Anyone Ttc On The Week Of 19th 25th

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AshleyB - March 22

Hi everyone, you've been sooo chatty today. That's great, I haven't had time yet to catch up on everyone today, but I have some weird news. I'm pretty sure I am 5dpo. But like you Suzie, my body was playing tricks on me and i'm not sure. Well anyway tonight i did an opk and the line was pretty dark, but still not darker than the control line. But still darker than all the times before, so I was confused. Maybe I didn't o when I thought i did? Well anyway later tonight on my way home from cla__s I felt really wet, and wasn't sure what was going on down there....(tmi warning) well when I got home and checked, I was super wet and it was very thin and watery. It was PINK with traces of red in it.! Could this be IB! Maybe, or I'm o-ing now and was wrong before, but I really hope its IB. I'm afraid but really want to get excited. But I won't let myself. I really just had a good feeling like this month was gonna be it, well maybe i'll be right, who knows?


suzzieq - March 23

Hi Ashley, good to hear from you!!! I am trying to think were I read more about IB, but I think it would come a little later, but I am not sure. Either way, if it is signs of oing, thats good, if its signs of IB thats great!! Another thing our body does that just leaves us with questions. And, if the feeling we have in our sides is oing, how long does that feeling last? MIne feels kind of like a cramp you get after running, just not that intense. It was there most of the day yesturday too!! Leasa, I think I am done with the stick opks, one that I took yesturday was way weird!! There was no test line, the weird part is the control line was not very dark at all!! Whats up with that?!! Its so funny, I have been comparing mine too. We gotta do something to figure this mess out..LOL! So we are not considered to be in the 2ww until after we know if we oed or not right? My cycles are usually around 29 days so I am hoping for a BFP on an opk, if I get more. I probably will, its like an addiction now, routine, feel the strong urge to pee, hurry grab the cup and stick!!!LOL!!


AshleyB - March 23

Hi ladies, I took another opk and the line was even darker. I think maybe I didn't O before when I thought i did, so I am doing it now. But I don't really know. Question--When you are pregnant, I know that opk's will come out positive. Do you think they would if you just implanted? I don't know, I guess I'll keep taking the opk's and if they stay dark, i'll know that's a good sign, and if they lighten up then I'll know i was just ovulating.


suzzieq - March 23

Leasa, are still feeling that feeling in your side? I am still feeling mine. And it makes wonder as today I finally got a BFP on an opk!!! Fertility Friend said my o date would be today, so it wasn't to far off. The best part, today is dh's b-day!! To me that is so cool, and a cheap way to get out of presents, it will just be me...LOL!!! Now I have to think of a good way to make tonight different and more special, any ideas??!! Ashley, I am really not sure what to tell you. My direction paper says that being pregnant ( along witha bunch of other things) may adversely affect the reliability of the test. I would keep testing if I were you. I know even though I got a bfp, I will still test again just to see what is says and how long mine stays positive. Just curious now!!


leasa - March 24

Hi guys. Yipeee, Suzsie you have a bfp on OPK and your DH birthday. .Brilliant news I was so excited for you. When the OPK does work you think wow, these d__n things do actually work then!!! Brilliant news. Yep I still have O pain in the left side. Its like you said, a very very dull st_tch type feeling. It tends to go in the morning and then come back later on... thats interseting you have it too so may be its o pain but I have had this since around Sunday now - 6 days! Let me know how long your OPK stays positive as mine started off with a line the same colour and the next day darker so we BD both those nights and then the following day it was a big fat negative, although I do wonder what day I actually Od, I presume it was Tuesday which would be exactly 14 days since start of AF. Sorry to ask you but how has your CM been. I was quite dry really this cycle compared to before the miscarriage. I noticed two days prior to O that I was wet but not very much and the day I got the negative OPK it was white and thick. Dont know if thats normal. Sorry to ask you... Wish I could fast forward the next two weeks... Ashley I dont think an OPK would come out positivie if you had just implanted as it takes a good few days for the HCG to build up to show up a HPT so the same would go for the OPK as well I presume. Just keep testing like you and Suzzie said. If it stays positive for more than a few days, then I would do an HPT.. I think if i am not succsessful this month, I will invest in digital one for next month l as reading those sticks it not easy and you doubt yourself even when its positive!!!


suzzieq - March 24

Hey girls! Leasa, my cm has definately not been as abundant as before the m/c. I have yet to check today. I have noticed very little stretchable mc, but may notice more now that opk is positive. I have had the dull feeling on my right side for like 3-4 days, don't notice it yet today. But I am very sick and the pain my throat is the only thing I am noticing now. Is it ok to take extra strength tylenol? I am going to get ds ready for school, ship him out and go back to bd. I was amazed I was able to bd last night!



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