Anyone Ttc On The Week Of 19th 25th

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suzzieq - March 11

Yeah I will ask doctor on monday about topamax. I would rather deal with a migraine than take it and have it effect getting pg. I think af has left the body!!! Thank goodness! I probably just jinxed myself!!! I still go to ob doc on monday, first check up since m/c. I guess it will just be talking about what is going on. I want to ask about getting progestrone checked as I read on another thread if it is low it interferes with the pregnancy. I see no harm in getting it checked just to be safe and rule that out for why I may have m/c last time.Oh girls, I am hoping so much for us to have a positive outcome this month! So Jennifer28, Vegas, how cool. Just a vacation time or family? How long will you be there for? Also just wondering if any of you gals are from NY or close by? We actually had a nice, spring like day. Too bad I was in bed for it all with this dang


suzzieq - March 12

Good morning ladies! Well, just like with my normal periods, af leaves for a few hours and then pokes her nasty head back in for a little bit. So it looks like my cycles are going back to normal already, which is good! My headache is gone for now, hopefully for the day! Are any of you girls going to get your progestorone checked? I am just thinking it wouldn't hurt to see where they are at. I am 28 and know that is young but something is keeping me from maintaining a pregnancy. I do feel really good about this month though, not sure why. I think alot of it has to do with this site, it can be so helpful! Well, DS just woke up and wants eggs and toast, check in later!


Jennifer28 - March 13

Hi girls! CD28 and no signs of AF except my skin is really BAD!! Not worried just yet. I didn't have any signs of AF except for bad skin last month so maybe things will be the same this time around. Once AF did hit, she hit hard though. I can wait for the cramping and bloating and all the great things that come with it that's for sure! If AF does come in time, I'll be most fertile on the 26-29. Like I said I'm a little bit behind you gals but I am going to stay and chat with you all anyway. Hope you don't mind. ;) SUZZIEQ- Hope your headache is gone! I hate migranes. They run in my family so I do get them on occasion. No fun at all. My bf, her boyfriend, and my DH and I are going to Vegas for my bf's boyfriend's 30th bday. We leave the 25th and we come back on the 29th. I have never been to Vegas and I haven't flown since I was 8 (I'm 28) so I am pretty nervous and excited! ;) I never had my progesterone checked but I have heard a lot of the women in the forum talk about it. It wouldn't hurt! I am still taking my prenatal vitimins and a folic acid supplement per doc's orders. I live in St. Louis. No where near NY but we did have beautiful weather over the weekend. Any one get hit by the big storms Sun night? They were all around us, but nothing major hit my immediate area. I hope everyone is safe and sound! :)


suzzieq - March 13

Hi Jenn! It sounds like you will have a great time in Vegas!! We had bad thunder and lightning sunday morning. My head feels a bit better today, not a migraine but hurts still. I also had a bad hot flash this morning. It has been a month or so since I have had one. I go to ob this afternoon and I am going to ask him why I get those. It seems to be in the mornings! Weird I think. And of course you can hang around this thread, the more the merrier!!


AshleyB - March 13

HI ladies, sounds like everyone is ok. Suzieq good luck at your appt. Jenn, wouldn't that be too cool to bring home MORE than a souvenier from Vegas?? Sounds like the timing will be about perfect. Good Luck, and have fun. I love Vegas, we want to go back soon. There's soooo much to do. Especially if you're going with another couple, that'll be loads of fun!! WEll according to the calender I should O a week from yesterday. So we're getting close. WE're going to bd all week and I"m going to continue the opk's. I've never seen a positive, since I've never really used them and caught o time with them. I hope I'm actually ovulating. Well gotta go to cla__s. Good Luck everybody.


