhough it stinks to be in our situation. I saw the HB at 6 weeks and 7 weeks and it was gone at 8 weeks and that was farther than I'd ever gotten. At 7 weeks the rate was 105 and my dr didn't seem very concerned with that. I'm headed for d&c tomorrow which I'm dreading. I've had to have d&c's with all three m/c's which I don't understand either. My specialist appt isn't until May 1 but the dr is supposed to be one of the best in the country at Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine. I just want an answer and I'm really bummed to hear that brandy hasn't had any luck in 3 yrs. Are they telling you it's just chance and keep trying? That answer would make me furious at this pt. My dr told me that she had a patient just give birth after 8 m/c which I don't know if I could handle!


brandyjp - April 12

Thanks Lola, I hope your appointment with the specialist goes well. We have been trying for almost five years and just started seeing the repo. endo. three years ago. He has a terrible bedside manner and really frustrates me at times, but he is the best in this area. His success rates are higher than any other MD in our area. At this point they really havent given us a reason why. we have had every test imaginable and had surgery twice. I have a blood clotting disorder, taking heparin for that. progesterone injections, folic acid. I am just getting terrible frustrated because it seems that we are getting no answers. We always get to about the 6th week and then loose it. we have never gotten to hear a heart beat. i am just feeling at the end of my rope and wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience. getting pregnant doesnt seem to be the issue for me anymore, its staying pregnant.


Kristine - April 12

Brandy, I feel the same way, i can get pregnant but can't stay pregnant. May I ask what surgeries you had? Was it as a result of your m/c testing? I have been reading up on various tests for your uterus; hysteroscopy and hysterography. Basically they are tests to scope inside your uterus and look for problems. I will follow uo withe the RE on these. I know my uterus is mis-shaped.......mine tips backwards but I don't think that is a cause of m/c.


meme1025 - April 15

I found out I had PCOS after having 2 early miscarriages in 2004. So my Dr. recommended that I see an Endocrinologist, after undergoing several test it was then confirmed that I had PCOS. I started 1500mg daily dose of Metformin in March 2005 towards the middle of April 2005 I started to feel sick and didn't get my period (which was odd because I've always gotten a monthly cycle) I found out of I was pregnant at couple of weeks later and heard the heart beat I dreamed of hearing. I was told to continue to take Metformin until 12weeks of pregnancy ( Metformin helps with 1st Trimester losses) I made it to 21 weeks, unfortunately my water broke and I lost my son at 22 weeks on Aug. 28, 2005, I was devastated. I was told I had an incompetent cervix on top of having PCOS. Determined not give up I spoke with my Dr. about getting pregnant again, he said wait at least one period, I did just that Sept 2005 I got my first period after that I started taking Metformin again and a few weeks later I never got my second period I waited until about 2 months to test, I found out I was pregnant again in Nov. 2005. I was told again to take Metformin until 12 weeks and at 14 weeks I had a cervical cerclage st_tch put in to support my incompetent cervix. Well today I'm 27 weeks pregnant with another boy and things are going well I was put on bed rest 2 weeks ago to keep pressure off my cervix. My Dr. is watching me carefully he says he will do what ever it takes to get me close to term. Good luck to you all!!! Keep praying.


Kristine - April 15

meme 1025, So sorry to read of your loss. Must have been devestating. Glad to hear you are having success with your current pregnancy. Did you have any symptoms of PCOS? They told me I have a small cyst on my ovary but they didn't make a big deal about it.


Dylan - April 17

I am so sorry to read that so many women have experienced recurrent miscarriages. LOLA: I hope that you are recovering both physically and emotionally from your D&C. I have had 4 miscarriages. Two at 9 weeks, one at 11 weeks and one at 13.5 weeks. I was fortunate enough have been blessed with my miracle daughter twelve years ago. I have been seeing a perinatologist since my last loss in October who has been running all sorts of different tests. In addition to being homozygous for a MTHFR mutation, I just learned that I have an Immunological disorder which is what I think you were asking about. Apparently, my body attacks the embryo because it thinks it is a bad cell. This condition is costly to diagnose and even, more costly to treat. The treatment is called Intravenous Gamma Globulin (IVIG) which is basically a blood transfusion. Since the treatment is experimental it is not covered by insurance. The test itself was called an NK Killing a__say. Best of luck to all of you!!!!



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