Anyone TTC In June After M C

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menalyn - May 31

Hello ladies, just thought we could use a new thread now. Hope everyone finds it alright!!! Babydust!!!


jo-ann - May 31

Hi menalyn, good idea to start new thread as we're so close to june. I'm hoping for a BFP this month, even though most of my family and friends think that its way too soon after my MC. I was going to wait but I just can't stand the thought of not trying. Besides, I have to justify this god awful diet that I'm on and the expenditure on books and supplements. DH is going to have a fit when he see's the credit card bill!!! I hope all's well with you. Stay positive ladies, we'll all get there in the end. Baby dust to all.


oregano - May 31

Hello ladies, I am back! I had been so busy with moving. It is almost over now. How is everybody doing? Well, I do not know if you remember, I had thought that I had not ttc on the days that I thought I was o'ing. Now I am not so sure, no AF on the expected date and I tested yesterday and it looked like I might have got a veeerrrry faint line. I did not even see it when I first tested and I went back and looked a few hours later and I saw the line...i am not sure what to think of this. the next one was the same, so I am going to test again in a few days. I do not want to get excited. In fact, I am not as excited as I thought I would be...I guess I am worried...I do not know... just confused...I just don’t want to go through he same thing again. Take care ladies


Chas - May 31

How many dpo are you oregano???


Chas - May 31

6 dpo here... no symptoms. Just dying to know !!! I am so impatient !!


menalyn - June 1

I'm so excited for you oregano!!! My fingers are crossed for you!!! I'm 10 dpo, nearly there, nearly ready for testing. I can't wait!!! I'm getting kinda impatient now!!! My nip nops (as my ds calls them, lol), still have been quite sore, and i'm still eating loads! So, don't know... am i gonna have a bfp or is af on her way? If you do have a bfp, does your cm changed? or does that continue with the normal pattern? Jo-ann, don't worry about what your family and friends think about ttc so soon after m/c. I honestly think that ttc again straight away is help for you. It doesn't mean that you will forget what has happened, but it says that despite what has happened, you still have a life to live. Hey Chas, i'm a few days ahead of you on the dpo, but we can be impatient together! I hate the waiting game!!! Are you gonna wait till the day af should arrive? I might actually buy a pt tomorrow. What do you think? Is 11 dpo too early? Anyway, baby dust to you all!!!


oregano - June 1

Hello my friends, I think it is a BFP I got today!!!! I say I think, and my dh says what do you mean you think it is…I guess I am afraid of something going wrong and I just don't want to say it out loud:) I will go to the doctor tomorrow. Hopefully everything is alright. it is too early the nurse said and did not want to schedule an appointment tomorrow, but I kind of insisted. I was not tracking anything and I have no idea when I o'ed. AF was due two days ago and I have some symptoms. Not much though, that kind of worries me too. Oh well, I guess we will wait and see. Chas: my fingers are crossed for you. Hope you get that BFP. Menalyn: you are almost there. I checked 3 days ago, there was nothing. two days ago very faint line and I did not test yesterday and finally I got the BFP today. I am hoping I am not wrong. Jo-ann good luck to you too. I hope this is your month! I am thinking about you gals and hoping we will get through this. My heart is with you all.


Happiness to come - June 1

Hello ladies, mind if I join? Congrats to all the bfp's and good luck to those waiting! I guess I am kind of waiting with you. I had a miscarriage on 4/17 and a d&e on 4/18. First af came on 5/18. DH and I were planning on waiting until after next af but we bd the night before I o'ed. Not feeling like it is going to happen but there is always a chance. We figure if it does happen then it was meant to be! I am only 3 days past o'tion. We will be going at it full speed ahead next month!! I would love to share in all the good news! Baby dust!!


anita g - June 2

Hi ladies, I hope you don't mind I join in. I found out my baby did not have a heartbeat on 5/15 and had my d&c on 5/17. I had my dr. appt on Tuseday and she gave me the OK to start. So we are trying to make it happen. I have not gottedn my af yet I guess it won't come for another 2wks. But, I wanted to stop by and wish everybody luck and congrats on those who got their BFP. I am really happy for you.


