Are You Supposed To Get A Ultrasound After A Misscarriage

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sarah - March 29

Was I supposed to have a ultrasound after my misscarriage?? I had a m/c at the hospital on march 2 I and was 18 weeks along and am still bleeding. I saw a Dr last week and she said my cervix is closed up tight and looks like Im healing BUT>> What if theres parts of placenta in there still? Ive heard this happen and now am freaking out that I may have something left in me?? I never had a follow up ultrasound.


mulgajill - March 29

Normally there is no follow up ultrasound after miscarriage unless there are signs that something is wrong. As you were so far along i think you would not be unreasonable to ask to have your hcg levels checked (ie have they dropped adequately) and an ultrasound for your peace of mind. If the bleeding is not bright red (fast flowing or heavy) and there is no sign of infection (high temp/chills) and your hcg levels are dropping off you should be ok... Remember your body was pregnant for 18 weeks and it takes quite awhile for the uterus to shrink back down to it pre-pregnant size.... you have to heal physically as well as emotionally and it all takes time....


alli - March 30

I'm a__suming u m/c while in the hospital? when I m/c the following morning i was sent for u/s and even 3 weeks later I had to get another. and as mulgajill suggested u should request for your hcg to be checked, i think i had 3-4 blood test after m/c. good luck


aa - March 31

Hi Sarah....I would say please go and get an ultasound, when I had my miscarriage the doctor checked me as well said that everything looked fine...but still i insisted for an ultrasound...found it in the reports i had retained material...! had to get cleaned out and now I've insisted for thing i've learned from all of this have to take charge of your own health ! wish you all the best



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