Anyone Wanting To Surprise DH On Vday With BFP

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Katy - February 6

I still haven't tested yet because I am afraid that if I am I will tell DH that I am preggo. I think that telling him on Valentines day would be so exciting. But at the same time I want a BFP so bad that waiting to test is killing me and I am not even late yet! Just wondering if anybody is in the same boat and want to share?


frankschick2001 - February 7

Oh I am in the same boat. What a great gift that would be! I am waiting to see if my period is late this month, but af is not due until around Feb 16th or 17th. So I don't want to jump the gun by testing too early. I was very impatient last month and started testing too soon, kept getting negatives, spent a ton of money on tests etc. But I vowed not to do that this month, and WILL NOT TEST until I am officially late!!! The first time we tried to get pregnant, we succeeded on our first attempt at it. I am hoping it will be just as easy this time around, although last month we didn't succeed. Don't worry, we all know how you feel. Will you be late by Valentines day? When is your period due?


Jennbj - February 7

I am due for af on Saturday, but like you I'm afraid if I get a BFP I won't be able to wait until valentine's day to tell dh, so if af doesn't show up I will test on Monday.


Katy - February 7

I am due for af on thurs (the 9th- just a few days away). I am like you frankschick, we got pregnant the first time we tried. Then we mc at 13weeks. This will be out second month to try again. and I bought so many preg. tests last month and was convinced I was preg. but nope. af came on day 29. Good luck to you girls. It is nice to have someone to wait with.


Angela Mac - February 7

Hi ladies, I am in the same boat as you. My dh and I got pg on the first try in July '05 and then mc October '05 at 13.3 weeks. We haven't been trying real hard since but not, not trying either. I tested month after month and finally had a breakdown last month after my BFN. My last period was my first normal one since my mc but my cycles have been 25 days each month. Which would make me due for af on Friday. I have been having pg symptoms but trying not to read into it just because I don't know if I can take getting excited to be let down again. I refuse to test until after Friday. If by some miracle I am pg my dh will have a nice Valentine's Day ;-) Best of luck to the rest of you ladies.


Katy - February 7

Angela, our stories are almost identicle. I too miscarried in Oct (10/05/05). My bbs are sore and I am tired but I keep telling myself that could be me getting ready to start. I hope we are preg! The due date would put me at Oct 19th, my b-day. I keep finding all these things that are just meant to be, but then I stop myself from getting too over anxious. I tend to over anylyze. Oh and it is killing me to wait. my sis just went with me to the store to get a preg test.... I just dont know if I can wait to test. They are addicting. (and expensive). It is funny that you said you were kinda trying because we were the same way. You tell yourself its okay, but Dec i thought I was preg but after 40 some days I started and then Jan I was a 29 cycle and now I am starting to wonder if I have problems. Altough that may sound silly. It is hard not to get wrapped up in it.


frankschick2001 - February 8

KATY: I, like you miscarried in October and am now in my second month at trying again. Last month, I was convinced that I was pregnant because I kept feeling strange feelings in my abdomen just like the first time I got pregnant. I was so sure something was happening. THen I got my period, exactly when it was due, so I am now convinced that I have one of those brains that produces symptoms out of thin air! I think my sheer desire to get pregnant has my body giving me signs of it that just are not real. Phantom symptoms, I guess. It's a real headgame sometimes. So this month, I am just ignoring any physical "symptoms" I feel until I am actually late with my period. The dissapointment is just too much to take when you build it up in your head. And yes, the testing can be expensive when you're not only buying pregnancy tests, but ovulation tests too. And then you start testing too early, and have to go get more tests. Then true addiction kicks in and you're tempted to test more than once a day! It's craziness! (Craziness of which I am totally guilt of! :)


Katy - February 9

Well good news. BFP yesterday morning! I did so good I didn't tell dh, then I broke down that night I was all giddy like a little girl and just told him! He was so excited he teared up! I am just so nervous now. Please keep me in your prayers! Good luck to all of you girls who are waiting to test.


Katy - February 9

Ohh and I bought a 3 pack cause I figured I would end up taking all of them but only had to use one!


AshleyB - February 10

Congratulations Katy!!!!! Yay! Good Luck


buffy2297 - February 11

Katy congratulations I don't think I'd be able to wait either.


Suede - February 12

Congratulations Katy. Its always good to hear others have been successful at getting pregant. Frankschick - I am exactly like you. My first pregnancy I had those same strange sensations in my abdomen, and I have been having them for a week now, but I gave in this morning to do a test, just to get a bfn. I am totally crazy, because its way too early to test, and I know that, there is just something about those tests that are addictive. Anyway, I never tested after my miscarriage, so at least I know there are no hcg hormones from the previous pregnancy to interfere. Good luck. Hope you can hold out.


buffy2297 - February 12

Like you guys I'vebeen testing like mad. In my first pregnancy I had that feeling in my abdomen and I've beengetting them for two weeks now. The difference is is that I had what I thought was my af but_t only lasted two days so now I"ve convinced myself that it wasn't really my af and just bleeding. What makes it worse is I'm sure I was further along with my last pregnancy but due to it being a missed m/c I have no actually idea how far along I was. It measured 7 weeks. I tried to talk to my Mum about it but she got cross and told me I've had my af and to stop being ridiculous. Suppotive as ever!!!! I've tested 3 times since my af, other half would go mad if he new. I thought I was the only one going through the madness of testing over and over. I have yet to test twice in one day. At least we've got one BFP on this thread hopefully Katy you've set a trend. Frankchick I bet you're pulling your hair out wanting to test? You must have alot of will power! Good luck for the 20th.


Angela Mac - February 12

Well, I got my BFP today and I couldn't wait to tell my DH. I feel a bit sad because I had a nice plan to tell him on Tuesday, I'm just not good at jeeping secrets especially good ones :-)


Katy - February 13

Congratulations! You will have to join us over in First Trimester- October Babies. Buffy looks like we may be lucky! Keep us updated.


buffy2297 - February 14

Congratulations ANGELAMAC, well I can't be pregnant as my OPK gave me positive this morning and I had the egg white cervical mucus. So I'm ovulating. phewww. I glad because I was concerned as I'd had a drink and been in a jacuzzi. Also I was concerned as I thought the HCG level should of been higher and I should of been getting a BFP and I would only have been really worried if I had managed one. So now I feel like I'm staring afresh and on VD as well and my af is due on the anniversary of our engagement!! So it would be nice to have something else to celebrate but we will see!! Good luck to you all....and hopefully I'll be catching up with you soon!!


Katy - February 14

Thats good news! Lots of baby dust to you!



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