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nicole-7 - January 20

Hi everyone, ive just been for a follow up after 3rd mc in nov,ive been told one of the levels of antibodies in the blood are elevated and that asprin may help in further pregnancies.Id just like some advice on this,has asprin worked for anyone else?


Alison - January 20

Nicole I'm so sorry for your losses :-( I also had 3 miscarriages before having my first baby who is my little miracle. I also had tests following my third loss. One of the blood clotting tests I had was very slightly positive, but when they retested (twice more) both were negative so they said that was a negative result, but that since nothing else showed up on any other tests it wouldn't do any harm for me to take small dose Aspirin (75mg a day) in my next pregnancy. No way to tell if it would help but they said wouldn't hurt to try it so I did, I don't know if it did help but I did have a healthy pregnancy the 4th time round and had a beautifil baby girl who I thank God for every day. So, maybe the Aspirin did help, I guess no one can know if it did or not but I'm glad I took it just incase it did have a part to play. WIshing you a healthy pregnancy and baby God bless you xxx


JuJu - January 21

Nicole; I had testing last year after my 2nd miscarriage, and the tests showeed that I was positive to ACA's (anti-cardiolipin antibodies). So when I feel pregnant again in July my Specialist prescribed me low-dose Aspirin too. It's hard to say definitively wether it has been the Aspirin, but I am now 30 weeks pregnant and all's well so far (**) I think in the US the dosage is called 'baby Aspirin', but here in Australia women are usually prescribed around 75-100mg per day, which is a third or less than a normal Aspirin tablet. Alison; your situation is interesting; being positive for an antibody initially and then not - the same thing also happenned to me, and is quite common immediately after miscarriage/pregnancy. When they first tested me, I was positive for both ACA's and ANA's (anti-nuclear antibodies) which is another clotting disorder. However, when I was tested again 6 weeks later I was only positive to ACA's - my ANA's had disappeared. My Doc explained that this situation wasn't unusual. Our bodies do strange things sometimes :) Anyway, so glad to hear that you gave birth to a beautiful little girl, and Micole - I am sure that you'll be ok too - believe me; the struggle is worth it {{hugs}} j


Alison - January 25

Hi JuJu, yes they told me the first result I got was likely due to the fact it was done very soon after miscarrying, it was every so slightly positive and they said the miscarriage probably affected the result the first time. I'm so pleased for you that you are 30 weeks pregnant and all is well. It won't be long at all until your precious baby is here - bless you both! xxx


Kim L - January 25

Hi nicole (and hi to my friend Alison!) Nicole I'm so sorry to hear of your miscarriages. I had 2 and was put on baby aspirin straight away after the 2nd one just as a precaution. Just as these other ladies, I don't know if that was the difference, but I delivered a healthy baby girl just a couple of weeks after Alison's little Grace. :-) So it's worth trying for sure! Good luck to you. I really hope all goes well for you next time around. JuJu congrats to you! I wish you both the best. :-)


Erin15 - January 25

I've been put on baby aspirin as a precaution as well - in advance of conception as we're in the midst of trying. How long did you take the baby asprin? throughout your pregnancy? for the first trimester? Thanks!


JuJu - January 26

Erin; once you start taking aspirin during pregnancy I think the experts say you should stay on it for the entire length of the pregnancy. So docs suggest stopping it just before birth, but you'd need to check with your doctor in any case. And you're doing the right thing re: taking it whilst ttc - it's good to take it from conception, rather than just once you find out. I didn't start taking it till I found out I was pg though (like a lot of women), and was fine.



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