Jennifer28 - March 13

I'm considering using OPK's myself this month. I don't want to miss it! I hated having to wait to ttc last month so I am hoping the wait will be well worth it! ;) I am hoping on hope that we will bring our own special souvenir home. I am really getting excited ladies! For all of us! You are getting really close, ASH. Good luck and lots and lots of STICKY baby dust - to you and the rest of us! ;) Are you feeling better PARKERMEGAN? LEASA- is DH home? I swear this is going to be the longest 2 weeks of my life!! I truly appreciate you all sharing your lives with me. It keeps my mind off of the long wait ahead. :)


suzzieq - March 13

Evening ladies! My doc apt. went well. He tested blood for any pg level and will let me know in a day or so, just to make sure everything is all set. But says he sees no problem in trying this month! He also is testing hormones to figure out why I have hot flashes, I hate giving blood! My son does better than I! The Topamax is not really safe to take while pg but shouldn't interfere with getting pg. But I am going to see my family doctor and see if she can put me on something safer. My aunt sent me magnesium and says that is supposed to work against migraines. May try that. We don't have long to wait but it seems like forever!!


Jennifer28 - March 15

CD30 ladies and still no signs of AF. I am really starting to freak out now. I am thinking of getting a test this afternoon to take tomorrow morning, but I am hoping my cycle is just screwy since my m/c. Not really HOPING that, but you know what I mean. ;) We leave for Vegas in 10 days! I am really starting to freak out... I wanted to 'o' while we were there so bad. AF better hurry and get here!! If AF comes today or tomorrow, would that mean I am on a 30 or 31 day cycle instead of my normal 28 day cycle? Does anyone know? SUZZIEQ- did you get your test results back yet? ASH- How is everything going? Any luck with your OPK's? How are the rest of you girls doing?


AshleyB - March 15

Hi ladies, cd11today. Opk's still just have very faint line on them. We started bd'ing cd 8-cd10. I'm so tired of waiting all the time and waiting for everything. I just want to get pg!! Sorry, I'm frustrated today for some reason. THis morning I was having pains on my right ovary area. Do you think you feel o-pains before o time is here? Wonder what it was. Well, lets go March!!!! Bring on the bfp's! Jenn-can't wait to see what happens when you test. Suzieq-keep us updated when you find out what the blood tests says. Glad your appt. went well. Parker--how are you doing?


parkermegan - March 15

ASHLEY. I do feel pains in my ovary before, during, and after O. Last month it was a little before, the day off bad, and a little the next day. It was very obvious I was O. I am CD8 and started having some "sensations" in my right ovary as well. Today I have been soooo moody! Maybe it is right around the corner for us both!!


AshleyB - March 15

Hey parkermegan, I'd never really felt o pains, at least I never noticed them before. But today is cd11 and I was feeling the funny sharp pains earlier in the right ovary area and then tonight i got some ewcm. For the first time ever that I've noticed. I was kinda wondering if I just wasn't Ovulating these last few cycles. Because I never got the ewcm and haven't been able to get a bfp. So maybe all this means that i'm definatly o'ing and I'll maybe have some luck this month. I hope so..


suzzieq - March 15

Hey girls, good to hear from you all again!! I didn't hear a thing from my doc today, maybe tomarrow. It would be the worst luck if the test came back with pg hormones still there. I am on cd9, started bding last night. Doing the everyother night deal. I have no cm now but just making sure! I keep reading threads that girls start bding on cd8 so thought I would follow along, can't hurt and dh doesn't mind! Is it too late for me to use opks this month? Would it be too late by this weekend, as I don't usually have transportation until weekends. Jenn- from what I understand from another site, if you start af today you will have a 29 day cycle and today would be cd1, if start af tomarrow it would be 30 day cycle and tomarrow would be cd1. I know you had high hopes of a Vegas baby, but I am wishing you the best right now!!! Since you tried to be soooo careful in feb. the baby bug probably decided to bite ya!! Ashley-I never had pains before either, at least I don't think so. Isn't it amazing how we can ignore what our body is telling us sometimes?! I will be watching for that sign as well! Gosh I wish you the best too! Not long at all for you. Waiting is difficult and frustrating. Parkermegan-I hope you are getting ready to o!! If you don't mind me asking, are you noticing any cm at all? Just wondering since we are very close together. I have not noticed any for me yet, hopefully within a few days. I also did look up info about the cervical positions during cycles. Haven't tried to see where mine is yet. Has anyone here checked thiers before? It sounds like it is a good way to determine when you will o.


