Baby Died At 8 Weeks Still No Bleeding

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Sylvia - November 9

I went to the E R with heavy cramps, and they did an ultrasound and blood tests, after the results of both the doctor told me I the baby had no heartbeat and that it had stopped growing at 8 weeks. he made me follow up with a ob gyn and he told me that I had 2 choices either let it happen naturally or have a d and c, I chose naturally but since then I have had some mild cramps, and still no bleeding. I am scared and don't know what to do, 3 weeks after my doctors appointment I called a nurses healthline and they said it could take up to a couple of weeks for me to start "expelling" any advice as to help me miscarry naturally, I don't want to get a d and c and am rather scared. any advice would be very helpful


kelly - November 9

Sylvia, I just had a d&c on Friday Nov. 4th. I was very nervous, but my dr. had told me that miscarrying at home can be a little bit uncomfortable and scary. For the D&C, they put me out (I could have chosen sedation, but I wanted to be completely asleep) I felt nothing, and did not have to go through heavy bleeding and cramping by myself. I was scared, but I think I made the right choice for me. I think in order to miscarry naturally you simply must wait. Good luck in your decision. I am sorry you have to go through this.


Syliva - November 10

I have had 3 d&c's and have always felt like I made the right decision. Doing it naturally there is more risk for parts not being sloughed off and ending up with an infection. If you have the d&c you will be feeling better in 5 days and can begin the wait to try again. Right now you are just making the painful wait take over your life, body and advice (for what it's worth) is get the d&c and begin recovering. With love...


Sylvia - November 10

Thank you so much ladies, I think I may wait until this weekend, if I haven't started to feel more symptoms then I think I will set up an appointment for the D & C. Thank you again, at least I know I am not alone in this, I mean my husband is here for me but he doesn't understand how frustrating and emotional this is for me, he tries though...


Nicole - November 11

Sylvia I have had two mc. The first happened naturally and the second I decided I wanted a D&C. The natural mc was painful. THe D&C they put you to sleep and when you wake up it is over. I didn't even bleed after. It is a very personal decission. My sister had a natural mc and started to bleed and had to be rushed to the hospital where they gave her an emergency D&C. It was very scary. I think you have the right idea if it doesn't start by Monday go in. I had my D&C on July 15th and was pregnant by July 30th....I am now 17 weeks pregnant and will find out what we are having soon. Good Luck!


Missa - November 11

Hey. I am recovering from my d&c. My story is identical to yours. I tried to wait, but after a week the wait was wearing on me and i went ahead with the d&c. I am glad I did it now, i was hesitant at first, but in the long run it is better. You are completely asleep, and I was back on my feet and at work the next day(they dont recomend it, but i was feeling really well). I was only umcomfortable for a few days, and only took tylenol. I would recomend a d&c, because then you dont have to worry about the physcial part anymore, you cna focus on honoring and grieving for your baby. Good luck!



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