Baby Measured 8w4d I M 10w5d When Will I M C

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snickelfritz - February 24

How long is it going to be before this m/c starts? At my 10w1d appt, the baby only measured 8w4d and had no hb. But I still haven't started the m/c process. My OB is only going to let me wait until a week from Monday... then I'll have to have the D&E (which I'm avoiding for personal reasons). How long did it take before your "missed m/c" passed? TIA


Susan W - February 24

I got all the way to nearly 12 weeks with a baby that measured 8-9 weeks before mine really got rolling, but I started spotting at 10 weeks. I also wanted to avoid a D&C for personal reasons. You do not have to allow your doctor to do anything you don't want to. It's a very personal decision. Good luck!


snickelfritz - February 24

I'm now 10w5d and still have NOTHING! This is not helping me accept the fact that the baby is gone. Each day that goes by allows my mind to give in to that small voice in my brain that says "The u/s was wrong... the baby is fine." I just need to be able to move on. I would simply like to do that without the D&E.


Kara H. - February 24

Snickelfritz - FYI - I have had 1 m/c with d/c and 2 natural at home. My first one that ended in d/c was a missed m/c. My doctor would only let me go a week on my own before insisting on the d/c since the baby had already been dead for 3wks and I should have been 15wks and the risk for infection was going up by the day. It wasn't nearly as bad as I expected, but I most certainly won't try to sway you either way. It's a very personal decision. I just want give you a tip I would have benefited from during my second natural m/c. My first natural m/c at 6 wks was no big deal. It was like a really heavy crampy period. I felt fine the next day. When I decided to m/c at home the second time at 7.5 wks, my doctor told me that if I lost too much blood to go to the ER. But she didn't say, and I didn't think to ask, how much blood is too much blood. I found out later that if you are going thru 3 or more pads per hour, then you are losing too much blood. I was going thru 4 per hour for 4 hours straight. The a couple of days later when I had my follow up appointment, my blood count was down to 6! It took me weeks to feel like my old self again. I had no energy and could hardly get thru grocery shopping for 3wks. Had I went to the ER I could have been monitored, given fluids, and an Rx for Iron if I still did not want a d/c. If I had known this, I would have saved myself a lot of trouble. Take care.



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