menalyn - June 2

Hello happiness and anita! Welcome!!! And HELLO to the rest of the ladies!!! Happiness and Anita, your more than welcome to join us and share our stories. I have 1 son who has just turned 3, and i've had 1 m/c 1 1/2 years ago, and 1 medical termination 8 1/2 months ago. The first m/c was at 12 weeks and cla__sed as normal, and the second was at 20 weeks and my baby had severe spina bifida and severe brain damage. We're trying again, we've been trying since it happened, and no luck yet. But these girls here have been brilliant in helping to get through it! So if you feel you just need to ramble and let it all out, do it here! There isn't anybody better to understand and speak to than someone who's been through it themselves! Not even our dh's understand how it feels for us. Of course it's hard for them too, and it hurts for them, but we carried those babies! Anyway, It's a lovely sunny day here in exmouth, I think we're gonna go spend the day on the beach since this town is right on the sea front. Some nice hot sun will do me some good! Hope everyone is well!!! Baby dust to all!!!


jo-ann - June 2

Hi ladies, welcome Happiness and Anita G, how is everyone? Oregano, congratulations hun, I'm so happy for you and your DH!!!! Good luck at the dr I'm sure all will be well, fingers crossed for you. Fingers crossed for you too Chas. Menalyn you must be aching to test, I'm praying that you get a BFP very soon. Well I'm still BD'ing every day, poor DH looks like he's been on permanent night duty with total sleep deprevation! Because I only MC'd last month I've had to guess my O date and took CD1 as the day my bleeding started. However, my cycles all over the place length wise so I think I'm due to O between the 4th and the 9th. I'm just going to keep necking the supplements and BD'ing every day, twice a day if poss until we get a BFP. God, I'm running the risk of becoming obsessed, either that or DH is going to suffer first degree exhaustion before July gets here! LOL! Bless him! We do have 2 new editions to the home in the form of a rabbit and a guinea pig who I've named Thelma and Louise, I thought they'd make nice pets for my DS to grow up with. Its a lovely day today, I think I'll take DS out for a walk alng the sea front. My sister lives in Exmouth Menalyn and takes her son to the cubs corner up on the promenade, I don't have anything like that where I am for my DS, you guys are very lucky to live in such a child friendly town. I think I've rambled on enough for one morning ladies. Keep your chins up and baby dust to all. X


Eva29 - June 2

Hi guys, I'll join the June thread if you don't mind. It was my first month ttc after a mc in Feb. I only got af for the first time in early May due to risidual tissue. I m/c at 14 weeks. Today is 11dpo a__suming I start counting from the day after right?? Anyway i tested this morning b/c I have no patience and got a BFN which I was expecting given I have no symptoms...I guess there is still a little hope although I did test with the first responce early detect which tests a 4 days pre AF. Congrats Oregano!!! Menalyn I guess we are both still holding out for this month :)


oregano - June 2

Hello Ladies, Welcome Happiness, Anita and Eva who has just joined and sorry for all your losses. I hope you will find the support and courage here as I did it. And, hello to Jo-ann, Menalyn, and Chas, the regulars :)) I just wanted to say a quick hi before I leave home. I am anxious to see the doctor. I have a question: when the doctors tell you how far you are, do they count from the first day of ovulation or do they count starting the day of ovulation? Talk to you later.


oregano - June 2

I meant to say from the first day of last AF or the day of ovulation? thanks a bunch


chandellina - June 2

hi menalyn, i think i lost the other thread i saw you on so hello! i've been in the us all week visiting friends and family. we start ttc again this month around sunday (though we'll be on our flight back to london all day!) sunday is also my due date from my first miscarriage in october. :( glad to hear there are already BFPs on this thread and wishing everyone success this month!


Chas - June 2

hi everyone !!! Oregano.. Congrats!!!! I am so excited for you ! The doctor usually dates the pregnancy from your last period, instead of ovulation. Hi Menalyn... 11 dpo may be a tad too early, but you neer know!! last time I had to wait until 13 dpo to get a positive. I think I will wait to test at least until af is due. Not feeling any af symptoms yet! That could be a good thing! welcome happiness.. I think we have talked before. Our m/c were close (my d&c was 4/18) Thanks for all the good wishes for me this month! I am going to try and relax this weekend and forget about it for awhile. Suppose to be sunny 2morrow, think I will enjoy the pool !! Talk to everyone later ! 8dpo and counting.......


mani30 - June 2

congrats Oregano, thats a very good new, try to stay calm & AF cam this month but I am trying again so lets c.. baby dust to all..



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