Anyone Using Clearblue Fertility Monitor And Got This

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Kennedy - October 10

This is my first month using the monitor and let me preface this by saying that I have an irregular cycle. I was on cd25 and I have been on "high fertility" for the last 5 days and then suddenly today for cd26, I'm back to "low fertility" and I don't understand why. Can anyone help?


Kim - October 10

Hi Kennedy - I don't know much about the fertility monitor, but it kind of sounds like you must have ovulated on cd25...? I use the fertility awareness method and typically the day after you ovulate, your cervical fluid dries right up. Have you noticed that at all? Do you chart your temperatures? That would also help you know for certain.


Tracy - October 10

Hi Kennedy- I am also using the monitor (second month) and am frustrated. Let me just ask a question or two so I can try to figure it out for you. What are your cycles usually like? How many days? I have seen people on Fertility Friend who use a monitor and never seem to see a "peak" reading. I thought it was strange too but maybe it's more common then we thought. Could it be that the hormone surge isn't quite strong enough for the monitor to differentiate between high and peak in some people? If I had to guess, I would think that you probably ovulated on day 22, 23 or 24. I read that the monitors get more "accurate" each additional month you are using them. They store your data. I'm having issues with mine though as well. Which is confusing me. I was "told" to use a test on days 7-11, then it didn't indicate for me to test on day 12 (had a "high" reading from days 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12). Now, on day 13 it told me to test again, still "High" reading. Wondering why it had me skip day 12. And last month, it only gave me a "high" reading for two days prior to my peak and one day after. Now, I've been on high for 6 days prior to any peak. It's strange and I'm wondering how realiable they are. Of course, I spent like $200 on this thing so I'm a little upset! I hope this helped....have you ever used the OPK's--just the strips before?


Kennedy - October 11

Kim--no, I don't chart my temperature, do you find that convenient and easy? It looks like a lot of the women do that and I'm thinking about doing that as well. TRACY, I've been monitoring on vacation and now home and with the help of the internet, I looked up why I didn't show a peak on the ClearBlue site and it said that some women don't ovulate every month and so that is why I didn't "Peak." I didn't know that not every women ovulated every how does that affect the bleeding then? Well I was doubting the infor so of course I did a OPK w/o the monitor and it showed a very faint line. I'm so frustrated too but also on the ClearBlue's site, it said that women who were recently pregnant (which would be me after a m/c in August) should start monitoring after 2 regular cycles. I only waited for one. I too spent close to $200 and now since I'm so irregular, it looks like I'll be using up more sticks that the 10 that they say should last you for a month. So Tracy are you on cd 18 w/o a peak?


Kim - October 11

Hi Kennedy: let me just preface by saying - my body was SO whacky after my m/c, and it took about 3 cycles until I was back to the resemblance of my normal period again! It just will be for a while hon, and you may find that ovulation will be kind of strange until your body's had some time to get back in the swing of things. So don't be alarmed! Even normally, almost every woman will once in a while have an anovulatory cycle (one in which she does not ovulate). You still have a "period" but it is not a true "period" - it is just called anovulatory bleeding. You wouldn't ever even know you were having one unless you were charting or using opk's. The only time that not ovulating would get concerning is if it were happening repeatedly. Then you would want to ask your doctor about it. Have you had a follow up appointment with your doc since your m/c? Re: Charting - EXTREMELY helpful, and I think easy to do and understand (though it did take me a couple of months to get the hang of it because I was doing it on my own. A ton of women on this site know how to do it, so there is lots of help if it is confusing!) I would recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility, by Toni Weschler (pause for Tracy laughing, who knows I'm a psychotic nut for this book). It will teach you how to do it. It is so encouraging to read through it and to finally know what's going on with my body each month. You can also try the website Tracy got me on to: It's a GREAT resource. You can chart your cycles online, and for the first month it gives you free a___lysis of your cycle, ovulation, temperature patterns, also has a great help section with lots of frequently asked questions. I find it to be super helpful.


Tracy - October 11

Kennedy- I'm on cycle day 14 right now and no peak reading so far. If nothing happens in the next two days, I'm going to get concerned. However, I do have to agree with Kim. I had a mc in June and only last month-cycle number three- did my period seem to be back to normal. I was all over the place so I'm not sure that any reading would have been correct. I have learned that I ovulate a lot later then I thought I did. Kim turned me on to charting my temps and I find it facinating. The book is large but very easy to read and it's entertaining. I'm learning so much about my body and my cycles and that is a good thing. I'm thinking it will make it that much easier to talk to my doctor should a problem arise. I'll be able to show my charts and let them see what is going on. (Kim- I did get a good chuckle--thanks!). I'm also using the OPK's aside from the monitor and not showing a peak yet....hang in there. Give it a few more days. In any case, I think you should chart your temps for next month and it may be able to show you some sort of pattern. Let us know if there are any "developments"!


