Anyone TTC In May After Miscarriage

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Chas - April 30

Hi all, I wanted to start a thread for all the ones who have recently experienced loss, and are anxious to get back to the Baby Dancing! Anyone using opk's, etc. ??I am starting this week ttc again... God Bless us and Good Luck everyone !


tf - April 30

Hi Chas, I had a natural miscarriage that started on 04/17 and pa__sed last of the tissue on 21st, my cycle is already showing signs of ovulation, so I hope to be trying soon. hoping to get a bfp before the end of May. baby dust to everyone trying.


Chas - April 30

Hi tf, yeah me too (showing signs of ovulation) I hope to get my bfp also by the end of May!! I will pray for us both! Good luck !!! Baby dust ~*~*~*~*~*~*~


allisonb1 - April 30

Hi everyone, I had a m/c on 4/18 and it naturally pa__sed. According to the digital monitor, cm and bbt, I ovulated between the 26th and the 28th. my dh and I only bd one time, so I am hoping that was enough. So I am waiting just like you and if not will be ttc again in may. Hopefully this thread will be lucky for all of us.


Chas - April 30

welcome Allison... Yes, I am hoping May is our lucky month!! It's my birthday month and it would be a wonderful birthday present !


tf - May 1

Hi everyone, have my two-week check up after m/c tomorrow. when I was in the hospital, he told me that if everything is ok at two weeks then we could start trying right after. How is everyone else doing?


tf - May 1

I have been charting and by the way it looks, I should be ovulating within the next couple days, so if my appointment goes they way I hope, it will be perfect timing.


MarcyM - May 1

Hello All, we are ttc after a m/c April 21. We are very anxious to conceive and I admit I’ve become a little obsessive. Given the m/c I’m uncertain when I’ll ovulate next….. I’ve already bought the Predictor kits. I see a lot of you are “charting”, can you recommend a site to go to so that I can learn more? Another question, I’m fairly new to this forum and still trying to figure our all of the abbreviations….is there somewhere I can refer to so I can get it all straight? Thanks! Marcy


Leilani14 - May 1

Hi Chas! I'm sorry to find you in Miscarriage category. I just wanted to send a lot of baby dust your way and wish you good luck.


hcw - May 1

hi all... so sorry for everyone's losses... but happy we're on the other side of it now and getting back on track! i too will be trying in may... i had a natural m/c at 11 weeks that ended march 18 and am just finishing up my first a/f now, so should be good to go in about 12 days, I hope. I wanted to wait until after my first a/f, just simply because I felt my body wanted to take a bit of a breather.. the m/c was physically quite intense and felt like it had really turned me inside out, so it seemed like a good idea to let it do its thing for a cycle first... anyway, i'm not charting, but do take notice of ewcm, so hope that'll do the trick.. sounds like some folks are already in the two week wait (tww)... good luck and baby dust to all!


tf - May 1

hi Marcy- to chart I went to I am still trying to figure out some of the abbrebiations-lol I have figured out some of them dh-dear husband, dd-dear/darling daughter, ds-dear/darling son, ttc-trying to conceive, bfn-big fat negative, bfp-big fat positive, BD- baby dance, cm- cervical mucas, cp-cervical position, bbt-basal body temperature. that is all I can remember at the moment lol, someonne else probably knows more of the others.


MarcyM - May 1

tf- Thanks for the abbreviation help…things make more sense now! I checked out, already signed in and filled out what little info I could. You mentioned you’ve got a follow up appointment tomorrow, I’ve got my fingers crossed that all is well! Do you mind if I ask how far along you were when you m/c? ~marcy


tf - May 1

I was 9 weeks but the baby was only about 6 or 7 weeks.


chandellina - May 1

hi there, i am ttc after a 2nd miscarriage in march. i should O in the next few days and I am hoping for the best. i don't chart but i'm sure hubby and I will hit all the days this week!


SaraH - May 1

Hey all, my last miscarriage was March 31. And I've just gotten my bfp so...I would like to try again this month, but I'm not sure if I should wait a little longer or not, but...I thought I'd get involved in this thread just incase we do try


Chas - May 2

Thank you for the kind words Leilani. I hope all is well with your pregnancy! Hello to Sarah, Marcy, Chandelina, tf, and hcw!! Just had two week appt after d&c yesterday. Doctor gave us the green light! Everything looked good, he said there is no reason to not start trying again if I am emotionally ready. I am ! We started the baby dancing last night ! Hoping for that bfp soon! But, I am not going to stress this time round,and I am going to try and not even think about it and if I'm pregnant, i think i will know now.. what to look for ya know? Good luck everyone !


pink_roses - May 2

hi ladies. i had a d&c on april 4 after a missed m/c at 15 weeks. i am still waiting for AF and DH and i plan on ttc after that. i was sooo tempted to try before first AF that but i think i ovulated a few days ago (hopefully) and we used condoms. my OB wants me to wait 2 cycles but i plan on waiting only 1 cycle. i am looking forward to ttc again and feel like i need to get a move on since i am 31 and want more than one child! good luck to all of you here! it's nice to be out of the holding pattern and i want to be hopeful and positive now.



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