AshleyB - March 15

Hey Suzie--No it's not too late to use opk's. Even if you started this weekend you'd be cd12 then. You will probably catch it. I don't know how long your cycles are though. If they are 28 days or longer you should be fine starting them this weekend. Good Luck.


parkermegan - March 15

I don't ever check my CP. I just really don't think I could!! lol. I haven't noticed and ewcm yet. I am usually dry, so when it comes it is very noticable. I am hoping to O soon. I never really notices ovary pains until last month. (only the 2nd time I o in 3+years due to bc) We are all close together. I am hoping to be O soon! I started bd'ing cd 6 (twice) and cd7 (once) and today, cd8, nothing so far. DH is not home yet, but when he gets here I plan on Bd'ing tonight! Suzzieq, it is not to late to use opk's. If you have a 28 day cycle you probably won't O until cd14, so you could use them on cd14 and just take the risk you may have missed it, or you might catch it. You might only have to use one stick and catch it the first time, who knows. I use my sticks from, then if I get a bfp I use my expensive digital ones to rea__sure myself. Well, good luck!!


suzzieq - March 16

Hiya ladies! Popping in before ds wakes up! I too am very dry so it is easy to notice cm. I truly did not see any between the time I m/ced and started af so I hope I will notice this time. I always had it before just didn't realize what the heck it Anyhow, my cycles are always at least 28-29 days. I go see my regular family doc today to get off my topamax, think I will swing by the store and pick up some opks. Do the cheaper ones work just as well? Do I take them a few times a day and from what day do I start? Sorry, never used them before. Is there a time of day that is better to test? And the line that shows up has to be darker than the other line when you are fertile, is that right? My mom has bought me a bunch of pg tests for this month, dropped them off to me last night. She is so excited as well. It kind of makes me feel a bit more stressed though. If I don't get pg or loose another its like letting down the whole family. Ok stopping right there, POSITIVE THINKING ONLY!!!! We are all going to have our wishes answered and soon be experiencing the best thing in the world!!!


Jennifer28 - March 16

CD31 and having more signs that AF is on her way. My stomach just turns and turns and I am a bit ga__sy (sorry - tmi) and that usually means she is about to visit. Well, at least that is what happened last month. No cramps until she came. I can handle that, though. ;) I am trying not to worry so much about it. I know that sometimes can delay things. 9 days till Vegas! Man, am I getting pumped! Even if I don't 'o' while I am there, I'll still be fertile. We'll just have to do some bding when we get home, too! Sure dh won't mind a bit. ;) I didn't test this morning b/c the signs of AF. If AF doesn't come by tomorrow morning, I am going to test FOR SURE. ASH- I would suggest bding as often as possible these next few days just so you don't miss it. Sounds like this just might be your month!! How exciting! SUZZIEQ- Let go of all of the pressure you are feeling about ttc. I'm sure you have enough pressure from yourself! The less - the better. I have such mixed feelings about the baby bug biting me b4 I go on vacation. Regardless, we're going, but I know I might be quite a bore while we're there. But, I can still hang out by the pool and do some gambling so I'm not too worried. It is supposed to be 78 degrees the day we arrive! Hopefully the weather will be great!! Wouldn't that just be my luck to be pg even though we tried to prevent it? Well, everything happens for a reason. I'll just have to wait and see. (Wait, wait, wait!!) I have never checked my cp. Like parkermegan, I just don't know if I could, lol. But, for a baby I would do just about anything. ;) I didn't have any pains from 'o' last month, but I definitely noticed my cm. It's amazing just how much I have learned about the baby making process these last few months!!



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