Baby Asprin

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tsmith6105 - March 2

What brand do you use and where do you get the baby aspring u are taking? What is the mg?


Cerulean - March 2

I'd like to add a question since I am also interested in baby aspirin. Now don't laugh at me, but it is actual "baby" aspirin or does everyone just mean "small dosage" aspirin when they say baby aspirin? hehe I don't want to go into the store and ask for Children's aspirin if it doesn't really exist. =)


stefkay - March 2

It's actually low dose aspirin. Some brands say "baby aspirin" on it and other call it "low dose". Here it is 81mg--I say that because I'm surprised reading here that it seems other countries don't carry it over the counter like they do in the US. It's just on the shelf with the tylenol and all the other OTC pain killers...


micorazon - March 2

I take bayer childrens 81mg which can be found at most US pharmacies with all of the pain relievers. They do have the low dose adult version which is 81mg as well but the doctor said baby asprin so thats what i bought :-)


JuJu - March 3

Hi tsmith; here in Australia the recommended dosage during pregnancy is 100mg. It can be bought over the counter and is commonly used to a__sist with blood clotting issues.


Alison - March 3

Here in the UK they sell it as low dosage aspirin in 75mg tablets over the counter at the chemist. This is what I took during my 4th pregnancy after 3 miscarriages. There is no way of telling if it had an active part to play (tests gave no diagnosis following my third loss) but my 4th pregnancy was successful thank the Lord and I have a healthy baby girl now after alot of loss and heartache and a long wait - so I hope the aspirin will be a good thing for you and I wish you a healthy happy pregnancy and baby in your arms - God bless x


stefkay - March 3

Hi, I just wanted to ask when you guys started the baby aspirin...before bfp or did you start it after you knew you were pregnant? I'm taking it now and was a__suming I just take it daily up to pregnant and through it, but wanted to see what others are doing. Thanks!


JuJu - March 3

Stefkay; I have been told that it's best to start taking the aspirin from conception onwards - so I guess while you're ttc. I actually didn't start taking it until I found out I was pg (2 weeks after conception) but it was still fine (I am now 36 weeks pg, so it still did the job!) I take aspirin because I am a low positive to ACA's an autoimmune disorder which basically causes the blood to thicken a little too quickly. Like alison said, there is no way to definitely say wether the aspirin has been the 'make-or-break' success of this pregnancy, but after my 2 m/c's last year, I feel like it definitely made a difference (even if only mentally!).


Alison - March 3

I started taking it while TTC after my third loss which was what the dr at the recurrent miscarriage clinic recommended (that's where we got the tests done) so I started while TTC. I was told at 16 weeks by another dr it would be ok to stop taking them but the dr at the clinic had said 34 weeks just to make sure so I kept taking them until then and when I did stop I did it gradually going to every other day then every 3 days then stopping so technically I was nearly 36 weeks when I stopped taking them altogether - I guess I maybe could have earlier but I had been told it was harmless to take them until then so felt better to do so.. as Juju says the mental thing is important too as you feel you are "doing something" if that makes sense? Anyway my waters broke at 39 weeks and thank the Lord my baby girl came healthy and well - I thank God for her so much. When we try for a second baby in the future I will take the aspirin again incase it did help this pregnancy stick xxx God bless xxx


stefkay - March 3

Thanks guys! Juju, I had that test done too...Anti Cardiolipin Antibody test I think it is. I also had the phospholid test and they both came back negative. I am positive for MTHFR though. I am looking at my test and it shows 10MPL and higher is positive I suppose and mine was 4, so I'm guessing that's ok.


micorazon - March 4

Is anyone else on baby asprin brusing more easily than before? I woke up this morning with a big bruise on my arm and know i didnt bump into anything.


Erin15 - March 4

Hi - I've been taking low dose aspirin for a few months now while ttc. I haven't noticed any bruises. Could be though. I do notice that my period seems to take longer to cycle through - but that could be from anything I would guess. Good luck!


chandellina - March 4

hi, i've started taking it pre-ovulatory rather than just in the luteal phase. this is because i've read it can help prepare and thicken the uterine lining. i don't take it during af though, because as someone said - it can enhance things a bit...


Alison - March 4

BTW with my 4th pregnancy where I took the baby aspirin something happened that never happened with the pregnancies that miscarried - I had a little implantation bleeding. I never had that with the pregnancies I lost but with the successful one I had a small blob of mucussy blood when my period was due which I had never had before. I always have wondered if it was from taking the aspirin maybe because it helped the pregnancy implant better in my uterus lining? I distinctly remember because at the time I thought I was about to get my period which of course I didn't there was just that tiny blob then nothing else. Thinking about it now I wonder if the aspirin helped thep pregnancy bury in nice and secure in the lining. So if anyone takes the aspirin and gets a spot or two when their period is due, you might still be pregnant it might be the implantation bleed. God bless, sorry for rambling xxx


JuJu - March 4

Micorazon - I haven't found that I bruise more easily; I haven't heard of aspirin causing more bruising than normal - but I have with stronger blood-thinning drugs such as Heparin (with some people). I didn't have any implantation bleeding either - everything has been very straight-forward with this pregnancy, ironically!! With my first pregnancy (before m/c's) I had some spotting from a small sub-chorionic haematoma in the later part of my first trimester....but my DD was fine. I wasn't taking aspirin for that pregnancy - had no idea that I may have been positive to ACA's back then!


stefkay - March 5

I took baby aspirin the whole month (every day) that I conceived this last time (I m/c'd), but what I find odd is that I was only taking it because I heard it could help the uterine lining like Alison mentioned. I hadn't had any testing done yet to know if I needed it or not. Anyways, when AF time came around I had brown spotting and though she had come,b ut it was so light that I tested after a couple of days and got a bfp! The spotting continued for a few more days then stopped. The funny thing is that I stopped taking the aspirin the day after my bfp because I worried that it was causing the spotting and could hurt the pregnancy. I always wonder if I had continued taking it if I would be roughly 15 weeks by now....ah, well...there's no way I could have known :-)



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