Anyone With Dysplasia

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i - November 17

I was diagnosed with moderate to severe dysplasia a few months ago. While I was setting up the appointment to have LEEP done I got pregnant and then miscarried at 6.5 weeks. Now I would like to get pregnant again but am trying to decide to get the LEEP done before I get pregnant again? Anyone in the same situation?


Sue S - November 17

I'm not exactly in the same situation. I had a leep done about three years ago for consistantly having abnormal cells on my pap for one year, but nothing serious. (By the way, all paps have been excellent since then, so I do think the leep was helpful.) I got pregnant in July this year and when I went into see my doctor in mid-September (I've only been with him two years), he was worried that the leep may have left me with an incompetent cervix and scared the heck out of me because nobody ever told me I needed to be concerned about getting pregnant again (before the leep, I had two children, no complications). At that same appt we found out that the fetus had no heart beat (it was my first appt and my first ultrasound). After some more testing, it was determined that I had a missed abortion/miscarriage. The doctor did determine that the neck of my cervix looked fine if I wanted to get pregnant again (and I am! - but so nervous because my first appt/us is not until mid-December). I will say that if you have the leep, you will probably be advised not to get pregnant for some period of time. If I were you I would discuss the options with my doctor and if I could wait a year (just a guess), then I would have the leep now, because I am very grateful that those abnormal cells were not in me a moment longer. But the leep could leave you with an incompetent cervix. Its a tough call. Did the doctor say anything?


i - November 18

Thanks Sue! The doctor that did my colposcapy told me that it did not look that bad- his guess was that it was going to be mild to moderate but the biopsy came back as mod/severe. At the time of the colposcapy he told me it's not a big deal if I get pregnant because they'll just fix it after I give birth. When the biopsy came back I went and talked to a female doctor about the leep and she also said the same thing, if I get pregnant she'll do the leep after delivery. After my d&c, with yet another doctor, I was told that I may want to get on bc till I get the leep but he didn't really look at my chart to see how good/bad it was. The female doc also told me that if I didn't want to get the leep we could just do paps every 3 months to see if it gets worse or better. I would much rather wait until I have one child just in case of complications from the leep but I also don't want to get cancer, which from what I've been reading, takes at least a few years to develop.


amandacriswell - January 19

I work with someone who was diagnosed with dysplasia and then cervical cancer at age 26, she did have the LEEP done and since has had normal paps and has given birth to her second child. I am 12 weeks pregnant and was just told I have mild dysplasia instead of waiting and doing another pap the Doctor wants me to have a colospocy, I have read that it can cause a miscarrage and have scheduled a appointment for a second opinion, the research shows that it can take years to develop into actual cervical cancer, my advice is before you actually decide to try get pregnant again consult more then one doctor and do your own research womans is very helpful.



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