Anyone Still Waiting For Af After Miscarriage

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Julie.N - May 22

I had a m/c 6 wks ago and am still waiting for af to arrive. Its driving me crazy cos i fell like i'm stuck in limbo. I want to get my 1st cycle so we can ttc again. i had my levels checked again on thurs and they were down to 6. I aslo did a pg test 2 days before that and it was neg. Going hosp again thurs to get them checked again. I am starting to worry that there is somthing wrong cos its taking so long. Anyone in a similar position???


Julie.N - May 22



jami - May 22

I have had 4 m/c. With two I had d&c and af came four weeks later to the day. With the two I pa__sed naturally it took almost 7-8 weeks. I don't know if that is true with all.


karen goode - May 22

Hi Julie I completely understand your frustration. I too was waiting for my period up until sat. night. I finally got it. I have had 2 miscarriages and you can expect your body to react differently as a result. I too felt in limbo. Try not to worry b/c it will delay it trust me on that. Good Luck


josita - May 22

I just found out I mc on May 11th for sure. Although a week before that there was little hope as the embryo only grew to 6 weeks (i thought i was 9) and the fhb was only 80. A week later, there was no growth and hb. I opted out of getting an immediate dnc to see if my body woudl pa__s it naturally. As of Sunday, May 21 I still did not receive it. However, I have started to lightly bleed on Sunday, nothing major, very very minor minor cramping, no backpains. I went to the dr today and she took my blood. on the 11th my hormones were at 2600 (real high), I got some blood work today. I'll find out the levels tomorrow. Although I have started bleeding, it is light and no pain. I am also a worried about prolonging the wait, but the nurse rea__sured me that the waiting should not be a problem phsycially as long as I am not in too much pain. It could take 6 - 8 weeks at least to let it all pa__s. I just want to be back to normal, I am not ready to ttc yet. So I am not in a super hurry, besides just wanting to have normal cycles again and begin tracking ovulation again. Although not ready tc, I still want to act like I am pregnant to prepare for the near future. I agree though, Julie, the waiting is real hard and annoying. Did you have a dnc?


Lucky2HaveOne - May 27

It took me 8 weeks. I was so disappointed, as it seemed like "wasted time", you know?


babygirl1967 - May 29

Hi julie i am frustrted myself i had a d&c done april30th and im still waiting for my af to come also, now im wondering if i got pregnant because i dont feel like af is comeing at all, just basically realy tired and my b___bs hurt a little. i want af to come so i can start trying again even though my doctor told me to wait 2 more months. I have purchased the clearblue easy monitor and iam going to take robittussin and evening primerose oil but cant take either till af starts im so anxious and i dont have patience, so lets try and wait it out together.


Julie.N - May 30

Thanks 2 everyone 4 your feedback, and sorry for your losses.---- Hi Babygirl, i know i thought i might be preg again cos af was taking 4ever, i know i'm not now though cos had levels checked the other day and they have been decreasing and are down to 3 now. still no sign of af thou! I have started taking folic acid again just incase i do get preg before af comes thou. Just really want it to come so we can get on with trying!!! Yeah good idea, i think we should wait this one out together, and give each other moral support!!! I am going away till sun so will check in again when i get back!! P.s have you done a pg test?


babygirl1967 - June 4

i know how you feel iam dieing for af to come so i can start again too although my doctor told me to wait another 2 months but my levels have been down for like 3 weeks now and still no af its 5 weeks today since my d&c and now im wondering if i got pregnant on may 30th because i noticed i was realy wet so now i dont know guess have to wait another week to find out.Iam also taking folic acid just in case my Dr. said that you wont ovulate untill your #s going comepletly down or get af just in case you didnt know.


Julie.N - June 5

Well i finally got af a couple of days ago, 8 weeks after m/c. I was so relieved cos it means it is all finally over and we can move on. However i found myself feeling really emotional yesterday, i guess i was feeling sad for the baby i lost, and i am feeling really desparate to be preg again. My emotions are all over the place at the minute. Hope it wont be much longer for you now either (or that you are preg!!!)


babygirl1967 - June 5

Hey julie im happy that af came for you, will you start trying right away? did you have a D&C done or did it happen naturaly? i have opened a new thread for ttc in july maybe you can join me there.



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