Kennedy - October 11

Tracy and Kim, thanks for the info. It's always good to know that I can ask a question and know that it'll get answered here. Well in the morning, I called the help line to get some more answers with the fertility monitor and she said that it could be an anovulatory cycle or that my cycle is longer than 42 days and the monitor won't read the ovulation since it is not able to track further. But as crazy as life is, I noticed cm at work and it definitely was thickening. I came home and did a OPK, an individual stick and yes...I'm OVULATING. I never thought this word would come to such an embracing one but I'm so relieved. So I'm hoping that this month will be it. At work today, a second grade teacher who got married a week before me announced that she is 9 weeks pregnant with twins. I'm sure you guys know how I felt...very excited for her but stress and emptiness for myself. I try to feel better since she's had to go through so much to get pregnant but I wish it could be me announcing the happy news.


Kim - October 12

Hi Kennedy: Yes I know we can all relate to your story about your friend who is pregnant. It is so difficult isn't it? You naturally want to be ecstatic when good things happen to the people you care about, but you can't help feeling your own loss as well. It is such a drag. I am sooooo happy to hear about your ovulation! Yippee! Now get down to business. I think you've posted before on our going for June/July or July/August babies thread, yes? feel free to come back and keep us posted this cycle, i'll be so anxious to hear! Take good care.


Tracy - October 12

Hi Kennedy- glad to hear the news! It's funny, but I finally got my peak reading this morning on the monitor. It's about time, because the OPK's have been giving me the green light for two days now. I'm so glad you tested with the OPK--at least your mind is a little more at ease knowing that you are ovulating and I'm sure the timing is off because of the recent m/c. It should get more normalized if you don't get pregnant this month! Feel free to join us over on the thread that Kim mentioned...lots of nice girls on there!


Patti - October 14

Hi Kennedy, I had a mc a few weeks ago and it has been difficult because my sister is 7 months pregnant with her second child. What's worse is that I am throwing her baby shower this Sat. It is hard not to be jealous. It this monitor part of an ovulation kit? And can anyone give me advice on charting your temps? I want to be able to try again soon as I am approaching 35. I've never done any of this before. I think I can tell when I am ovulating but it wouldn't hurt trying some of these ideas just so I can be sure.


Kennedy - October 15

Kim & Tracy, I know of your lovely site July/August Babies. I actually read it and I should write but I sometimes feel like I'm eavesdropping for some reason...I guess you guys just seem like family. Patti-the monitor should be used for people who have regular cycles that last 21-42 day cycle. I'm 33 and soon will be 34 so I feel the same urgency to get the babies out. I just bought a basal temp. too but I'm a little reluctant in using it. It's difficult for me anyway, to pee on a stick every morning with the monitor, I just can't see myself using the temp. but a lot of the women do so by reading their threads. I'm now 3 dpo so I'm hoping not to have to use any fertility monitors or sticks next month. Good luck!!!!


Kim - October 17

Hi Kennedy: It was so cute and funny how you said you felt like you were eavesdropping! I wouldn't think you were eavesdropping at all, I'd love to keep hearing how everything is going for you! I hope this was your last month of fertility sticks and monitors and temps, etc...! Patti: Hello! I track my temperatures and cervical fluid and it is actually much easier than most people think. I would recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility, by Toni Weschler. It is a phenomenol resource and will teach you how to effectively monitor your body's signs each month for approaching ovulation, pregnancy, etc...I have been using her Fertility Awareness Method for 3 years now as birth control, then the first month I used it to "try" for a baby, I got pregnant. Sadly I miscarried at week 9. So here's to another shot...Tracy also got me hooked on - that would be a good way to start. You can track your temps on line there, see other people's charts and get lots of helpful tidbits. Good luck to you both!


Patti - October 20

Thanks for the information. I did check out Where do you find a basal thermometer? Is that just like taking your temperature? I don't mean to sound dumb, but I am new to all of this.


Kim - October 20

Hi Patti! You can find a basal thermometer at most drug stores like Wal Greens or Osco. And no you don't sound stupid - I didn't know what the heck they were either at first! A basal thermometer is more accurate down to the tenth of a degree, which is what is important for charting your temperature. A fever thermometer is not quite as accurate. A basal thermometer also doesn't go up as high as a fever, goes up to like, 99.9, I think. I like the BD digital basal thermometer (it actually says "basal thermometer" on the package) - it is cheap and stores the last temperature taken so you don't have to get out of bed and chart it right away. You can wait til evening if you wanted to. And yes, it's just taking your temperature every morning, takes about a minute. It's wonderfully helpful for me. Please let me know if you have any questions!


dee - October 27

Hi, I'm not sure whether or not this discussion is closed. I just started using the Clear Blue monitor too and have also been frustrated. I've had 10 days of high fertility and no peak. Someone told me that the first month of using the monitor you don't get any peak readings. I looked over the instructions, but there is nothing about this being the case. Hope it is though, because I was beginning to worry about not ovulating at all. Has anyone out there used this and had a peak reading during the first cycle?


Kennedy - October 29

Dee--Have you called the 1-800 number that is in the pamphlet? I had to call the number and got my question answered. I had a long cycle last month and it was at high fertility and suddenly dropped to low with no peak. I called the 1-800 number and they said that my cycle was too long for the monitor to track it. Well since I know that I didn't o yet I kept an eye on the cm and used opt sticks when I noticed a change in the cm. And after that, I got pg. I didn't think it would happen bcz I was so disappointed with not peaking but definitely call the number and keep an eye on your cm.


PRINCESS G - September 5




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